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Good Issue: Artvoice v13n44

[“Pop-Ups to the People,” Artvoice v13n44]

While living in North Buffalo, I had Time Warner for high speed internet and home phone. The service fit my needs, the price fit my budget. Now, out in Amherst, I am hooked up to Verizon Fios. High speed internet through ethernet, Wifi through the whole property, one phone line. Excellent service, fits my needs and budget. Why is this not available to everyone in the Buffalo area?

[“Correcting the Governor,” Artvoice v13n44]

Mr. Paul Wolf, interested by your most recent article in Artvoice. My disappointment with Gov. Cuomo began when Republicans in the NY State Senate promised a level redistricting--then gave us something incredibly gerrymandered, with an extra state senator. With no protest from an alledgedly Democratic governor. So, our state will be messed up for at least the next 10 years. This gerrymander issue is messing up our whole country, not just our own state. We can pull out our US Constitution, look at Article 4, Section 4 which begins: “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government.” “Republic” comes from the Latin, “res publica,” “public affairs.” What we’re seeing now looks like government by incumbent elites.

> David Gaeddert, Amherst

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