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Artvoice Weekly Edition » Issue v10n30 (07/28/2011) » Section: Letters to Artvoice

Rats, Chris Colins!

Talk about irony, at the same time I was on the telephone trying to resolve a rodent issue in Lancaster (yes, rats have arrived in Lancaster), the Erie County Legislature was voting to spend $70,000 for rodent control it previously authorized, but the county executive does not want to spend. Yes, you read that correctly: The executive is making everyone (but the rats) jump through hoops to spend the small amount of money the Legislature approved.

It Was You, Buffalo News

The Buffalo News correctly identified the Peace Bridge Authority as part of its “Leadership Fails Buffalo” editorial on June 6. However, the paper failed to name itself as the major culprit—failing to report the news and issues on all sides of the project.

Cuomo's Regional Economic Development Councils Sound Good, But Will it Work?

Is faster always better? Yes, according to Governor Cuomo. The governor recently rolled out his speedy plan to implement the regional economic development councils, the flagship statewide program for job creation.

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