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A Comprehensive Energy Policy

As a progressive-minded, environmentally friendly, public-health-conscious steward of the planet I am humbled to be able to live on and experience, I demand that Congress act swiftly and in the interests of the general public, not wealthy corporations.

I demand a comprehensive climate and clean energy policy that helps solve the climate crisis and transitions America to clean energy, and I’m glad Artvoice and other progressive media groups are covering the issue.

I demand a comprehensive policy that puts a price on carbon and cuts the greenhouse gas pollution at the heart of the climate crisis, including pollution from utilities and power plants, and am grateful for Senators Harry Reid and John Kerry for the work they are doing in Congress regarding this issue.

An “energy-only” policy that doesn’t limit emissions from these sources means a continued reliance on oil and dirty fossil fuels. In fact, carbon pollution could continue to increase with an energy-only policy. Many economists agree that effluent taxes and marketable pollution permits offer the best approach to pollution control over any other solutions suggested.

The Gulf oil disaster is a wake-up call that we need to end our dependence on fossil fuels and reduce emissions from these dirty energy sources. A comprehensive policy that limits pollution is our best path forward.

Don’t believe the hype from the dirty-energy companies. Wind and solar energy is possible as a provider of most of our energy needs, and the transition to clean energy can happen at a much faster pace than what the energy companies would want us to believe.

With the combined ambition and resources of various environmental groups, renewable clean-energy industry companies, local, state, and federal government, and financial backing of socially responsible investors, we can convert our country into a clean, sustainable energy nation. If we believe this, and we should, we can accomplish these goals that for so long have only existed as ideals.

Eric Krasinski

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