WHAT DO WE WANT FOR 2017? We have a Lot of Different Opinions


1. What would you most like to happen in 2017?

2. What would you like to see go away in 2017?

3. Who would you like to see run for mayor of Buffalo in next year’s election?

4. Should the new $50 million Amtrak station be at Central Terminal or Canal Side?


marfinoSue Marfino –


1. A return to shopping in communities and at brick & mortar stores.

2. Mindless shopping onl ne

3. Central Terminal

Vincenzo la Pera

1. Bills get in the playoffs

2. The Ryan brothers and Tyrod Taylor leave town.

4. Canalside; knock down Central Terminal.

kgreenKorey Green


1. I would like to see people think more for themselves instead of letting media, social media and publications do all the thinking for them. Everybody has something to say on varies situations without any real knowledge on it. If you don’t know what your talking about please be quiet! So the rest of us can listen to people who
Are actually knowledgeable in the matter….#educationmatters

2. Hate. Please in 2017 ” Let there be no more hate”  I never seen so much hate over differences in my life! Live and let live and celebrate diversity! Love that people are different than you and we as humans can have a better understanding for one another.

3.  Go Byron!!! Although it would be cool to see Larry Quinn run but I know he would never do it..

4. Canal side. We as a city have been doing a lot of developing here so let’s continue! Keep adding to the landmark and if we can get the Buffalo Bills here we will be ready!
When a tourist goes to NYC they have to see the statute of liberty. When a tourist comes to buffalo they have to see canal side!
Would you visit Niagara Falls Ny without checking out the waterfalls? I know I know I over did it lol

mauraMaura Crawford –


3. Pat Whelan

4. I wish the new terminal could go in the old terminal but there are too many unresolved issues. Urban renewal of that area? Huge issue! We don’t even have Uber let alone a light rail that would run downtown…so regrettably I have to say Canalside.

violinJan Jezioro


1. Impeachment of Donald Trump

2. Donald Trump

3. Byron Brown

4. Central Terminal

Sam Savarino –


1. 2015

2. 2016

3. Byron Brown

4. Canalside

anders-coverAnders Gunnerson –


1. A big shift in renewable resources.

2. Climate science deniers in public office

4. I would love to see it in Central Terminal. There are so many reasons in my opinion to make the build there.

laurie-dean-torrellLaurie Torrell


1. I’d like 2017 to be a year of more kindness; and concern for the good work we need to do right here close to home to make the world a better more equitable place.

2. Haters who were emboldened by the political campaign – it’s horrifying

3. I have been a big  Mayor Brown supporter. For those who want to follow him, I’d like to learn more about their positions on issues I care about.

4. I am a frequent Amtrak user, taking it regularly from Buffalo to NYC…Anything will be better than what we have now!! I wish for high speed rail; and I think Central Terminal could give us Buffalo’s version of Grand Central Station – it’s so beautiful.

marcellaJoey Marcella


1. Attendants in every parking lot for safety; and real people taking cash so cars won’t be towed

2. Discrimination

3. I would be a great mayor, especially since I’m moving back to Buffalo

4. Central station, the old building

colleyAnn Colley


1. Given the international and national circumstances we find ourselves in, I would like to find hope by concentrating on  Buffalo’s growth and by finding reassurance in Buffalo’s innovative activities.

4. I would like the new Amtrak Station be at Central Terminal. The building is magnificent. The placement of the station at the Central Terminal would also help renovate what is now a neighborhood in need of help.

Althea Luerson


1. What I want to see in 2017 is UBER coming to buffalo!

2. Preconceived stereotypes. Judge people for peole as themselves.

3. Byron Brown. We have a momentum going and we should continue moving forward

4. Central Terminal. Canalside is awesome but is super successful. East Buffalo needs help and this may help tremendously. And the building is amazing!!

David Granville


1. I hope 2017 brings federal funds to Western New York. Our infrastructure needs to see capital improvements that are in poor condition. I wish success to the Racial  Equity Roundtable initiative. Along the lines of local relations, I hope efforts to build bridges and employ more of our neighbors who need good work keeps growing.

2. Let’s hope more local poverty goes away. Also, let’s hope the drop out rate decreases. Let’s keep our youths in  schools that bring out the best and safeguard our future!

3. I support Mayor Brown for a fourth term and predict he will have wide support in continuing to bring Buffalo back!

4. Both! Buffalo will be so big, we will need investment at each location.

Jeff Mucciarelli


1. ISIS removed from this earth.

2. President Obama and the Clinton corruption

3. Carl Paladino

4. Renovate the Central Terminal with a depot at Canalside.

Eddie Cotter

1. Plans to expand the metro to the airport, Niagra Falls, and Southtowns

2. New York States sales tax should be eliminated

3. Mickey Kearns

4. Both Canalside and Central Termial

shamNorm Sham


1. Presidential impeachment

2. The Electoral College

3. Barack Obama

4. Although Canalside might be nice I’d prefer the Central Terminal, because it’s a beautiful building and in hopes that it could bring growth to that part of the city. Plus there’s more room for parking.

Scott McCandles


1. Western New York needs Uber.  I think it will reduce DWI arrests and create more sales for our bars and restaurants.

2. Snapchat, why is this a thing?   I was hoping that Snapchat would join Periscope and Vine as replaceable social media.  Runner up, Pokeman’go

3.  Who would want that job?

4.  Canalside makes more sense as the Central Terminal is in the middle of nowhere.  I love the Central Terminal building yet $50 million is not going to be enough to refurbish it.  Amtrak needs to be more aggressive attracting passengers with promotions and destinations.   Canalside is a destination and downtown is where the action is.  I could see NHL fans using Amtrak on their way to and from a game from cities like Philly, Washington, NY, Boston and even Toronto.  Add Uber to the mix and now you have Buffalo as a weekend wonderland. 

Paul Marko


1. Trump resigning in disgrace. Lets see all those horribly racist “Apprentice” outtakes… if they would have been made public before the election, there is no way he would have won by those tiny margins in three swing states.

2. Trump

3. Mark Schroeder. I’m not one to be overly critical of Brown – but perhaps a change is due after three full terms.

4. My heart says Central Terminal. My intellect says Canalside. But I’d prefer an expansion of the light rail system over a costly station build out.

gelmanIrwin Gelman


1. I would like to see a refocus of funding from our military industrial complex to our roads and bridges, schools, higher education programs, and medical research.

2.  Fake news

3. If Byron Brown does not run, I would love to see Sean Ryan.

4. Canalside, with the caveat that the rail system between Albany and Buffalo be upgraded for Acela-like fast trains

Jim Heaney


1. For those concerned about democracy, social justice and a free press to effectively deal with the coming onslaught from the Trump presidency.

