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Cover Story

Who Shrank the Peace Bridge?

by Bruce Jackson

■ Does the Buffalo-Fort Erie bridge corridor need more traffic lanes?

■ If there is a new bridge, what kind of bridge shall it be?

■ If there is a new bridge, what shall be its plaza configurations on the American and Canadian sides?


Don't Surrender The Front

by Geoff Kelly

Building a beautiful new Peace Bridge that is modern in its aspect, efficient in its purpose, and cheaper to maintain in the long run makes good sense. But for all the 15 years that the expansion of Peace Bridge operations has been on the table, the greatest direct benefit to the city lay in the chance to redesign the Public Bridge Authority’s Customs operations, both in Canada and the United States.

The News, Briefly

Follow The Money

by Geoff Kelly

Paladino: Williams Was Hired Because He's Black

by Geoff Kelly

Bigger Fish To Fry

by Peter Koch

"Get Involved" Thursday


Roads and Destinations

by Bruce Fisher

On the day when Barack Obama’s pastor Reverend Jeremiah Wright came to Washington to confront the press for its hypocrisy, a little-known member of the Bush Cabinet gave an astounding speech about the nuts-and-bolts of America’s future. The media were all over Wright. There is still a hole where the other spoke.


News of the Weird

by Chuck Shepherd

“Many of my young patients think about getting plastic surgery the way they’d think about getting their hair done,” explained Dr. David Alessi of Beverly Hills, Calif., who is still amazed at women’s willingness to endure “extreme” cosmetic alterations. “Vaginal rejuvenation” (labiaplasty) might be the most sensational procedure, but surgeons also do “forehead implants” and ankle and shoulder liposuction, break and reset jaws to tweak smiles, and lengthen or shorten toes (for “toe cleavage” with certain shoes).

Play Ball!

We [don't] Love This Team

by Andrew Kulyk & Peter Farrell

This past week the Buffalo Bisons finally put together a winning streak of sorts, taking the first three games since returning to Dunn Tire Park for the current homestand.


Piecing It Together

by Lucy Yau

Barbara Weissberger’s pieces fall into two categories. Her wall installations are elaborate pieces which blend her own photographs, magazine cut-outs, and comic book insertions that are then digitally pieced together in collages. They are organized in mirror images inspired by the symmetry of Rorschach inkblots. These are then printed out as smooth and seamless images that allow her to affix them without the appearance of scissor cut-outs and glue. Some take up an entire wall of the gallery.


In Fair Verona, Where We Lay Our Scene...

by Nancy Wozny

Sergio Neglia is premiering an all new production of Romeo and Juliet, but the feeling is definitely old school. Neglia, Buffalo’s own Argentinian-born ballet star, is a traditionalist at heart, and when it comes to putting his mark on Shakespeare’s classic tale of star-crossed lovers, he harks back to an earlier era.


Avenue Q Opens At Shea's Performing Arts Center

by Anthony Chase

When Avenue Q opened on Broadway in 2003, there were those of us who joked about its ability to tour. Its frank language, irreverent observations about everything from racism to politics to gay rights—not to mention its full-puppet nudity and full-throttle puppet sex—would certainly be a first for touring houses more accustomed to Kiss Me Kate and The Sound of Music. And yet, an unusually full Tuesday night audience at Shea’s embraced the show with vigorous enthusiasm, and laughed the hardest at the socially most inappropriate jokes.

Film Reviews

The Visitor

by M. Faust

Chicago 10

by M. Faust

Planet B-Boy

by George Sax


Movie Times (May 2 - May 8)

Film Now Playing

On The Boards

Calendar Spotlight

Secret Machines (May 2)

Caribou (May 4)

Reverend Horton Heat (May 6)

Gordie Johnson (May 8)

Looking Ahead...

See You There

AV Pick: Configuration Dance (May 3 & May 4)

by K. O'Day

Slam Poet Carlos Andrés Gómez (May 2)

by Peter Koch

The Gibson Brothers (May 6)

by Buck Quigley

Buffalo International Jewish Film Festival (May 8)

by M. Faust

In The Margins

Hot Flashes: The Flash Fiction of Claudia Smith

by Claudia Smith

On Heaven & Politics: An Interview with Joshua Cohen

by Ted Pelton

Literary Buffalo Listings

by Just Buffalo


Free Will Astrology

by Rob Brezsny

ARIES (March 21-April 19): Your power symbol for the week is an ant carrying a potato chip. It means you’ll possess so much strength that you’ll be able to hold aloft burdens that are much bigger than you. More than that, Aries. You’ll look graceful doing it. And here’s the kicker. That giant load you carry may ultimately provide nourishment not only for you but also for everyone back at the nest.

Letters to Artvoice

Saving Sankofa

by Samuel J. Savarino

High Gas Prices: A Wedge Issue

by Michael J. Willett

Bring Back Laid-Off Teachers

by Maria Rosa


Ask Anyone

My boyfriend is kind, gentle, and a good lover. He’s a really good guy. He also can’t get enough pornography. He’s not real upfront about it, doesn’t ask me to watch it with him, doesn’t leave it around the house or embarrass me with it. Nor does he deny that he looks at it online. So he’s neither hiding it or making it part of our relationship.