REVIEW by Anthony Chase: Killer Rack at Alleyway

No play from the Curtain Up! roster has inspired more inquiries for my opinion than Neal Radices’s musical, Killer Rack, adapted from the motion picture of the same name. In this camp parody of the horror genre, Betty Downer, a woman whose flat chest contributes to her low self-esteem, seeks breast augmentation from Dr. Libby Niptuck, unaware that the surgery is part of a plot for world domination. Without her knowledge, Betty acquires a “killer rack.” Literally. Her breasts tear men to pieces.

Given that description, you should already know whether this deranged but good-natured conceit tickles your funny bone.

A game and unabashed cast gives the material their all. Emily Yancey is perfection as Betty Downer. Kim Piazza is terrific as maniacal Dr. Niptuck. Joey Bucheker is wonderfully funny, doubly cast in the drag role of Nurse Candid and as young Detective Jaymes. James Cichocki is truly hilarious as Detective Bartles and other characters. Kyle Baran, Andrew Zucarri, Heather Reed, Sabrina Kahwaty, and Colleen A. Pine bravely embody a wide array of comic types. Nathan Andrew Miller is endearing as a most unlikely romantic lead.

Heather Reed’s choreography is spirited. Radice’s sets are very good, as are Joyce Stilson’s impressive costumes and properties — I could say something arguably inappropriate here, but I will restrain myself.

It should be mentioned that Neal Radice’s score is actually terrific. In short, and I hope you take this in the nicest possible way, a great deal of talent has been lavished upon this evening of unmitigated trash. Enjoy!

Through Oct 7, Thu-Sat at 7:30. Alleyway Theatre, One Curtain Up Alley (852-2600).