2. Carl Paladino. Enough, already.

3. There’s a thin bench, so I’m not sure who would be a viable candidate against Mayor Byron Brown, but the city is clearly in need of more competent leadership.

4. Patrick Whalen made a compelling argument in The Buffalo News that Amtrak doesn’t handle enough passengers locally to warrant a major investment at either site.

johnsonLeRoi Johnson


1.  Peace in the Middle East.

2. The Clintons

3.  Byron Brown

4.  Central Terminal

paladinoCarl Paladino


1.  Obama catches mad cow disease after being caught having relations with a Herford.  He dies before his trial and is buried in a cow pasture next to Valerie Jarret, who died weeks prior, after being convicted of sedition and treason, when a Jihady cell mate mistook her for being a nice person and decapitated her.

2.  Michelle Obama.  I’d like her to return to being a male and let loose in the outback of Zimbabwe where she lives comfortably in a cave with Maxie, the gorilla.

3. Someone with a brain, a set of balls and a lack of fear who has enough money so as not to owe anyone anything once elected and who believes in a market economy.

4. We need a $50 million dollar train station as much as we need parasitic people like Lou Ciminelli, 80% of the school board and the dizziness of socialistic progressive politicians who never signed the front of a paycheck.  At best 400 people a day take a train.  They are not complaining about exchange or Depew.  We are already the laughingstock of America for having the dumbest elected leaders ever.  Why add to it.

karlKarl Frizlen


1. Peace & prosperity

2. Trump

3. Byron

4. Canalside

Tom Barone


1. Continued growth. More businesses coming to the area offering jobs.

2. High NYS corporate tax.

3. Judge Franczyk.

4.  Canalside. Show visitors your best assets.

Jan Jezorio

1. Impeachment of Donald Trump

2. Donald Trump

3. Byron Brown

4. Central Terminal

kuzmaMichael Kumza


1.  I’d like to see the President-elect keep his word and rebuilt America’s inner cities.  Also, I’d like to see President Obama release Native American activist and political prisoner Leonard Peltier before he vacates the White House.
2. I’d like to see the Clintons go away for good.
3. I’d like to see Dennis Kucinich move to Buffalo and run for Mayor.
4. Without a doubt, the new Amtrak station should be located at the Central Terminal.

fritzFritz Abell


1.A demolition moratorium on a buildings built prior to 1960 in Buffalo (apart from third-party-reviewed emergency cases)

2.Crappy new architecture; hatred

3. Harper Bishop

4. Central Station, which would connect to the Belt Line (which would go to Canalside)

 huntPeter Hunt


1. The “feeling” of positive momentum to continue throughout Western New York, particularly real progress at AM&A’s, One Seneca Tower, and even the Statler

2. Some of our tax burden and a lot of our regulatory burden

3. Anyone who will commit to not being an obstructionist (Mayor Brown has done a pretty good job in this respect—that is, he has not been an obstacle and has been an active supporter of getting things done)

4. Central Terminal, hands down (the land is too valuable at Canalside and there can still be an ancillary station there—important thing will be to connect downtown to both north and south, and east and west lines)

dobosiewic“Airborn” Eddy Dobosiewicz


1. I would like the Russians to stop hacking my iTunes account. I swear I did not order Bimbo Bowlers from Bulgaria.

2. Political correctness needs to go away in 2017 and stay away forever.

3. How about Rex Ryan? He’ll need a gig soon. Seriously I’d love to see someone with vision and the courage to lead, run for Mayor.

4. The only logical choice is the Central Terminal. We already had this argument in 1929!!! Any other choice will be as regrettable as plowing an expressway through some of our most beautiful neighborhoods. A lot of “geniuses” thought that was a good idea too.

connieConnie Caldwell


1. It would be wonderfully exciting for the city to serve as a location for the screenplay written by Buffalo’s own favorite son, film and TV star, William Fichtner, this summer. It’s a genuine precious gem of a story about friendship and doing the right thing (Boy, can we use those kinds stories in these times.)  William Fichtner and Kim Coates (Sons of Anarchy), best friends in real life, will star and attract other known great artists to the area. Should that film project happen, it would be a lot of good news for Buffalo’s native talent, its burgeoning film-making industry, and the general area – immeasurably.

2. It’s a real fantasy and kind of self-serving since I walk the area, but I would love to see the strip malls and Burger King on Delaware and Hertel Avenues go away with a plan to undergo some quality of life developments. That intersection does not serve pedestrians. Snow removal is horribly managed, forcing people to walk on the street. It’s an unpleasant walk to Delaware Park in every season. The corner lacks all imagination.

3. Can Mayor Brown run again? He’s been amazing.

4. Without knowing the pros and cons of both locations I couldn’t firmly say. The Central Terminal is there and majestic in stature – I can imagine connective synergies finding its way to Canalside but not vice versa. In Rome, the train station is centrally located. As a lone traveler and utterly direction challenged, the station was a godsend point of reference while walking a matrix of disorienting piazzas. And, I was never hard-pressed to find someone who could point me in the direction of the station if I lost my way. I think that detail should be a consideration in the planning.

quinnLawrence Quinn


1. I would like to see Ivanka Trump take an active role in advocating for a climate change in her Father’s administration.

2. Show Ponies and Talking Heads on all networks replaced by real working journalists.

3. Chris Jacobs

4. Central Terminal together with a relocated Broadway market linked by a Haussmann style boulevard down Broadway and the removal of all the rail along the river from downtown to riverside.

dan-shanahanDan Shanahan


1. Continued investment in the infrastructure of Fillmore Ave and a further understanding that Fillmore Ave. is a key component to the development of the City and provides a strategic link to the current development of the City with the East Side; a comprehensive master plan defining a vision for Grant St, and the City of Buffalo providing basic services to Silo City i.e, electric and water that will capitalize on the tremendous work being done within the complex.

2. The 198

3. I’ve been generally happy with the leadership of Mayor Brown. However for the purposes of the question I would select Rahwa Ghirmatzion (Deputy Director, PUSH). She understands the need to integrate environmental reforms within the cities planning process, has a deep knowledge of public policy, appreciates and would have a strategic plan to address the deep segregation within the city, and would be a vocal proponent for an equitable distribution of economic development currently underway within Buffalo.

4. The Central Train Terminal. Torn Space has made a long term commitment to the Broadway/Fillmore Corridor and we are developing a catalyst project that will  encourage further investment in the area. But as the terminal goes so to does the neighborhood. Any plausible mixed use development plan of the terminal requires a component reliant on a fully functioning rail yard. This is a rare window opening for a realistic use of the terminal and hope the opportunity is taken.

bill-zimmerman-and-the-clients-he-found-through-social-media1Bill Zimmerman


1. I’d love to see Buffalo continue to take leaps and bounds in its progress on development, continue drawing interest from outside investors, and continuing to keep students here after they graduate.

