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Doing What's Right

It becomes sadly and increasingly apparent that lawmakers on Capitol Hill have just one concern in mind that has priority over what is best for our society, that being their own job security and chances for re-election. Any sensible politician must know in their heart that banning high-powered automatic weapons is a logical beginning to curbing catastrophic violence, such as we experienced in Newtown, Connecticut last month. Yet, the voting power wielded by lobbyists is effective enough to end a politician’s career, despite what common sense may dictate.

Whether the issue is gun control, taxes on the rich, or spending cuts, we will never have logical decisions and positive changes if a vote for the common good means losing one’s job. It would be exhilarating to hear of a caring lawmaker who voted for policies that would make our world a better place, and by doing so, challenged those ever-threatening lobbyists. My sincere hope for the coming year in Washington is that doing what is right will prevail over any fears of losing the next election.

- Joseph Ciarlo, East Aurora

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