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Buffalo Couples

Photo by Jennifer Link Photography

Jennifer and William Page: “We met in 2007 at a Transmission Dance Party at Mohawk Place (where Bill co-DJs). We started as roommates, but I had a major crush on him. A year into living together strictly as friends I was beginning to think nothing would come of my major crush so I began seeing someone. It only took three days for Bill to realize he wanted to be with me and wrote a three page love letter and taped it to my bedroom door. Seven years later we’ve married, have a beautiful daughter with another little girl on the way, and own a home in Buffalo. Love is alive and well on the West Side!”

Photo by Brook D'Angelo

Lindsay and Nicholas Robson: “We met like every other young person did in the year a Buffalo chat room on AOL. Lindsay is the creator of the life and style blog Nickel City Pretty and presents herself as a stylish 30-something who is passionate about Buffalo and its resurgence. Nicholas seems to be the personification of a “Lumbersexual.” Get to know him and you’ll realize he is the real deal. When he is not teaching 4th grade for Buffalo Public Schools, you probably have passed him cycling through the city or running through Delaware Park. What keeps us strong is our vivacious love for one another and that same adoration we have for our city.”

Top Black and White Photo by Joshua Underscore

Carly Weiser and Justin Karcher: “We’re both poets. I suppose we should start there. Since brunch is the poet’s meal, we take it pretty seriously. Other than each other, brunch is really the only thing we can commit to in a given week. Trying to pinpoint a favorite brunch in Buffalo is like being asked what’s your favorite alcoholic beverage when you’re already drunk. If it offers a good burger with an egg on it, we’re sold. So places like Blue Monk or Trattoria Aroma, we smile upon you. We’ve survived because of our ‘good’ looks, our mutual love of language, and the important, and not so important, conversations over a good fried egg.”

Photo by Argento Photography

Lindsay Stickney and Beau Riggs: The moment Lindsay walked in to Beau’s place of work, he was head over heels in love. With nervousness and a pounding heart, he asked her out on a date-where Lindsay fell for his charming grin and endless chivalry. The problem? She lived in Pennsylvania. “I’ve gotta step up my game and win her,” Beau thought. So he packed his things and moved to The Hotel Lafayette to woo her. Nights filled with Seabar, midnight candlelit dinners at Mothers, strolling Elmwood Village, and kayaking through the silos had Lindsay thinking— “Well, this is fun!” Gathering her things, she moved back to her hometown of Buffalo with Beau where they now spend every moment together exploring and laughing around the city. Never-ending Buffalove.

Nick and Lizz Haungs: “We met online, sparked by on our shared love of ska music. Our first date could have gone very differently...I was twenty minutes late, and he was just about frustrated enough to leave. He didn’t though, and we shared our beers on the patio of Allen Street Hardware. Within a year we were engaged, and four months later we were married at the same house Nick’s parents were married at thirty five years before. And of course-there was a ska band! Thank goodness I didn’t hit one more red light on the way to Allentown, or I may not have married the love of my life.”

Photos and stories from local couples about finding love in the Queen City.