3. Buffalo has seen consistent growth and success under Mayor Brown’s tenure, which one could hope continues into another term.

4.I’m definitely a waterfront guy, but in the case of the train station, the Central Terminal has my vote. It’s an exquisite historical structure that deserves restoration and would encourage growth and revitalization to the East Side several decades ahead of any other possible efforts. It would prove a miracle development for that region of our city and for our region as a whole.

higginsBrian Higgins:


1. I would most like to see economic activity in the forgotten neighborhoods of Buffalo in 2017. These neighborhoods, including the Broadway- Fillmore area, have great fundamentals for growth and renewal. They are inactive and thus perceived as unsafe. I reject that perception and want for my city to challenge the limits of possibility. This I believe is possible in the new Buffalo.

2. The Skyway is what I would like to see go away in 2017, or at least move closer to its replacement.

New York State has finally acknowledged this and is conducting a full and formal review of alternatives to the Skyway. Buffalo will spend $100 million to rehabilitate (again) this “structurally deficient” bridge or we will find a better, safer alternative to help the city realize its full waterfront potential.

3. Central Terminal. Once carrying more than 200 passenger trains per day, the Central Terminal offers the only opportunity to fully restore passenger train service to Chicago and Cleveland (you can’t get there from Canal Side). Also, we can make alive again this grand and historic structure

and make a bold statement that in the new Buffalo, Polonia will rise again!

Canalside is a great waterfront destination. But we should be careful not to stuff too much in there (remember the duck and traffic jams of last summer). Moreover, a train station is not water dependent or enhanced. And a new train station at the Central Terminal will lead a revitalization of the Broadway Market and surrounding area. The Broadway-Fillmore neighborhood has the most beautiful and historically remarkable churches in Buffalo.

Finally, while proximity to downtown is important, the Howard Zemsky led revitalization of Buffalo’s first manufacturing district, the Hydraulics, to Larkinville is instructive here.

Zemsky’s Larkinville also expanded the boundaries of downtown Buffalo.

The Central Terminal is about the same distance to City Hall as Larkinville

willardWillard Brooks


1. More snow for a great ski season.  And the bills to build up a super Bowl quality team.

2. Economic Inequality.

3. Mayor Brown

4. Central Terminal!!!

Chris Parker

1. I’d like to see us put down our phones and relearn how to communicate with one another.

2. Trump, fake news.

3. I’m not quite sure how this happened, but I don’t have an answer on mayor. We still hold an election for that office? Feels to me like it’ll be Byron until he decides to stop.

4. Canalside.

Steve Calveneso


1. People to listen more, be more understanding and accepting and look out for each other

2. Racism and separation

3. Not sure but I think we need to give Mayor Brown some credit. Buffalo’s looking pretty good and at the very very least. He hasn’t gotten in the way with small minded politics

4. I’d love to see Central Terminal restored to its glory, the brickwork alone is incredible.

Josh Holtzman


4. I strongly believe the Amtrak station should be built at Canalside. Reason being is that we need to drive more traffic downtown and continue to build up the fantastic work that is already been done. Most cities have their core strength of their economy, tourism and entertainment come from downtown.

takacRobby Takac


1. Some sort of unity here in the US after the craziness and devicevness of this last election cycle.

2. The self serving, self centered vibe that became a non stop loop of negativity during the aforementioned election cycle.

3. Eric Starchild

4. Central Terminal, of course.

Don Metz

1. I would like more pressure put on absentee landlords to maintain their property.

2. Chris Collins

3. I like Byron.

4. Central Terminal without a doubt

emilEmil Novak


1. Stop telling me IPA beer is amazing!
2. Congressman Chris Collins
3. Don’t fix what ain’t broken- Mayor Brown again.
4. It has to be the the Central Terminal, can’t grow only on area in WNY. Then make a shuttle service running directly from Terminal to City Hall.

Bill Rupp


1. Treat each other with more respect. So easy to do, and never more needed then now.And while you’re at it, give the ones closest to you the same dignity you give to an absolute stranger.

2. Fear and Fear Merchants. Americans already live in the most dangerous society on the planet, and we get on with our lives. Don’t buy into terror anxiety, real or imagined. It’s a product no different then toothpaste.

The real terrorists are the ones sounding the alarm about terrorism.

3. Mickey Kearns

levyJordan Levy


1. Introduction of Phase Two of Gov. Coumo’s Buffalo Billion initiative

2. 30 MPH on Scajaquada Expressway

3. Howard Zemsky – would be our Michael Bloomberg!

4. Canalside as $50MM would be drop in the bucket for Central Terminal and you will still drive through blighted neighborhood to get anyplace.

Newell Nussbaumer grew up in Elmwood Village in Buffalo, a vein of the city always considered good. He now runs Buffalo Rising, an alternative print publication that is now online and is an activist for urban renewal. John Rennison The Hamilton Spectator 4/7/15
Newell Nussbaumer grew up in Elmwood Village in Buffalo, a vein of the city always considered good. He now runs Buffalo Rising, an alternative print publication that is now online and is an activist for urban renewal.
John Rennison The Hamilton Spectator

Newell Nussbaumer


1. I would like to see the revival of the East Side. In fact, I believe that 2017 is the year for the East Side.
2.  I would like to see a concerted effort arise concerning the removal of the I-190 along the waterfront, or at least the downgrading.
3. Tim Tielman. The guy is spot on with development in Buffalo. Give him the keys.
4. Central Terminal all the way. It would lend itself to the rebirth of the East Side. Development of the entire complex is key.

John LaFalce
1. I’d love to see the Public Option passed as an amendment to Obamacare and have Chuck Schumer stick to his guns with Kathleen Sweet for Federal Judge. She is an OUTSTANDING nominee,and since Chuck and Trump will be dealing together,this should be a must for Chuck. I’d like to see an alternative to the replacement for the Freezer Queen site.I do not like the height or the architecture of the present proposal.I’d like the Senior citizen Center in the Town of Tonawanda relocated to a much more centrally located and more visible location; a relative few know where it now is.I admire the Canopy of Neighbors progra m in the City of Buffalo,and would like to see it extended countywide.

4. I’d prefer an updated Amtrak Station Downtown rather than at the Central Terminal.Central Terminal is simply a bad location and does not hold the promise of such increased utilization to make it worthwhile.

Dan Syracuse 

1. Collaborative Learning take place more in society, specially the Government, and use past data to reinforce current decisions. Like they say history repeats itself, unfortunately so do mistakes.

2. Big scale: Political Correctness, parental apathy, extreme liberalism, terrorism. Smaller scale: bad food, poor lighting, overproduced crappy pop music, lawyer ads

  • Barbara Salzman

    Carl Paladino and his vile, racist hate speech has no place in public discourse.

