Tues June 20 – FATES WARNING w/Infinite Spectrum

Buffalo Iron Works Tues June 20th 8pm $25

Fates Warning is one of the best progressive metal bands on the scene today. Their twelfth album, “Theories of Flight” displays the band’s signature mix of melodic finesse, high-level performance and brooding melancholy. With hooky, melodic burners such as “Seven Stars” and “SOS” leading to the more involved “The Light and Shade Of Things” and concluding with the album’s title track. The album is definitive Fates Warning. Infinite Spectrum is a New York City-based progressive metal band has received rave reviews and struck a chord with prog fans the world over. The music of Infinite Spectrum is eclectic, innovative and experimental in nature.

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  •  And George Bush’s deficits don’t compare at all to the one Obama has rung up.

    • The present deficits are George Bush’s, his tax cuts continue to be the main driver of the deficit. Throw in two unfunded wars and the Republican economic collapse and it is no wonder we have problems. 

  • The voter ID laws are the last gasp of the party of tired and angry old white men. They fear the will of the American people, especially the elderly, the young, and minorities. They recognize they cannot win on the issues so must use every avenue to repress the vote and undermine our political process.

    • Oh good grief.

      Let’s just spend more money! Democrats 2012!

      • Not sure what you mean, is it that we should repress legitimate voters to ensure the Democrats don’t win?  I also fail to understand your “lets just spend more money” comment, after all it was the Republicans and George W that brought us the greatest deficits in history. 

        •  You can’t pick up a package at the Post Office without proper ID.  You can’t buy beer without proper ID.  You can’t enter a school building without proper ID.  Yet, you should be able to just show up to exercise the most important part of democracy and not have any ID to show you are who you say you are?  It’s clear Democrats are counting on ineligible voters to boost their numbers…if not, then why the problem?

          • Picking up a package at the Post Office, buying a beer, or entering a school building are not fundamental constitutional rights to which you are entitled as a citizen of the United States. They are not activities that have systematically been withheld from certain segments of the population in order to treat them as second class citizens and to disenfranchise them. 

            Democrats aren’t “counting on ineligible voters” to win elections – they’re relying on the right of everyone who is eligible to vote to be able to vote – even if they’re Hispanic or black and don’t hold an acceptable form of photo ID.  

            I realize that Republicans are apoplexic over a problem that has affected .000002% of votes cast, but to even suggest that this rate of voter fraud is a “problem” would be hyperbolic. 

          • Answer me the reverse of this issue and I ask this legitimately:  Is there some major hurdle to getting ID that legal citizens of the United States can’t overcome?

            I mean, you get hired for a job and you must produce  acceptable photo ID, usually your driver’s license and SS card.  No one claims that is fundamentally unfair.

            You can’t enroll in school without producing the necessary paperwork and the right to a sound basic education is undeniable.

            So unless you are trying to sneak a few ineligible voters in, what’s the beef?

          • The “beef” is that you don’t have to provide photo ID for most jobs. You have to usually produce a social security card, or maybe some proof of citizenship, but getting a job isn’t a right protected by the constitution. 

            When my kids enrolled in school, they had to produce their immunization forms. They didn’t carry photo ID, as they were 5 years old at the time. Immunization forms are provided for free by your physician. 

            In many places – particularly rural areas – the poor and minorities don’t carry photo ID, and obtaining one is a financial burden, and sometimes a geographic one. IDs cost money, first of all. Some states try to get around that by providing free IDs. Even then, in rural areas, it can sometimes be 150 miles between DMVs, so you have to spend time and money just getting to them. 

            The system has worked for so long with so little fraud that it barely registers a blip – a tiny fraction of votes cast. While idiots like Breitbart’s army go around committing voter fraud to prove it can be done (hey! I blew up a bridge to prove bridges can get blown up!), it simply isn’t a problem whatsoever. 

            The only problem is that Republicans want to disenfranchise the poor and minorities, because that’s the only way they can boost their own numbers. It’s fundamentally un-American, truly. 

            In New York, has anyone tried to vote as you? Anyone you know? Of course not, because we’ve developed a reasonably foolproof method of verifying identity by matching signatures. 

            Stop worrying about things that aren’t problems. 

          • As already noted there is no real voter fraud, the effort to suppress voters is simply a political calculation. Even Republicans know this but continue to pretend this is a real issue.

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