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One For the Record Books

Witness a marathon VJ performance to support Squeaky Wheel

Brian Milbrand and Squeaky Wheel are going for a record and they want and need witnesses to the event. Starting Friday, September 19, from 4pm, all night, and straight through all day Saturday to midnight, video and other media artist Milbrand aims to set a Guinness Book world record for longest video jockey (VJ) performance of thirty hours (beating the old record by five hours) in honor of Squeaky Wheel’s thirtieth birthday this year. VJ performance involves simultaneous and coordinated presentation of film/video and music.

The event will take place at CoWork Buffalo, 653 Main Street (next to the Bijou restaurant). Admission is free—and you can enter or leave whenever during the projected thirty hours—but it is a fundraiser for Squeaky Wheel, and anyone wishing to do so can pledge a dollar amount per hour or make a flat contribution, online at the website (click on the “30 on 30” link) or at the performance.

Witnesses are needed for the record to be official. Simple witness forms will be available for you to sign to attest you were there and saw and heard the performance from whatever to whatever given times.

Music/video themes are scheduled hour by hour (more or less) as follows:

Friday, 4 to 5pm, Openings/Beginnings (movie titles, opening scenes, Start Me Up, We’ve Only Just Begun); 5 to 7, Radiohead and Dystopia (Blade Runner, 1984, etc.); 7 to 8:30 Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers (the dance scenes and more, with special guest appearance by Ballroom and Beyond, warmup to three dance parties to follow); 8:30 to 10:30, Animals Theme Dance Party (self-explanatory); 10:30 to midnight, Seven Deadly Sins Dance Party (envy, sloth, lust, other favorites).

And Saturday, midnight to 2am, Afrobeat Dance Party (Fela Kuti and others); 2 to 4am, Pink Floyd and Oz (Dark Side of the Moon and general wizardry); 4 to 6am, Murder Ballads (Nick Cave and traditional stuff, sometimes maybe a little gruesome); 6 to 8am, Classical (Brian with the BPO, et al.); 8 to 10am, Experimental (John Cage, Terry Riley, etc.); 10 to 11am, Yoga with Kristen Thomas (live and in person, a participation event); 11 to noon, Meditative (some quiet time); noon to 1:30pm, Dust Bowl Ballads (some Woody Guthrie, some Pete Seeger, early Bob Dylan, classic Okie experience footage); 1:30 to 3pm, Americana (late Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell to Wilco and Tom Waits); 3 to 5pm, Jazz (Coltrane, Miles, Frank Zappa); 5 to 7pm, Afghan Whigs and Film Noir (Touch of Evil and other classics); 7 to 9pm, Songs about Running (Springsteen, etc., chase scenes, The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner); 9 to 11pm, Janelle Monae and Metropolis (hip hop and the classic noir film); 11 to midnight, Endings/Closings (movie credits, Pearl Jam, U2, Dennis Wilson, Elvis Costello, Waiting for the End of the World).

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