  • Jake Rowland

    Editors, How could you publish Paladino’s comment on M. Obama? Have you no ethics? He is playing you for media attention on top of fanning the fires of racial hatred. What were you thinking? Of all the comments to publish why that? Your decision to publish his comment on M. Obama is as racist as the comment itself. You decided to pander to the hunger for hatred in this country right now in exchange for internet buzz. As someone born in Buffalo I demand a public apology from the editors and the removal of this hate speech from your website. Enough is enough.

  • Sandra Scruggs

    How and WHY would you publish such hateful rant? Are you completely blind to the implications of these comments and the fact you have given him ANOTHER platform? The Obamas are African-Americans who have risen to a great level in this country and no matter the politics have handled this journey with grace and honor and are revered by African Americans and people of every nationality around the globe. The fact that this man who is a member of the school board and makes decisions regarding African American children and could spew such racist toned remarks…in public, in print, and so readily, saying the first lady should RETURN to being a male and be let loose in Africa and be with a gorilla?? He shows that his hatred for African Americans is not just about their station in life, but his hatred for the color. He has no regard for our black mayor, council members, clergy, educators, least of all our inner city black children. You just gave him a platform. He must go and everything that supports him must go.

  • How many times does Carl Paladino have to spew his racist bile before people say “Hey, maybe that guy IS a racist, and we should stop listening to him”?

    Whatever that threshold is, he apparently hasn’t reached it yet.

  • Jake Rowland

    I just wrote the president of the BOE Dr. Barbara Seals Nevergold about Carl Paladino’s racist answer to this question published by Artvoice: “What would you like to see go away in 2017?” Paladino’s racist answer is an outrage. I cc-ed Artvoice, Buffalo News and the NY Times calling for Paladino to be removed from the school board. Here are the email addresses: BANevergold@buffaloschools.org, tips@nytimes.com, citydesk@buffnews.com, news1926@gmail.com, editor@buffnews.com. Please join me. As someone who was born and raised in Buffalo I felt I had to act. But everyone should. Paladino’s racist hate speech should be grounds for removal from the school board. Art Voice and Paladino are using racist language to get internet buzz. Art Voice’s editors should publicly apologize and remove this hate speech from their website.

  • LoveWNY

    WTF is wrong with Paladino?!! Such an embarrassment for WNY.

  • Vicki Robinson

    Don’t remove it. Let it stand so that everyone can see what Paladino believes. I came to artvoice’s website to confirm what I had heard elsewhere, and it’s true. Leave it, so that others can also see that this is genuinely the way this man thinks, and that he is willing to publicly associate his name with such filth. Allow him to show the world who he is.

  • Jake Rowland

    Thanks for this comment. Please, we all have to ACT immediately today. Use the email addresses I provided. Post to Facebook. Tell your friends. This MUST NOT STAND.

  • B Guy

    I would like to second Jake Rowland’s suggestion to email the following entities to protest Carl Paladino’s racist bile. We have to stand up against the growing tide of Anti-sentiment against minorities, women, and science to name a few. We can no longer stand quietly – We are the silent majority and we need to take action and speak loudly. Are there any other people that we add to the list to email in support of Paladino’s censure and removal?

  • Jake Rowland

    I agree. Enough is enough. Carl paladino needs to be removed or step down from BOE. I’ve messaged Mayor Brown’s Facebook, called in to the NY Daily News and am emailing and calling everyone I know who might spread to word. Please join me.

  • Chris Myers

    Carl Paladino! Great answers! Let the leftists get their panties in a knot.

    I guess lefties only have a sense of humor when the nasty and vile and directed at Republicans.

  • Chris Myers

    How is Paladino’s comments racist? Are their forefathers not from Africa? They may be pretty nasty comments but they are not racist.

    Trans poeple should love the comment of Moochel going back to being a man – doesn’t that fit the LGBTXYZ narrative?

    Carl – keep it up!

  • Tom N

    If only Carl Paladino actually had a sense of humor. The body of evidence would suggest otherwise.

  • puckman638

    Right Chris. And “they” lived in caves with gorillas. I know what you’re going to say. “No, no, no! That’s not what he meant. He was just making an innocent joke! Blah blah blah libtards panties in a bunch safe space.”

  • JBJ

    Mr. Paladino,

    I’ve read your comments in the Artvoice replying to their year end questions for 2016. It is difficult for me to imagine how you can conceive such disgusting ignorant thoughts and why you think it is a good idea to broadcast these vile words into the public sphere. Your inability to engage in a civil discourse, instead projecting vulgar racist fantasies with a school-boy foul-mouth shows a severe lack of judgement that taints your position as a Buffalo School Board member and public political figure. If anyone or anything in Buffalo is a laughingstock it is you! You are an embarrassment to your position as a public figure and should not be given the forum to speak this trash except in a swill hole where you could be thrown out on the sidewalk for your unruliness. The respect, deserving a person entrusted with the future of our students, faculty, staff and facilities, is nullified by your unwillingness to speak responsibly. Maybe you feel you are being being anti-pc, “speaking your mind” or appealing to your supporters, but be assured you are a buffoon whose thoughts are reflected in your words. Western New York deserves a sober and intelligent mind speaking on its behalf and not the misfortune of you as a mouthpiece for our thoughts and attitudes. I doubt you will take this seriously because of your historical disregard for the effect of your uncontrolled mutterings but I am happy to join the chorus of people denouncing your use of influential forums to spew your hatefulness.

    John Bacon

  • Rita Capezzi

    ArtVoice–You can raise the civility of discussion in the paper and in this city by simply never asking for Carl Paladino’s opinion again. He certainly has a right to his disgusting and inflammatory rhetoric. Anyone who wants to access his vile mind can read his own pages and outlets. ArtVoice does not have to give him an outlet. When I see in the ArtVoice again Mr. Paladino’s opinion solicited in something other than a story in which his presence is relevant–like a story on the School Board–I will choose to stop reading your publication. Your paper is free, you don’t need ugly sensationalism to sell your product. But you lower the standards of real debate and discussion when you invite such ridiculous and stupid language and ideas such as Mr. Paladino’s. This is not a matter of “political correctness.” It is a matter of simple decency.

  • Jake Rowland

    …and this is what it leads to, folks.

  • Charles A. Everhart Sr.

    I understand freedom of speech and press but my concern is when Artvoice allows a rant by an elected official to be written and published which is so demeaning of a sitting President and First Lady. Paladino is who he is… and we can’t change him. When a white man who has political aspirations speak in a manner the won’t tolerated

  • John Smith

    Question: What’s the difference between Carl Paladino and a phlegm-wet hairball the cat just vomited?

    Answer: Nothing worth noting.

  • otto42

    It’s ok. The old saying “It is better to be thought a fool, than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt”. He’s shouting to the world how very crazy he is, and anyone else who thinks to vote for him.

