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Cote Carl Paladino, "The Basest of Men"

Election time will be here soon, and people will be electing a governor between the heir of political royalty, Andrew Cuomo, and a tough-minded do-it-yourselfer named Carl Paladino.

Let’s put some Biblical truth into the discussion. In Daniel, Chapter 4 and verse 17, we are told that God allows anyone He chooses to have positions of power…even the basest of men!

Just because one is rough and scrappy, that doesn’t make them unqualified to serve in office, or even run for office.

And think about this…some of the worst scourges to society came from the “spit-and-polished” world. Ted Bundy. Scott Peterson. The Menendez boys. Colin Ferguson. Ted Kennedy. Get the picture?

So what if Paladino is a bit rough around the edges? He’s one of us. He grew up like the rest of us. Nobody gave him anything, except a chance.

Take it from this native Brooklynite: Let’s give Paladino, and a straight GOP ticket, a chance this November 2nd. What do we have to lose?

Lloyd A. Marshall, Jr., Lockport

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