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Round 3, Week 4: The Screaming Jeans vs. The B-Side Dubs

Congratulations to our week 4 winners, The Andrew J. Reimers Country-Punk Extravaganza!

Congratulations to Andrew J. Reimers Country-Punk Extravaganza. They collected the most votes in our online battle of the bands this past week, winning a spot in our next live showdown!

This week features two more of the best original acts that have thus far submitted a photo, an original mp3, and filled out our rigorous questionnaire. Check out their sound below and cast a vote for the act you prefer. Each week, the popular online vote decides who proceeds to the next live show (Saturday, February 26 at Nietzsche’s) where four acts will square off in a no-holds-barred extravaganza of local original music.

That night at Nietzsche’s (21+), each audience member will be given one ballot on which to cast his or her vote for his or her favorite band. At the end of the night, when the tally is completed, only one will have won the right to perform in the Artvoice BOOM Grand Finale—the battle royale, winner-take-all live blowout where one talented act will walk away with $5000 cash, and the eternal privilege to proclaim themselves Artvoice BOOM Grand Champions!

The Etchings and the Funky Beets have already secured slots on the May 13 BOOM Grand Finale bill by winning in our two most recent live shows.

This week, we give you The B-Side Dubs and The Screaming Jeans. Take a moment to meet them and listen to their music on this page. Finally, follow the link below to the ballots and cast ONE vote for the one you like best. Through the magic of the digital age, we will tabulate the voting and announce this week’s winner in next week’s print edition.

A word of warning however: Bands attempting to stuff the ballot by submitting multiple votes will be rooted out using the most sophisticated intelligence software available on the black market. (Well, okay, that’s a bluff, but if you try to fool our IT guy you will be caught. Just ask the FBI…he’s that good. And if that happens, you will be disqualified with nowhere to appeal our decision.)

If you're in a band and would like to enter BOOM for a shot at the $5,000 grand prize, visit to find out how. In the meantime, check out this week’s contestants, and may the best act win.

The Screaming Jeans

The B-Side Dubs

You must have the latest Adobe Flash Player installed to listen to the BOOM! contestants.

You must have the latest Adobe Flash Player installed to listen to the BOOM! contestants.

Band Members: Avi Altman - drums / Scott Nykiel - lead vocals, rhythm guitar, synthesizers / Gandi Rizek - lead guitar, vocals / Joel Russell - bass, vocals, keyboards

When/where did the band form? February 2010 in Buffalo, NY.

You might like us if you like: The Killers, U2, Coldplay, The Strokes, Kings Of Leon, The Smiths, Talking Heads, The Cure

Best show played: We’ve played many great shows, but in most recent memory would have to be at The Tudor Lounge on January 8th 2011. The sound was good, the energy between us and the crowd was fantastic, and the place was packed. Everybody involved really had an awesome time.

Why you should win the Online Battle of Original Music: We’re an extremely dedicated band the write catchy pop tunes driven from the heart that are easily accessible to a variety of music lovers. We also perform them with high energy at our live shows. We love to play so much that you can catch us at just about any open mic at the city at least twice a week after we rehearse, on top of our regular gigs. We really believe in our sound and we hope that Artvoice gives Buffalo the opportunity to believe in us too.


Band Members: Nicholas Bruckman - vocals, guitar / Jordan Strychalski - guitar, keys / Chris Stresing - bass / Jack Giangrosso - drums

When/where did the band form? Jack and I formed the band in summer of 2009. It was just him and I for a long time, learning mostly covers and messing around with some stuff I would write. We had a hard time finding the right members and even thought at one point that it was never going to work. We had so many member changes at first it could make someone sick. But when we started playing with the other guys Jordan and Chris, we found something we knew would work finally.

You might like us if you like: Stick Figure, Sublime, Rebelution, Slightly Stoopid, Rockamovya, The Expendables

Best show played: We did a gig for a fundraiser one time and when we got to the bar to see our playing area, our jaws literally dropped as to how small it was. We almost did not stay because of how tiny this area was. I was VERY skeptical as to if we could play or not. Being somewhat discouraged, we set up our stuff and did the best we could to squeeze in. I guess I expected a really awkward show and it ended up being awesome. Thats why I’d say it was one of the best.

Why you should win the Online Battle of Original Music: Well after being around the Buffalo metal scene and being a part of it for too long we wanted to turn things around and play music people could jam and party to. Just feel good about. Great summer time vibe kind of stuff.


Click Here to Cast Your Vote Now!
(polls for this pair of bands open Feb 10. - Feb. 15)

What did you think of this week's contestants? Feel free to discuss below - please keep it friendly - and remember, posting a comment in favor of a band doesn't count as a vote. Use the link above to cast your vote!

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