  • Stimply

    I guarantee Carl cannot keep it up. Probably why he’s such an angry person. Impotence.

  • Rockingchair

    Carl Paladino & Airborne Eddy are two of the only sane people to have responded to this survey. Almost everyone else could be the poster child for why HilLIARy lost.

  • Rockingchair

    Left-wing losers have no place in a sane society.

  • Susan Udin

    Why was this particular group of people chosen? The city has a large African-American population, but you wouldn’t know it from this group. There are a whole lot of women in WNY, but whoever compiled this selection managed to find fewer than half a dozen to include here (approx. 17% of the total). There don’t seem to be any folks with Latino names, etc, etc. Maybe the WE in “What do WE want for 2017” really means WHITE MALES. Some nice guys among them, but still….

  • white ape-us

    Carl Paladino
    Now, I have no iota of civility in my post for Animal’s like CARL PALADINO so lets start….
    Who cares what this piece of excrement thinks.
    He (Carl) Looks like AFRICAN White MONKEY who just crawled out from his Chimpazee cave in New York, and he is probably sick because he has swallowed too much blackman’s excrement from New York’s bottom of the Sceptic tank…Gooosh…sick..
    Carl is that why you are angry you look like BLACKMAN’s excrement?

    I hope you are reading this post…and tis is not political.this comment is about a man who harbours so much hate and makes so much derogatory comments and statements about his fellow citizens.
    1=1.. Now next can you vomit out you next cancer? For awaiting response Carl?

  • Jan

    Carl Paladino. Humm Paladino , Sounds like an Italian mafia last name Proof to show . All the Sickend hatred coming from your bitter mouth. be carefull on what a person can wish upon. you know life works in mysterious ways and can come back right back at you.

  • Lewis LaCook

    KKKarl Paladino is a dinosaur.

  • Christopher Bogart

    Carl Paladino sure knows how to troll. Just look at the lemmings with their moral outrage. It would actually mean something if the outraged weren’t so morally bankrupt themselves…

  • MaxPlanck

    Carl’s guttural utterances are a new low in this new, alt-right enabled world and it remains to be seen how much lower he’ll descend. And, it’s not “just horsin’ around this time, either.

  • LJ

    The hairball is a better person.

  • Lewis LaCook

    Is it really worth it to be so partisan?

  • Chad Eton

    We want a Mass Media that are not a pack of soulless news manufacturing liars who abandoned journalistic integrity for Hilary Clinton, and put the nation in danger of becoming a one-party/one-media state, like Cuba…

  • bluegeneralist

    Paladino, never heard of him before, is disgusting beyond comprehension and seems to be a ghastly immoral twin of Trump. One would think that by the age of 70 one has learned to deal with the inner hate that consumes their soul. His comments are only a projection of what he thinks about himself.

  • KA

    Carl Paladino is filthy, disgusting monkey who flings his excrement at innocent people. I would love it if someone punched him dead in his deviated septum. Low-rent, neanderthal-browed son-of-a-whore.

  • Bad Seed

    Man, Paladino was much more creative and amusing with his answers than the submissions from those claiming to be comedians.

  • KA

    What I would like most to happen in 2017 is for Paladino, Trump and everyone who supports them to be sent to Pluto.

  • jack’s granny

    wow- 1st time i visited this site- heads up- it will be the LAST. why on earth would you give a POS like peppe paladino a forum to spread his spew of crap? you are the company you keep or seek or ask their opinion. i am an artist and there is not a damn thing evident to believe this site lives up to the name! on the up side. i always thought syrause was the most hateful asshole filled raciest city…. now re-thinking that judgment.

  • How is it even possible for someone to become so utterly goddamn stupid as this? What happened?!

  • Guess what, Rockingchair? In the REAL 4th Reich, they won’t be taking your blind idiot loyalty into account. No. They’ll be using IQ tests. And you will be among the first up against the wall.

  • Paul Lacapruccia

    Poor Maxie

  • Newton

    For all of us Carl Paladino fans out there. Here’s a phone number where you can congratulate him on being such stellar human being.


  • Rockingchair

    Sweetheart, my IQ is WELL over 140. Can you say the same?

  • Nicole Guenther Discenza

    I am appalled at Carl Paladino’s comments and disgusted that ArtVoice has shared them. This man should not have a platform for his racist hate.

  • DB

    He is an ignorant Italian, no offense to the respectable Italians out there.

  • Luis Clay

    The British have an excellent epithet for the likes of Carl Paladino: a wanker. That worthless detritus printed above is what wanking in public looks like. No kudos whatsoever to the squalid Artvoice for publishing Paladino’s response but people in the media will do anything for attention these days. What a pity. In any event there is no space for Paladino on the Buffalo School Board or anywhere else in public office in New York. He should be summarily ejected by the Board. The numbers to call on are the Office of the Superintendent of Buffalo Schools, at 816-3575, and on Mayor Byron Brown, at 851-4851, to reject publicly Paladino’s disgusting statements in ArtVoice and to call for his removal from the Buffalo School Board.

  • DB

    Now that there will be a loud mouth fool in the White House, Paladino will be TOTALLY off the rails.

  • Jerry Burke

    Paladino is an embarrassment to NY State. A racists, homophobe misogynist.

  • Hey Carl you wants some balls in your mouth ?

  • What a guinea pig.

  • Jerry Burke

    ARTVoice owes its readers an apology for publishing Paladino’s ugly remarks.

  • DB

    Should Paladino whose DNA is in a child that Merriam-Webster Dictionary describes as a
    B A S T A R D be pointing his filthy fingers at anyone?

  • Bradley

    OK I’ll play … In your opinion, what is the appropriate response to what Mr. Paladino wrote? I find it difficult to simply smile, exclaim “what a troll” and move along. It is pretty remarkable that Paladino’s comments were published anywhere. And sure, there are probably one or two morally bankrupt people expressing their outrage at these comments, but I would venture a guess that many of the commenters are average Americans. Has our culture sunk so low that Paladino’s remarks are accepted as the norm in public discourse?

  • Why actually, my lil darlin’ honeysuckle rose blossom, yes, I can! And seeing as, by “WELL over 140”, I’m assuming you mean under 150, I’m afraid I’ve got you beat. And that’s not based on any online BS tests, either. So what do you say? Where do you suggest we meet up to have our Who’s the Bigger Braniac contest?

  • Mark Jacobson

    It’s one thing to publish peoples’ wishes for a different political landscape bereft of specific individuals on the right or the left. It’s a completely different thing to publish Carl Paladino’s hate-filled, blatantly racist rant. Shame on Artvoice’s editorial board.

    By publishing every ugly, crude, violent, obscene idiocy uttered during the recent presidential campaign, American media has given license to people like Paladino to give voice to hate speech they would never dare to have done two years ago.

