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Scorecard: The Week's Winners and Losers

The Week's Winners & Losers

Unfulfilled Hype

Developer Mark Croce’s highly anticipated unveiling of the refurbished Statler Towers fell flat, with his New Year’s Eve Iceball plagued by long lines, overcrowding, and poor service. A nice idea, but before the apologists jump to defend adequacy, let’s shed the “at least we tried” mentality.

Negative Perceptions

Further tarnishing New Year’s Eve celebrations in the city (and encouraging suburban dwellers to remain fearful of the city), just hours after and only a few blocks from the site of the ball drop, three men (!) were shot in two (!) separate incidents. Honestly Buffalo, this is why we can’t have nice things.

Out With a Whimper

Despite a generous 21-point spot by New England on Jan. 2, the Buffalo Bills lay down and died in the second half, closing out another disappointing season with a 49-21 loss to the Patriots. That makes this the 12th consecutive season failing to make the playoffs. At least there’s always the Sabr…oh right.

'Alternative' Music

WEDG’s Shredd & Ragan confirmed on Jan. 3 that their show will move from afternoons to the morning slot. As long as we’re in a changing mood, how about updating the music catalog a bit? We deserve better than the c. 2001 alternative garbage that’s typically played. Honestly, do people still listen to Godsmack?

Splinter Cells

A schism in the Occupy Buffalo movement, a few of whose members sought to expand into Lafayette Square, has led to the formation of a new group called Occupy Western New York. Conservative playbook tactic number one: “Divide and conquer.” Let’s not do the job for them, guys.

By the numbers...


Homicides in Buffalo in 2011, the lowest tally since 1999 and a 38 percent drop from 2010, when 55 people were killed in the city. It is worth noting that year-to-year fluctuations in homicide statistics are normal and can be dramatic. Buffalo’s figures were part of a statewide trend which showed a 14 percent reduction in homicides in 2011.


Billions—that’s with a b—of dollars pledged towards economic development in Buffalo by Gov. Andrew Cuomo during his State of the State address on Jan. 4, the only region in New York to receive special funding for business growth. The multi-year plan targeting industry would include a mix of tax cuts, infrastructure improvements, real estate, and low-cost energy.


Inches of snow recorded in Buffalo in the sixth-least snowy December in recorded history. The record remains a tie between 1891 and 1889, when 2.7 inches of snow fell. Of the six least-snowy Decembers, five of those years ended up among the least snowy overall. Only one year, 1957, ended up among the 10 greatest in snowfall, finishing eighth in history with 124.7 inches.

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