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ARMORED—The guards on an armored car plot to stage a fake hijacking. Is it just me or does the trailer for this give away the entire plot? Starring Matt Dillon, Jean Reno, Laurence Fishburne, and Fred Ward, Directed by Nimród Antal (Kontroll). Flix, Maple Ridge, Market Arcade, Regal Elmwood, Regal Niagara Falls, Regal Quaker, Regal Transit, Regal Walden Galleria

EVERYBODY’S FINE— Remake of the 1990 Italian film starring Robert De Niro as a widower trying to reconnect with his grown children. Co-starring Drew Barrymore, Kate Beckinsale, Sam Rockwell, and Melissa Leo. Directed by Kirk Jones (Nanny McPhee). Reviewed this issue. Amherst, Flix, Regal Elmwood, Regal Niagara Falls, Regal Quaker, Regal Transit, Regal Walden Galleria

TRANSYLMANIA—Horror movie parody. Starring Patrick Cavanaugh, James DeBello, and Tony Denman. Directed by David Hillenbrand. (National Lampoon’s School Daze 2). Regal Elmwood, Regal Niagara Falls, Regal Quaker, Regal Transit, Regal Walden Galleria


CHANNELS - STORIES FROM THE NIAGARA FRONTIER—New program of local documentaries on social issues created through a Squeaky Wheel program that matches documentary filmmakers with grass roots initiatives. Films to be screened are “Building on the Past for Our Future,” “Dawn ‘til Dusk: Buffalo Workers and the Fight for Jobs With Justice,” “Unseen Tears: The Impact of Native American Residential Boarding Schools in Western New York” and “The Ecology of Reading.” Sun 3 pm. Market Arcade Film and Arts Center, 639 Main St. (855-3022).

MOCK UP ON MU—The first film in a decade from Craig Baldwin (Spectres of the Spectrum, Tribulation 99), master of cobbling movies together from mountains of found footage. This one is based on true stories of California’s post-War sub-cultures of alternative religions, Beat lifestyles, and rocket pioneers. Sat, 2:30, 8 pm. Hallwalls, 341 Delaware Ave. (854-1694)

NORTH BY NORTHWEST (1959)—Alfred Hitchcock’s thriller starring Cary Grant as an innocent man on the run from he’s not sure who. Eva Marie Sainte is on hand to help, with James Mason and Martin Landau hovering about. Mount Rushmore, crop duster—you know all this already. Fri 8pm. The Screening Room, Northtown Plaza in Century Mall, 3131 Sheridan Drive, Amherst (837-0376)

TAXI DRIVER (1975)—Martin Scorsese’s fifth feature was the one that made him a marquee name. Named Best Film at Cannes, this harrowing account of urban madness as experienced by a Manhattan cabbie (Robert DeNiro) still divides audiences, though love it or hate it you’ll never forget it. Written by Paul Schrader. Co-starring Jodie Foster, Harvey Keitel, Cybill Shepherd, Peter Boyle, and Albert Brooks. Sat. midnight. Amherst Theatre, 3500 Main St. (834-7655)

TOPSY-TURVEY (1999)—Mike Leigh’s most broadly enjoyable movie is also his most atypical, though his fans won’t be disappointed to see him turn his standard process to a different kind of story. And even if you don’t care for Gilbert and Sullivan, you’re likely to be enchanted by this backstage musical that looks at the development of their biggest hit, “The Mikado.” With Jim Broadbent, Allan Corduner, Timothy Spall, Lesley Manville, and Katrin Cartlidge. Presented as part of the Buffalo Film Seminar. Tues 7 pm, Market Arcade Film and Arts Center, 639 Main St. (855-3022).