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A Flair For Hair: Brendan Hudson

A Flair for Hair

According to Brendan Hudson, who holds a myriad of titles at Chez Ann Salon including Stylist, Educator and Personal Image Consultant: “A woman’s hair is her crown.” That quote essentially justifies why the hair care industry has continued to gross billions of dollars annually even during the toughest of economic times. The majority of women will make lifestyle cutbacks when finances get tight but they’ll still spend money on hair care.

Despite the hair industry’s success at marketing and capturing their targeted audience (i.e. women), hair salons are still the leading failed business venture in New York State. Yet, there’s no shortage of hair salons in Western New York.

If you want to maintain a successful salon, you must hire more than gifted stylists. Mastering the art and technique of cutting hair are pertinent components to the success formula. However, you must acquire confident stylists who have the ability to assess a clients face shape, analyze their skin tone, assess their individual style, and get to know their lifestyle patterns and personality.

Hudson states that obtaining a strong education is a huge factor in becoming a superb stylist. You have to understand the biology and science of hair strands so you can determine where the damage resides and how to nurture hair back to a healthy state.

Similar to how our environment and daily routines affect our skin, they take a toll on our manes.

Hudson elaborates about the scientific side of hair care and explains that being knowledgeable about hair care products is very important in this day age. We don’t know what’s in our products. Therefore, a trustworthy hair stylist must learn how to prescribe eco-friendly hair care products. This is crucial because rising estrogen levels in women and breast cancer have been linked to shampoos and conditioners containing paraben and other agents that are similar to detergents.

When asked about current demands from customers, Hudson states that thirty percent of clients have a celebrity idol whose cut or color they desire. Fifty percent are worried about personal hair maintenance and twenty percent are chasing the newest trends they observe in the media and social media. He also notes that men are taking more interest in their hair. In the last few years men have realized that hair is part of their overall image and personal style. They’re learning more about the grooming process, demanding more time for their cuts, and consuming better quality hair care products.

“Our generation is taking back beauty by embracing individual personal style that includes a great head of hair,” says Hudson. “The beauty about the hair industry is two heads are better than one.”

Similar to dating, the relationship between a stylist and client is all about chemistry. Like-minded views factor into who a person appoints as his or her stylist. A successful hairdresser must listen to clients needs because fashion is constantly changing and hair is a major component in today’s fashion industry.

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