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Round 3 Week 2: Ball Cheeze Psychotics vs. Leon and the Forklifts

Congratulations to Week 1 winners, Photos of Wagons

CONGRATULATIONS to Photos of Wagons for collecting the most online votes this past week. With that, they secure a spot in our next B.O.O.M. live showdown, scheduled for Friday, January 15, 2010 at Nietzsche’s.

This week, we’re featuring Leon and the Forklifts and Ball Cheeze Psychotics in our online battle of the bands. Visit to check out their music and cast a vote for the band you like best.

For you dear readers who’ve been living under a rock, here’s how our contest works. Solo artists and bands visit and register by answering a brief questionnaire, like the ones below. They also submit a couple songs and a photo.

From the pile of submissions we receive, two acts are chosen each week, and they appear in the print edition of the paper. These two then compete head to head in our virtual concert hall—where visitors to can listen to the music, and then, with the click of a mouse, cast one vote for the contestant he or she prefers.

Thus, each week produces one winner. At the end of four weeks, we arrive at the four bands that then square off in a live showdown, where each audience member receives one ballot to cast for his or her favorite. At the end of that night, one band emerges victorious and wins a spot in the B.O.O.M. Grand Finale, the big live concert battle that pits the four winners of our preliminary shows against one another. That night, one band will join the ranks of past B.O.O.M. Grand Champions Dali’s Ghost and TypeRelevant.

Bands are encouraged to get out the vote any way they can, short of stuffing the ballot box. Our IT guy has detected such instances in the past, and it’s never been taken lightly. If you’re caught cheating, you can be disqualified. And there’s nowhere to appeal our decision.

Also, musicians, there’s still time to enter B.O.OM.. Visit today, to find out how. Tune in next issue to see who won this week’s match, and who’s up to bat.

Good luck this week to Ball Cheeze Psychotics and Leon and the Forklifts. One of them will win a spot on the bill at Nietzsche’s. May the best band win.

Ball Cheeze Psychotics

Leon and the Forklifts

You must have the latest Adobe Flash Player installed to listen to the BOOM! contestants.

You must have the latest Adobe Flash Player installed to listen to the BOOM! contestants.

When/where did the band form? Formed in Batavia, NY in 1996.

Band Members: Chris Humel - guitar and vocals / Dan Bess - drums / Julio Morales - bass

You might like us if you like: Minutemen, Iggy and the Stooges, punk.

Recorded Releases: Basement Cheeze e.p. 1996, White Trash Christmas e.p. 1997, C Notes and G-Strings e.p. 1998, "000" e.p. 1999, Stereophobiclofisexualblackmarketwhitenoise e.p. 2000, Doberman and Bowling Balls 2001, Going To Vegas 2004, Strange Things Happen Here 2005, Vices, Lies, and Death 2006, Songs To Sway To Volume One e.p. 2006, Have A Nice Day e.p. 2007, Good Night, Go Home Live at Monty's (1999) 2008, Rochester Sessions In Studio Live (2000) 2008

Best show you've played: The feeling we had to play CBGB’s in July of 2001 pre 9-11 was incredible. That whole experience will be etched in the minds of those who were on that trip forever.

Worst show you've ever played: Our CD release party for Doberman and Bowling Balls was probably the worst musical time aside from the early beginnings of the band, (because we sucked then). It was a great party...but we we’re a bit too loose to perform. We didn’t book back at Monty’s for a little while after that because of the mess.

Why you should win the Online Battle of Original Music: I didn’t know bands “deserve” anything. Maybe respect or a kick in the ass, that’s about it.


When/where did the band form? It all happened right here in Buffalo, New York, around 2000.

Band Members: Mike Bongiovanni - lead vocals, guitar, piano / Matt Schneider - lead guitar / Jeff Cooke - bass / "Wild" Bill Wachowiak / Dan Schneider - sax

You might like us if you like: Blues, Funk and Rock. Heard comparisons to G-Love, DMB—with blues pushin’ through.

Recorded Releases: Leon and the Forklifts - "Where's Leon?"

Best show you've played: That’s a toss up between Thursday in the Square with Ron Hawkins and the Rusty Nails, and the Artvoice Music Festival a few years back at the Calumet—had a sing-along goin’ and the place was rockin’.

Worst show you've ever played: Drummer’s car breaks down, drummer comes in to fill, bass player missing...shows up. Drummer shows up mid-set, electricity in the place was oddly sparking—nothin’ like it.

Why you should win the Online Battle of Original Music: Takin’ it to the next level...ready for it.


Voting is CLOSED for Round 3 Week 2.
Visit for results and current contestants.

Polls are open Thursday-Tuesday; winners and new contestants will be announced in next week's issue!

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