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Wolverine: Old Man Logan

Mark Millar (Author), Steve McNiven (Illustrator), Marvel Comics (Publisher)

> Review by Emil J. Novak Sr.

As superhero graphic novels go, this one is by far one of the best as far as this genre goes. Overall, the tale is an original concept for the character Wolverine, who sometimes is a man with six metal claws for additional fingers. It is a very exciting story, and pure escapism, as a graphic novel should be. As the book opens up, we are told that Wolverine has not raised his voice or popped his claws in close to fifty years. With no sheriff in town, the bad guys run amok, with the so-called inmates running the asylum. We learn that a great catastrophe has taken place in Logan’s life and he’s not in the business of being “Wolverine” any more. Instead, he’s simply known as “Old Man Logan.” The pacing and the imagery kind of reminds me of Akira Kurosawa’s style, with a lot of emotion told with facial expressions and body language. In one such scene, we finally get the shocking reason why this character has shunned his duty to humanity. The story includes an inbred “Hulk” family, who happen to be Logan’s landlords — yes, inbred landlords. Steve McNiven gives us some of the finest superhero art ever created for comic books, while Mark Millar writes possibly his best script ever.

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