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Artvoice Weekly Edition » Issue v13n10 (03/06/2014) » Section: Letters to Artvoice

College For Inmates

Isn’t the real issue the number and percentage of people that this country and state arrest and imprison every year?


This beautiful world that we share appears sadly to be made up of an ever growing multitude of divergent groups, all voicing their personal agendas, as though theirs is the one truth worth hearing. Whether religious, political, or simply ideological, these differences separate hearts and minds into a fragmented conglomeration of views that only serve to perpetuate the barriers between our hearts. Certainly, a healthy debate can foster better understanding of the “others,” but when strong beliefs become dogma, and dogma becomes zealousness that results in violence, then we have failed as a very species to live in harmony, even amidst our many differences.

Trump Us

The question was recently asked why anyone would want Mr.Trump as governor. I have as many questions about him as do most people. That said, though, if he can and is willing to expend as much of himself and his resources as necessary to throw a proverbial wrench into the political machinery of this “blue state,” I’m all for it. He would be facing a party machine so powerful, it can at will place the most shrilly unattractive candidates on the inside track and create shoo-ins. Sheldon Silver can actually block candidacies in the weak opposition party. This state has a notoriously toxic atmosphere for business and making a living generally. Can anyone seriously say that Trump is unlikely to provide some push in a better direction? The ruling party is ignoring the will of the state on the SAFE Act, and in my view is restructuring our laws in a top-down direction, leading the nation in a tragic direction.

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