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Another Generation Lost

I am interested in knowing exactly how it was that the charter for UB’s Generation (2) Magazine was revoked, and why there hasn’t been a more thorough investigation into the demise of the short-lived endeavor (Artvoice v8n36). My daughter, an English literature major at UB (Dean’s List), and former editor for her high school’s literary magazine, was an editor for the newest version, and previously wrote for Visions, so I happen to have an inside line on much of what occurred.

Generation (1) lost its charter due to content that apparently erred on the side of impropriety. All writers and editors for that magazine were let go. Astonishingly, however, they have landed like cats, and have taken over Visions in full force. A panel convened, interviewed and hired a new editor-in-chief, who in turn hired staff. The editor-in-chief’s hiring has since come under scrutiny, even though full disclosures regarding personal affiliations were made prior to his being hired. In the realm of campus periodicals, it only makes sense that people network and know one another.

The panel chose the title Current. Someone decided to instead keep the former title, Generation, and after a single production run that ran into the early morning hours (5am or so on a school night), the first issue of the “new” and, for lack of a better term, sanitized version of Generation was born. Immediately thereafter, the charter was again revoked, students lost jobs they were counting on, and somehow, mysteriously, the magazines disappeared from campus.

How much did the production run cost, why were the magazines discarded, and who threw them out? It wasn’t anyone on the “new” Generation staff. I don’t understand why no one seems to be alarmed at the notion that petty and immature rivalries are dictating the successes and failures of campus publications, and not journalistic integrity. This is tantamount to one-upmanship and bullying. These budding journalists are passionate about writing and editing. My daughter was elated to be writing and having her work published. She is serious about writing, and instead of getting a slap on the back for her hard work, she has been slapped in the face by the very institution that is molding her intellect, and preparing her for adulthood and a professional life. This surely can’t be the tenet of UB, else they truly are generating a student body devoid of principle, a lost generation.

Sure, I’m Mom, and I think my gal is terrific and talented and funny and beautiful, but now the rest of you won’t get to know that, too, because she has been silenced by spite and stupidity, two notions that have no place in journalism, and no place in higher education.

Caroline M. Aungst

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