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Artvoice Weekly Edition » Issue v8n19 (05/06/2009) » Section: Letters to Artvoice

The Best of Buffalo Habit

If someone was asking me what is Buffalo, for you my answer would definitely be this: The city that opens the door for you! And I’m not trying to devalue the beauty of the snow and the deliciousness of the chicken wings, but frankly this kind habit made the biggest impression to me when I first stepped my foot in Buffalo, just nine months before. I was coming from a country which is supposed to be famous for its hospitality, and it really is, but I rarely remember somebody holding the door for me to pass and tell me “How are you today?” without even knowing me.

Say Again?

The United States as a democracy drives its made for TV political shows by using puppet bugs, software to use the feed back from the bug to cancel conflicting brain activity by region so the planted brain activity placed there by having the signals image emitted through solid state magnetic emitters so as to induce the electrical signals patterns on the existing voltages in the brain so as to over rides the persons ability to resist, providing direct control in place of subliminal manipulation as if audio suggestion. Without the software the bugs can replace selected memories like in a lobotomy and provide subliminal manipulation with a fairly strong push to do what they want so you have tremors like in the old Howard Hughes footage which appears like a mental break down but is a result of the planted signals and his interests being in conflict with a inner struggle while the control software kept repeating the controls desired intent.

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