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Artvoice Weekly Edition » Issue v10n27 (07/07/2011) » Section: Letters to Artvoice

Hands Off Pensions

There is a consistent drive by conservative groups to eliminate pensions and Social Security, especially government pensions, and use vouchers instead. The plan is irrational since the “free enterprise” economy is totally volatile.

Buy American

Computers, televisions, kitchen appliances, air conditioners…all American technology. Sneakers, underwear, all made someplace else. There’s a good chance even your tax return was processed out of the country. Look around you, it’s no wonder the US economy is in the tank. CEOs are making record profits while banks are playing shell games with YOUR money. Meanwhile we have a government and populace that do nothing about it. What are you waiting for? FIX THE SYSTEM YOURSELF. Don’t count on politicians to take the money out of politics, they’re either millionaires themselves or they owe a millionaire a favor for a large campaign donation. It’s time to pester your representatives (every one of them), remind them who they are supposed to be representing. BUY AMERICAN. Demand an American-made option for ALL goods, and when one is not offered contact the person in charge of purchasing or corporate headquarters and demand it again.

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