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Something's Rotten About Scajaquada Creek

Has everybody lost their minds? If this article (“Up Sh!t Creek,” Artvoice v13n29 and “Crapped Out,” Artvoice v13n30) is 50% correct, people should have been prosecuted. There are more violations of present codes than is necessary. Where is the AG? Where is the DEC? Where are our local political leaders? Someone should have sued the town of Cheektowaga by now.

This budget cutback Is BS. There are more than enough folks to properly enforce this horrible violation of all health and environmental laws. To say nothing about just plain decency. This whole mess should be on November’s ballot. Cuomo is directly responsible, as are all his little underlings in all these various agencies. Cutbacks and/or budget reductions are not a ticket to not perform your job and obligations. Especially with such an obvious horror case.

> Fred Gundell, Pavilion

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