Buffalo Comptroller Mark Schroeder Calls For New Engineering Consultant For Train Station Study

Buffalo mayoral candidate Mark Schroeder has called for a new engineering consultant for the train station study after the findings of WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff have been called into question.

“Either this firm is incompetent, or they are helping to rig this decision,” said Schroeder.  “Whichever the case may be, it is unacceptable and they should be removed from this process.”

Schroeder pointed to cost estimates for a station at the Central Terminal that were grossly inflated, according to Congressman Brian Higgins.
“Why would this firm not include in its analysis $12 million in historic tax credits for the Central Terminal site?” asked Schroeder.  “It is either because they don’t know what they are doing – or they know exactly what they are doing.”

Schroeder said a new engineering consultant should be hired before any decision on the train station is made.

“I have no confidence in the current consultant’s ability to present objective and accurate findings,” said Schroeder.  “This firm should be replaced so we can move this process forward.”

Schroeder, who backs the Central Terminal site, said the train station could be a catalyst for mixed-use development in the Broadway-Fillmore neighborhood.

“The naysayers will claim it is too difficult, that it will take too long,” said Schroeder.  “I say it’s time to stop taking the easy way out.  As mayor, I’ll tackle the tough challenges – including the Central Terminal.”