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6 More Infringement Shows

Mr. Boneless

Last call for art on the fringe

Closing Ceremonies

Sunday, Aug 7, 7pm. Pay what you can.


This is the grand finale. The culmination of another year of art on the fringe happens at Nietzsche’s on Sunday (Aug 7). As with many 2011 Infringement Festival events this is a pay-what-you-can show, but what you do pay will go to support next year’s festival. The ceremonies kick off with Iffy Award presentations at 7pm followed by a lineup of eight eclectic performances beginning with Mirror Mirror at 8pm. Five piece Niagara Falls based rock band Fivepoint will take the stage next, followed by dark Americana group the Pharaoh Moans. Mr. Boneless, a psychedelic folk-punk band from Fredonia is scheduled for 9:30pm just before Drop D and math rock band Manawi Thron. One man band Dissary, also known as metal guitarist Eareckson Murray, returns with his annual Infringement exclusive performance. Hip hop super group Back Phrom the Dead All-Stars close out the show,- and the festival. Grab a friend, or grab several friends, and come see the Infringement Festival off with a bang.

Top 10 Infringement Instillations


464 Gallery, 464 Amherst St.

Portraits of psychedelic 1970s jellyfish.

Monsters by Lindsay Zasada

Lucky Dog’s 244 Allen St.

Classic movie monsters made with stencils/spray paint. Including Frankenstein and his bride, Dracula, Wolfman, and more.

Obscure in Exile: The Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

Main-Washington Exchange, 523 Main Street/500 Washington

An interest in things the world leaves behind prompted a vacation to Ukraine and a three day trip into the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.

Ephemeral Reality

Main-Washington Exchange, 523 Main Street / 500 Washington

Interactive installation dealing with out of body experiences.


Positive Approach, 125 Elmwood Ave. and Café Taza, 100 Elmwood Ave.

Large scale colorful portraits that show the absurdity of being hip in a world full of dullness.


Sp@ce 224, 224 Allen St.

Interactive; create your own soundscape.

Remote Control

Sp@ce 224, 224 Allen St.

Remote control is an experimental dance work that exists entirely on film. The film’s images are edited in real time by the audience member who watches it.

Robot Art!

Sugar City, 19 Wadsworth St.

Acrylic paintings of robot characters on various surfaces.

She Don’t Use Jelly

The Vault, 702 Main St.

Art by Alana Adetol

D Rock’s sculpture park

ZGM, 1049 Elmwood Ave

Sculptures made almost entirely from found scrap materials.

Shake Your Glutes at Slyboots

Friday, Aug 5, 8pm. Pay what you can.

Slyboots, 350 Ellicott St.

Slyboots is many things, but first and foremost it is a school of music and art where students have access to musical instruction on a variety of instruments, at an affordable price. On Friday though, Slyboots will act as a music venue for some of Buffalo’s hidden gems. Kicking off the night is Sonny Baker, singer/songwriter, guitarist, and vocalist who you might know from various local bands like Wooden Waves, Lazlo Hollyfeld, and the night’s headliner A Hotel Nourishing. The duo of Baker on guitar and drummer Cam Rogers, who make up A Hotel Nourishing, are former Iffy Award Winners and creators of experimental rock akin to acts like Maps & Atlases, and Animal Collective. Psychedelic rock act Cinnamon Aluminum will fuse their experimental electronic sounds with strange African rhythms as the meat of a Sonny Baker sandwich. Shake your glutes at Slyboots this weekend.


Friday, Aug 5, 6-8pm.

Casa de Arte (formerly the Gateway Gallery) 141 Elmwood Ave.

First there was Akira, Nausicaa, and Dragon Ball, then came Naruto, Full Metal Alchemist, and Trigun. If this all sounds like gibberish then no worries, you’re not the only one who needs a translator, but for those who are hip to the manga scene—a form of Japanese comic book or cartoon often characterized by science fiction or fantasy based themes and a dark, realistic style of drawing called gekiga—then these are the holy grail of comics. And inside every comic book enthusiast there is that secret urge to become part of the story. On Friday (Aug 5) that dream will come true when fans will have the opportunity to jump into the action at Ranzatus at Casa De Arte on Elmwood. Ranzatsu is the Japanese word for clutter, disorder, or promiscuity, and as part performance, part instillation, Ranzatsu invites the audience to join in to create a comic dialogue from up-cycled manga/comics/their own hand, thus eliminating the idea of the audience through participation. Be part of Ranzatsu and add to this never-ending story. Stick around for a DJ set by Projex following the performance.

Noise @ Bank featuring Ronald Raygun

Saturday, Aug 6, 6pm. Pay what you can.

The Bank, corner of Broadway and Fillmore

Former president Ronald Reagan would never approve of cyberpunk/synthpunk band Ronald Raygun. They’re too...fiscally liberal. Case in point: the four-piece from Buffalo has adopted a “name your price” policy for their new album, released just last week. You can listen to it for free at their Bandcamp website ( and if you like the droning, far-out kraut rock on “Unus Mundus” or the slow motion noise-punk on “Thanos” then you can pick up the digital version of the album for a cool 100 bucks or a few pennies. You decide. Though Ronald Raygun may not be a contender for the 2012 elections, he is certainly in contention for “greatest superhero of all time.” Check the band out when they perform at the Bank at the corner of Broadway and Fillmore with fellow noise rock acts Kari Jo’s Nightmare, the West Side Handjob Massacre, the Voidologists, and DJ Horrific Dissonance.


Aug 4-7 during store hours.

Rust Belt Books, 202 Allen St.

The Infringement festival is about art on the fringe of society and of the mainstream, but it can also be about art on the fringe of art. Who said you have to be an “artist” to create art? With Self-Infringement the audience is the artist. Step up to the box, located at Rust Belt Books in Allentown, take a card and do what it says. One envelope included a foot long piece of green twine with the instructions to collect 10 other green things and “make a shrine with them in places where they will be SEEN!” Viola, instant infringement. While you’re at Rust Belt, don’t forget to cast your vote for the IFFY awards. Create your own award like “Best BIF Venue,” “Oddest Thing Seen at Infringement” or “Best Band Award,” stuff it in the box and hope for votes from other likeminded infringers. The Iffy Award ceremony will take place at Nietzsche’s before the Closing Ceremonies show on Friday (Aug 7).

Rabid Noise/Rock Party

Sunday, Aug 7, 5pm to 9pm. Pay what you can.

Soundlab, 110 Pearl St.

Attend the Rabid Noise and Rock Party and, whether you like it or not, you might experience some sonic spasms. You’ll also come face to face with some of the most interestingly named bands on the planet, like noisemakers the West Side Handjob Massacre, the heavily bearded and heavily metal Amish Noise—who will release a limited edition EP Only the Devil Wears Buttons on trusty cassette tapes—ambience from Eraserhead’s Baby, and cyberpunk from Ronald Raygun. This is an early show so get there on time with earplugs in hand.

cory perla

Click here to download a PDF version of the full Infringement Festival schedule (as seen in the July 28th edition of Artvoice), or visit for more information.

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