    The fact this bigot sits on the local school board is a further atrocity.

  • Paladino said that because he’s not smart and sane enough to show Obama wrong to Obama’s base, despite how easy it would be.

    Those who want to shut Paladino up are in the same deplorable boat.

  • JacquelineWhite

    On the other hand, now that his comments have been published, people are aware of his hate, and hopefully his remarks will be sufficient evidence to justify having him removed from the school board.
    Had ArtVoice NOT published his remarks, many of us would be none the wiser.

  • Pretentious Human

    Merry Christmas! As we move into a NEW era of government in America. Main Stream Media has been so skewed towards Hillary and negative reports on Trump. The internet, alternative news sites, The NRA and others balanced the political propaganda and the voters saw through the lies, Hillary’s Emails, the Bernie attack by DNC AND Benghazi THAT led to her defeat.
    In his book, “Crisis of Character,” Gary J. Byrne, writes, as Bill Clinton’s Secret Service Agent, his personal experience why Hillary should not be president. Obama failed our country and the people across America elected Trump. The Obama’s actions and campaigning AGAINST Trump opened them up to opinions as they tried to become players in Hillary’s campaign. THEY LOST AND MISCALCULATED!
    Carl is being Carl and since the baseball bat video showing that he is “mad as hell” I take him with a grain of salt. So should Art Voice’s readers.

  • Nicole Guenther Discenza

    Good point.

  • Anonymous33

    No…they’re not the norm…they’re very much out of line and stupid! Even Trump’s transition team spokesperson responded saying Paladino’s comments are absolutely reprehensible! But what about all of the disrespectful comments HERE about Trump and Paladino? If Paladino’s remarks were about Trump you liberals would be jumping for joy and you know it! Double standard time again!

  • Don

    How much lower? He already hangs with Trump, how much lower can one go?

  • Anonymous33

    Even Trump’s transition team spokesperson responded saying Paladino’s comments are absolutely reprehensible! But what about all of the disrespectful comments HERE about Trump and Paladino? If Paladino’s remarks were about Trump you liberals would be jumping for joy and you know it! Double standard time again!

  • Don

    Say’s the ignorant moron that finds no fault with what he said, you must be the pos separated at birth from Carl the pos.

  • Don

    “…and voters saw through the lies”…you must have missed all of Trumps lies caught on video…no you couldn’t have so you’re just one more ignoramus that can’t handle the truth…are you the hater on the right in these photos of hate spewing republicans? Why yes, you and Carl must have gone together with your misspelled sign’s to stand side by side with the ignorant. https://www.google.com/search?q=tea%20party%20racist%20rally%20signs&biw=1920&bih=993&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0CAcQ_AUoAmoVChMIqo7xxZ_hyAIVVNhjCh2ElAvU

  • Don

    Maxie who used to be Max before the operation?

  • searambler

    Shall I compare thee, Carl, to a summer’s eve? For thou art surely a douche…….

  • Don

    All you have to do is watch Trump video’s to debunk that lie…you think Trump’s a class act I bet… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQWzKT2wg00

  • doomrider7

    Don’t call it alt-right. They’re Nazi’s and White Supremacist’s. Let’s not bullshit ourselves into thinking we were ever any better than they were at their height of power in the 30’s and 40’s. We aren’t and never were.

  • Dear Leader of Cheetoistan

    4.6% unemployment, a $1.06 Euro, a $.74 loonie. The US economy lost 598,000 jobs the month Obama took office.

    Explain that Carl.

  • Mark Jacobson

    I am not clear on what you meant by your comment. Are you saying Paladino isn’t smart enough to criticize the President without resorting to racist hate speech?

    To borrow from Lincoln, “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.”

  • WiserWords2

    Paladino is sane?

  • Donna McBride

    The message is in your name. Probably the most honest you’ve ever been in your whole sorry ass life.

  • skydiveroy

    I am not a fool You Fool and I voted for Mr Trump and I agree with Carl. Thanks

  • WiserWords2

    They’re racist. Whites spent centuries comparing Black Americans to gorillas in the media. Why did Paladino choose the imagery of an “gorilla ” rather than a llama or a koala?

    Racism can not exist without ignorance. Both you and Paladino are great examples of that.

  • portlanddave

    I can’t believe Tim Horton’s rents space from someone like Carl Paladino. I thought they’d show better judgement than associating with a racist troll.

  • portlanddave

    Let him hang himself with his own words. Freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom from consequences.

  • WiserWords2

    Which disrespectful comments HERE about Trump and Paladino were made by people in public office?

  • Jim Barnas

    I don’t live in your town. What a truly despicable jerk this Paladino person is! God, how does a grotesque individual like that live with himself? And this is what’s on your school board?! Most everyone of the other citizens responding to your survey focused on things they wanted for Buffalo. That’s his sense of humor? I pity his family.

  • larry

    A Veteran Spy Has Given the FBI Information Alleging a Russian Operation to Cultivate Donald Trump http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2016/10/veteran-spy-gave-fbi-info-alleging-russian-operation-cultivate-donald-trump

  • yankeeingenue

    I’m glad you resisted any impulse to edit or pull down the Paladine response, however bad it is for Buffalo, and artvoice. It’s important the world understand the incredible ugliness of racism here in the US, among the allies and friends of PEOTUS. The Obamas have spared us the details of what they and their Secret Service team -which works lots of overtime- have had to contend with. They have dealt with this privately for the sake of unity. Now that Trump’s win has emboldened the haters, it is clear to all how very far we are from an accepting (and acceptable) culture. Trump dog-whistled throughout his campaign; now the dogs are clamoring for attention.

  • Terrier1

    Thank you Artvoice – for publishing Carl’s remarks in full.
    I first saw an article about this in WaPo – they left out many of the worst parts of his statement.
    WBEN Radio is running a survey today – a full 61% see NOTHING WRONG with Paladino’s comments.
    Al, patriots need to go ASAP to their site and turn the survey around…
    This sorry excuse for a Buffalonian was Trump’s #1 education surrogate – he needs to be cut loose and thoroughly shamed ASAP.

  • freya_kahlo

    I agree with you that it validates his comments to publish them as if they were a normal answers to this question. They could have put in an editorial note after his comments saying “We don’t condone racism, but felt it was important to present these comments unedited.” There are so many other options besides just publishing racist garbage without comment.

  • Ridgewaycynic2013

    Were this ‘the Onion’, the apologists for Paladino might have moral grounds on which to make the free speech argument. As I stated in the article regarding the response to the media, that’s one way to get the page hits up. I told Jamie Moses that he would regret this ‘alliance’ with the Niagara Falls Reporter.

  • TRAV1S

    Watch the new horror film THE TRIGGERING!

