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Aliens: Salvation

aliens: salvation

Dave Gibbons (Author)

Mike Mignola (Illustrator)

Dark Horse Comics (Publisher)

In 1979, the film Alien made space the most terrifying thing in existence. Ever since, the strange, fetishistic xenomorphs have captured our imaginations. Dark Horse Comics, longtime publisher of the Aliens license in comics, has worked to continue that grand tradition, and that’s where Aliens: Salvation comes in, a beautiful reprinting of a long out-of-print tale. Written by Dave Gibbons, best known as the artist on Watchmen, and drawn by Mike Mignola, creator of Hellboy, Aliens: Salvation tells the story of two men, the God-fearing Selkirk and the mentally unstable Captain Foss, awash on an alien planet after discovering and then abandoning a ship that had been carrying xenomorphs. Gibbons’ script provides a welcome exploration of faith, God, insanity, and monsters that is compelling and action-packed, sliding nicely into the film franchise. The real treat of this book, however, is Mignola’s art. Known for his heavy, atmospheric shadow work and bulky figures, Mignola’s interpretation of H.G. Geiger’s monster is a stunning nightmare crafted from the shadows. Toward the book’s conclusion, Mignola illustrates a scene with an egg-dropping xenomorph queen, and she is just as beautiful and terrifying as she appears in the 1986 sequel. Whether you’re a fan of the franchise, a fan of science-fiction horror or, most of all, a fan of Mignola’s artwork, Aliens: Salvation is a fun treat.

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