Dear editor,

Elected officials should put American’s interests first, not those of our
allies.  If they do otherwise, charge them with treason.

We shouldn’t allow people into this country that want to install their own laws and
murder Americans who don’t belong to their group so they can take over. These people should be deported.

Elected officials (past & present) who allow Muslims, Mexicans, etc. into this country and do nothing to deport them should be charged with treason.

Also charge elected officials with aiding and abetting for the crimes committed by those people.

Elected officials who voted to become Sanctuary Cities should be charged with
treason as well as aiding and abetting the crimes committed by those they gave sanctuary to.

Deport all illegal immigrants.  Treat immigration to the US as an honor and
privilege as well as the path to citizenship.  Legal immigrants need to
make this country better not murder Americans and take their tax money to
pay for their entitlement programs.

We should only allow H1B visas (visa that allows U.S. employers to temporarily employ foreign workers in specialty occupations like software engineers, programmers, medical researchers, physicists, etc.) and they should only be allowed in this country short-term to train Americans to do the work and then leave immediately.

God bless America


Dear Artvoice,

Central Terminal has been written about since trains ceased stopping there in 1979. “Developers” have come gone. Precious relics have been stripped from the building and only a few have been recovered.

Buffalo has done little to preserve our heritage. The Erie County Savings Bank was demolished to “modernize” Main St. Any structure erected prior to 1939 was once thought to be obsolete.

The Chesapeake & Ohio (C&O) Railroad donated steam Engine 2701 to Buffalo in 1954. Only 14 of these 4-k steam engines were built by C&O in 1943 to help handle the fast freight schedule demanded by WWII. After retiring the engines from service C&O donated 13 trains to cities around the county and they are currently on display in railway museums in Baltimore, MD., Richmond, VA, St. Louis, MO and elsewhere. Buffalo, on the other hand, put Engine 2701 on display near the waterfront and then proceeded to neglect it. Eventually, Engine 2701 was so badly vandalized it was ignobly scrapped. By contrast, nearby Fort Erie has preserved the donated Canadian National Railway (CNR) engine 6218 and it has become “The pride of Fort Erie.”

Unless something is done to preserve Central Terminal author and historian Lorraine B. Diel can add a sequel her book The Late Great Pennsylvania Station.

Jacqueline Kennedy is no longer around to save Central Terminal, as she saved Grand Central Terminal in New York. Hopefully, Artvoice can be instrumental in doing so.

Bob Kaiser

The website below has a list of Great Amtrak Stations and the stories of these stations. Most share Central Terminal’s story, bustling through WWII, closed in the 1970s, Amtrak opens a little station nearby while the station deteriorates. The difference is these great stations have all been restored to glory. The site also has tools and guides to restoring deteriorating historic stations

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