  • Daisy Hooley

    Take the poll! http://www.wben.com

  • Wheez Von Klaw

    You can call the Obamas names without sounding like a racist stooge from the prohibition era. But Paladino is a complete idiot.

  • Wheez Von Klaw

    Maybe so, but when you’re on the Board of Education, you have a responsibility to not act like a racist stooge from the 40s. You want to be a moral advocate , then leave the racism in another century.

  • Wheez Von Klaw

    Good Lord. I’d love to hear what you think IS racist. Calling an African American Woman an ape is just about the worst racist comment ever.

  • Wheez Von Klaw

    Forget about the Right or the Left. Paladino is a creepazoid.

  • Christopher Bogart

    A lot of the pot calling the kettle black here and is the main reason discourse has completely broken down with in the US.

  • Ridgewaycynic2013

    You know, it might not be Paladino…at no point does he slam Brian Higgins. 🙂

  • Waddymellons

    I don’t see anything in what he said as racist, maybe true, but NOT racist. Funny how blacks are a bunch of Whiny SNOWFLAKES! Everyone knows Moochelle is a MAN!

  • DeplorableMe

    What does the EEOC have to do with this ArtVoice story?

  • Jenna

    If you cant remember why those jobs were lost yourself, then there is no amount of FACT anyone could share with you, that you’ld believe….

  • Jenna

    You seem to forget that the same kind of crap has been spewed since the day obama announced he was going to run for presidency. The election this year had nothing to do with it except that now its not just backwoods idiots spewing it, but the silent racists that had important jobs, now somehow feel they can do the same and get away with it. Which why wouldn’t they think that, the president elect does it and gets away with it… Disgusting

  • laffingman

    Carl Paladino’s comments about our President and First Lady reveal the mind of a man who is evil or mentally ill — or both. Please do not degrade your website by including his disgusting, revolting, sick comments. Horrible.

  • laffingman

    Your comments are deeply offensive and foolish. Ignorant.

  • Kerryman

    Carl Paladino: keeping it classy, as usual. Is there a spare rocket ship around that this ugly prick could be sent on a one way trip in?

  • Kerryman

    You are a coward and a disgrace to your family and your country. Any questions? Talk this smack to a black man and see how far you get, race ghoul.

  • Kerryman

    Get a f______ life, meathead.

  • Jack Harold Pollard

    #PALADINO# Your UNITED ST’HATE’S OF AMERICA with no respect to your still president and his wife will bring you to HELL

  • Kerryman

    Are you off your meds?

  • Jack Harold Pollard

    #”KARL PALADINO” Only KINDNESS & RESPECT of THE OTHERS bring Love in return. HATE is for EVIL

  • Paladino looks like someone who’s gonna be suffering from a degenerative brain disease. That’ll be.the perfect ending for someone like him.

  • Jennifer Parthasarthy

    I cannot believe this paper has the poor taste to give voice to Paladino’s comments.

  • Chris Myers

    In the quotes I read Paladino never called Mrs Obama an ape. In fact he didnt call her any name.

  • Chris Myers

    Show me the exact quote where paladino called mrs obama an ape? That’s right he didnt!

  • Chris Myers

    I have no clue what paladino meant, I would not speak for anyone els.e. The comments are crude but also pretty funny. The left can dish it out but can’t take it. I find it funny that nobody takes offense about insinuating michelle is transgender. She is pretty manly looking.

  • Michael DiPasquale

    And the Carl Paladino award goes to Jeff Mucciarelli at Club 31. Sorry Jeff, you’re going to lose some customers with those kind of comments. That Fox news stuff is getting old.

  • Michael DiPasquale

    Seems like it’s already started. Paladino is insane.

  • Subroutine

    I very much would like to be there when Carl Paladino dies from an infected syphilitic penis contracted, it’s said, when he had sex with that goat in Pamperno, Italy last year.

  • darksock

    You are the most insufferable of fools, Sir…the gullible clueless sort who are not only oblivious to their gape-mouthed stupidity, but who in fact imagine themselves to be sage and wizened.

  • Denise Orgeron Perez

    thank you!

  • I’m not surprised you couldn’t figure out EZ English. If Paladino was smart and sane, he’d have worked to discredit Obama to his base. That’s something that’s easy for me to do, but it’s beyond his abilities.

    You and Paladino are in similar boats. Instead of using Paladino’s comments to discredit him to his base, you want to act like a jr. league Stasi and silence him. Paladino is a veritable gift to his opponents, but instead of taking advantage of it they show themselves to be lil’ fascists as keen on silencing their opponents as Paladino buddy Trump is.

  • Disgusted with hate

    I have to apologize for my last statement.as I’ve never met Mrs. Paladino (if there is one). To be honest, when I read Mr. Paladino’s answers in the article, I thought it was fake news. That seems to be so popular these days. When I saw it on the television, well, that put it in another light.
    I keep hearing him state that he’s not a racist. As far as his business dealings go, I’m sure that’s true. He’ll take your money if you’re White, Black, Asian or Jewish. But what he says vocally or in writing is racist.
    This is a person sitting on the Buffalo City School Board. Is this the person we want setting an example for the children of the city of Buffalo?
    I don’t want to see a racist and bully sitting on the school board. I’m sure it happens anyway. Most people keep those kinds of opinions to themselves (not that that’s a good thing either: They’re just not actively spewing hate).
    To put this in a little better perspective, I’m White and did not vote for Mrs. Clinton.

    I personally think Mr. Paladino should consider resigning from the School Board, or he should be removed.

    I’m not saying that he doesn’t try to do what he thinks is in the best interest of our children; I am saying that he’s a poor example of a compassionate human being.
    Mr. Paladino, Shame on you for such a poor response to these questions instead of something more constructive.

  • Disgusted with hate

    I knew the Niagara Fall Reporter back in High School. My feelings exactly!

  • Marie

    Palodino is a pig of the lowest order. An old school as&@ole who needs to go the way of the Dodo bird. The sooner this old prick kicks, the better off we ALL are….

  • Marie

    Hahahaha…. LOVE your comment… wish I was 1/2 as eloquent regarding that festering boil….

  • Marie


  • Marie

    Anyone understand this Golden troll??? Just odd….

  • Marie

    Ummmm NO, it’s obvious you’ve never met a liberal….. as much as I despise the jerk you elected… I don’t wish it dead, and I can’t keep up w/which wife he’s on so, NO, wouldn’t compare her to a woodland or jungle animal….

  • Marie

    Clinton won the vote by 2.8 million votes…. fact, but again, facts are foreign to Chump supporters…Obama was handed a GIANT steaming sack by Bush and still managed to fix the economy and finish the job w/Bin laden so again……. you’re WRONG, however, in your world up is down, dawn is dusk and the earth is flat….

