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Ask Anyone

litterbug perfume

I read somewhere—a long time ago—that recycling had hit its peak in the 1990s and had really reached a critical mass where it could go no further, and that continued recycling efforts are in vain, and that the whole recycling movement has basically just become a money-making scam perpetrated on taxpayers. I also remember reading that we were suffering from over-recycling, that we can’t contend with the amount of waste society tries to recycle and it just ends up getting thrown out anyway. In other words, there is too much recycling going on. So I decided I’d be one of those people who doesn’t recycle. Sure, a percentage of society should do it, but there should also be a percentage that doesn’t, and that’s the percentage I’m part of. Whenever I get a dirty look for tossing my plastic container in the garbage, I try to explain this philosophy. Usually people continue to look at me like I am the anti-Christ, and once someone almost got violent with me.

What are your thoughts?


The Impartial Observer says: My thought is are just being lazy.The service use it. If a recycling truck is going by your house, it takes very little effort for you to take one extra bin out to the curb. I really don’t think there is any such thing as “over recycling”.

So at least give the stuff a chance of being recycled, even if your questionable theory is possible. Your way is just sending it straight to the land fill.Stop making excuses! Do the right thing, and recycle!

next door landlord

My next door neighbors moved out. For years, we’d used our adjoining back yards to grow vegetables. We own our house, but our neighbors were renting. Last weekend, while we were away, the landlord—who’s so absentee it’s one of the reasons our neighbors moved—came by, dug up our collective garden on his side of the property, and put down a bunch of hideous, mismatched paving stones.

We now have his phone number, but he won’t respond to the polite messages we’ve left him. We know it’s his property, but he treats it as rental income, and never comes by to take care of it. He bothers other neighbors, too, because he’s rude and was evidently letting his dog roam the street while he did his yard work last weekend.

What can we do?

Growing Problem

The Impartial Observer says: Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do if he doesn’t want to participate in your garden share. The fact that he just showed up and dug it up and put stones down without even attempting to communicate with you tells you he isn’t really the sharing type. In fact, by your description, he seems like kind of a jerk. It is doubtful that he is going to want to un-do the work he just did. Besides, you don’t know what the next renters will be like. They might have no interest in it anyway. The fact is, it IS a rental property. If the landlord left the garden, and the new renters did not want to help maintain it, then it becomes his responsibility. (and we already know he isn’t all too interested in being involved)

I suggest expanding your garden further into your own yard and go it alone. If it’s in your budget, you might also consider plating a row of shrubs or a bushy trees such as arborvitae between your yard and his. They will make a nice green wall to block out the view of the hideous paving stones, and offer you some added privacy.

The Connoisseur says: Not much; since they brought in this confounded free market system property rights have had some protection in law, evidentally (or so Artvoice’s legal counsel, Ace Blackstone advises me). You’re probably part of the problem. Did you turn out to vote for Eugene Debs or Ralph Nader? Thought not! You could turn the guy into the inspections department if he’s as neglectful as you say, though that’s the scuzzy, good-citizen approach and you may not want to sink that low. Otherwise, you’ll just have to sit tight until the next revolutionary era rolls around and you can really settle old scores.

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