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Music or Forbidden Love?

Music or Forbidden Love?
Alyssa Palombo's debut novel will answer this question

On Thursday (1/28), at 7pm, Talking Leaves Books (3158 Main Street) will present Alyssa Palombo’s debut novel, The Violinist of Venice : A Story of Vivaldi. The author was born and raised in Buffalo and is a recent graduate of Canisius College with degrees in English and creative writing. She has published several short historical fiction pieces in Black Lantern, Novelletum, and The Great Lakes Review. She is also a trained classical musician, which clearly inspired her first novel, The Violinist of Venice.

Adrianna d’Amato, the protagonist, has a deep passion for music, specifically the violin, but her strict father has forbidden her to develop her gift. In what some would consider an act of bravery, reminding the reader to overcome hurdles, she refuses to let societal norms and expectations get in the way of attaining her dream. She begins sneaking out of her family’s palazzo under the moon in order to obtain violin lessons from virtuoso violinist and composer Antonio Vivaldi. As she cultivates her talent, she begins to fall in love with her instructor and the meetings quickly evolve into a passionate, off-limits love affair. It is considered off-limits for two reasons: firstly, Adriana is expected, by her father and by society, to marry a prominent, wealthy member of Venice’s patrician class. Secondly, Vivaldi is a priest and this is forbidden in the eyes of the church. Their love forces them to make difficult choices between love and music. Spanning over more than 30 years of Adriana’s life, the reader learns of the repercussions of said decisions.

Antonio Vivaldi was, of course, a real composer and violinist in Venice in the late 1600s through the beginning of the 1700s. He is perhaps most renowned for his Four Seasons and Opus 3. He was also ordained a priest in 1703, but only practiced for a little over a year—it is rumored that he may have been ill or that perhaps he became a priest in order to receive a free education while studying the violin. Either way, Palombo twists and intertwines Vivaldi’s life into an interesting piece of historical romance as Adriana takes us on a journey of passion, love, music, and familiar struggles.

On Thursday, meet the local author and/or pick up her novel at Talking Leaves Books in order to celebrate publication of her debut work. She will discuss her historical romance and the way in which the story and publication blossomed—and offer passage readings and lead discussions in order to give you the inside scoop. Palombo will also autograph copies of the book, purchased from Talking Leaves.

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