  • kittiecorner

    Actually I am glad they did–now everybody knows what a hate-filled, utterly disgusting and creepy cretin he really is. How he was ever elected to anything has always been a mystery. Imagine how intelligent and well-meaning people must feel as they attempt any kind of discourse with him which speaks to our shared humanity. He might just be insane. I am at a loss to understand how or why anyone would think something so incredibly nasty about Michelle Obama–who has always been a true lady and an inspiration to millions–let alone speak it aloud as though it was something to be proud of. The Obamas have never had a hint of disgrace attached to them–unlike Donald Trump with his ex-wives and mistresses and scandals. I hope this is the beginning of the end for Paladino and that he goes out in a blaze of infamy so huge that no one anywhere will ever touch him again.

  • kittiecorner


  • kittiecorner

    Thank you–well said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    However–now we ALL know, instead of just those locals who may have in the past thought he was just a harmless old toad.

  • Tim Golden

    U.S. Department of Justice,
    Q: are y’all [President(s) + OMB + Congress + EEOC] pro-woman?
    A: nyet!
    Fact1: if y’all were pro-woman
    then y’all would investigate every woman’s complainT “in good faith” = in a ‘thorough and timely’ manner
    Fact2: if y’all were pro-woman
    then y’all would play a modern day Robin Hood =
    1) take $9.99 billion from the rich [Pentagon budget]
    2) give $9.99 billion to the poor [EEOC + EPA + EBSA + OSHA budgets]
    3) hire Bill (not Clinton not Cosby) Bratton to be EEOC chair
    4) let him hire 5000 qualified (ethical + competent) EEOC investigators (i.e. hire retired cops/detectives)
    5) let G-D watch workplace discrimination become a thing (sin) of the past
    U.S. Department of Justice,
    Fact1: I said to one of my daughters, “Lily! women are not pro-woman
    unless she desires to ‘see’ every woman’s complainT investigated
    “in good faith” = in a ‘thorough and timely’ manner
    Fact2: my daughter Lily said, “dad! you’re like the ultimate feminisT

  • Tim Golden

    __________________ Promises! Promises! _____________________
    Barack Obama and Joe Biden will fully fund and increase staffing for the EEOC
    EEOC scandal 2016
    _______________________[yoo-hoo] [yoo-hoo]
    U.S. Department of Justice,
    Fact: 50 million more Americans are working in 2016 than in 1982
    Fact: In 1982, U.S. population was 231 million
    Fact: in 2016, U.S. population was 322 million
    Fact: in 1982, Congress approved EEOC staffing for 3,700
    Fact: In 2016, Congress approved EEOC staffing for 2,250 ?
    Fact: EEOC receives 100,000 complainTs/yr
    Fact: EEOC employs only 666 investigators
    Fact: 666 EEOC investigators can’t investigate “in good faith”
    100,000 discrimination complainTs/yr
    Q: how many EEOC investigators would it take to (not screw
    in a light bulb) investigate in a ‘thorough and timely’ manner
    100,000 discrimination complainTs/yr?
    Trust but Verify
    page 30 Chart 2 EEOC investigators assigned
    So I thought it would be important to remind these young women
    how valuable and precious they are.
    I wanted them to understand that the measure of any society is
    how it treats its women (complainanTs) and girls (born + unborn)
    Q. How would you address discrimination in employment?
    A. I (senator Obama) will start by strengthening the EEOC.
    The Commission has lacked resources and staff.
    I (senator Obama) will fully fund and increase staffing for the EEOC
    Trust but Verify
    U.S. Department of Justice,
    Fact: the Obama years (2009–2016) kept finding the money to employ
    21,444 Border Patrol agents
    Q: the Obama years (2009–2016) couldn’t find the money to employ
    more than 666 EEOC investigators?
    in other words
    page 30 Chart 2 EEOC investigators assigned
    Q: aren’t y’all [President(s) + OMB + Congress] ethically challenged?
    Q: In law, FRAUD is _______________?
    A: deliberate deception
    to secure unfair or unlawful gain, or to deprive a vicTim of a legal right.
    Year: FY2015
    # of EEOC complaints: 89,385
    No Reasonable Cause: 60,440
    Reasonable Cause: 3,239
    As we all know, the goal is to meet the numbers.
    Cases are closed even though questions remain
    whether there was discrimination.
    If it is the end of the quarter, or the end of the fiscal year,
    EEOC offices dump cases.
    There is no other way to describe what happens
    – Gabrelle Martin, Council President
    February 2004
    Trust but Verify
    U.S. Department of Justice,
    Q: when are you going to charge the EEOC with impersonating a Law Enforcement Organization?
    in other words
    Q: isn’t it time to stick a fork in the EEOC?
    chew! chew!

  • Tim Golden

    U.S. Department of Justice,
    Q: President(s) + OMB + Congress = ?
    A: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_i4RPsAENE

  • Hura

    So, how is it racist to call out racism again?

  • iamciril .


  • iamciril .

    Maybe I haven’t read enough of this forum, but I didn’t read anybody suggesting that Trump commit bestiality then die from a disease contracted from it. Or that his wife is a man who should leave the country. Or that his advisor should be decapitated.

    You’re a twit.

  • iamciril .

    Welcome to Trump’s America!

  • iamciril .

    It’s good to know what goes on in your elected officials’ heads.

    If there were someone on my local school board who not only thought such things but had the poor judgment to send them in an email to a newspaper, I’d want to know about it.

  • Jean PSmith

    No, there should be a lot more pain and personal suffering for him. Dementia makes the innocent family members suffer along with- maybe even more so. Better if he gets septicemia and dies screaming. 🙂

  • kittiecorner

    Then you are as sick as he is. So you voted for Trump. I wonder how you or Paladinosaur would feel if you saw the same thing written about Melania Trump? Or your own wife? Or mother, or sister!! I guess it would be different then! People like you have no souls. You act as though you are better than other people because of just being you. Well with a little luck you could have been born into the lowest caste in India and be shoveling human excrement all day or wandering through piles of garbage in Brazil or fighting off hordes of flies on your face in Africa. Being born here is what–your right? More like a extreme piece of good luck, an undeserved gift! Treat it that way!

  • kittiecorner

    Wow, I have NEVER seen those kind of comments written by a “leftist” about a Republican president. Never heard of the Dems openly stating from Day One that they would just about die before allowing anything a Republican president tried to do come to fruition. Really, you people have no shame.

  • kittiecorner

    Love the way men rate women’s looks, and meanwhile they are ugly as sin. For instance, just look at Paladinosaur. A tiny, shriveled, ugly, long-nosed creep with a pot belly and eyes that look like he’s rubbed sh*t into them, with hair that he never combs. Plus he has bad posture.

  • otto42

    By the age of 70, one with that much inner hate was just elected president. The world is weird.


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