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American Made: CIA Drug and Sex Trafficking In The National Interest

By Frank Dux

Most of us when faced with a disturbing truth we would rather live in denial than act on it, specifically, when it requires stepping outside of our comfort zone. This is largely attributable to the fact that at an early age each off us are programmed to go along with the status quo; blindly accept as the truth whatever is put before us by the educators, media, our parents, peers or  an “authoritarian establishment.”  It seems because of the way we are pre-conditioned to think and behave the best way we accept harsh ugly realities as being authentic, is to have them explained to us in a palatable manner, like a docudrama film.   And this is what is anticipated with the film release of American Made starring Tom Cruise as Barry Seal — the infamous Iran Contra gate TWA pilot who is recruited by the CIA to help counter the emerging communist threat in Central America. Seal’s role in this major CIA covert operation led in turn to his involvement with the Medellin cartel, which ultimately embarrassed the Reagan White House when the Iran-Contra incident became public.

Caught between the schizophrenic nature of US Foreign policy with one arm of the executive branch, the CIA, engaged in the secret trafficking of drugs for arms whilst the other, the DEA, is engaged in stopping it, Barry Seal who helped build the drug Cartels for the CIA became a DEA informant against the CIA . What Barry Seal failed to realize during all of this, is that the CIA real interest in Barry Seal was NOT to traffic drugs for arms as much as it was to fulfill a mission to track and protect the steerage of the trillion dollar black economy currency, cash holdings, that is a traded commodity amongst financial institutions, flowing into and out of the Cartels.

When I found myself catapulted into the black ops war that some may refer to as, Iran Contra,  I, found purpose there. That’s because I witness firsthand the strategic importance of our nation being the “puppet masters” controlling the strings to a black economy versus what would happen if the manipulation fell into the hands of our nations enemies.  How there exist “economic hit men” overturning entire systems of governments without firing a shot. The economy of the nation and the fate of the free world hung in the balance as the Cold War was really a war of finance.  Not the war of contrary ideologies, Capitalism vs Communism, as we are led to believe by which to be further manipulated.

The Top Secret role of the DEA in the big picture scheme of things is not the eradication of drug trafficking. It’s real mission isn’t even made known to its own personnel. The DEA serves the strategic purpose of centralizing the black economy by thinning out the hordes of illicit small drug business entrepreneurs and thus, keep the bulk of cash manageable and moving in the right direction. This reality is what was explained to along with why a CIA agent had secretly headed the DEA. Put strategically in place to make sure DEA activities actually did not contaminate the big picture strategy, the drugs for arms trafficking operations of the CIA, that is Iran Contra-gate, etc. With Honduras being a staging area for narco-Contra activity, this is why the DEA office there is inexplicably closed.


It is no coincidence, the Obama CIA dabbles in backing Syrian Rebel groups engaged in narco terrorism in its overthrowing of President Asad of Syria. In documentaries US forces in Afghanistan voice their concerns over how certain people may produce and harvest opium poppy that ultimately is headed to the US and EU countries, while the are told they must be aggressive in eradicating others crops.

Human trafficking is being dealt with in the same manner.   Until 2009, at least 47 independent cartels exist dedicated to human smuggling and human trafficking operated in Mexico. However, with the emergence of Los Zetas as an independent cartel in 2010 and the empowerment of the Cartel Del Golfo (CDG) in the last five years, the smaller cartels have been absorbed or destroyed, producing a dramatic change in the dynamics of human trafficking and human smuggling in the country.   Human trafficking is on its way to being globally monopolized. It is a far more lucrative criminal enterprise considering sex can be sold over and over again unlike a kilo of cocaine the cartel can sell only once.

The black economy produced from drug and human trafficking includes the laundering of cash that ultimately ends up in “investment funds” and, ultimately, deposited back into the banks of the Power Elite. For a fee (or equity in an Investment enterprise), ill gotten gains are made clean, leveraged and circulated back into the community, stimulating economic growth and jobs — it bolsters the transparent economy.

This symbiotic relationship is largely why the drug Cartels were established and organized by the US intelligence apparatus, beginning with an intelligence Colonel, named Ernesto Fonseca Carrillo, commonly referred to by his alias “Don Neto.”   He is the former leader of the Guadalajara Cartel, an extinct criminal group based in Jalisco. He headed the organization alongside Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo and Rafael Caro Quintero, (introduced to me as a Mexican intelligence Colonel, made recognizable by his gold plated Colt .45 caliber pistol and jewel encrusted seal of the CIA he wears as a pendant around his neck, allegedly commissioned in commemorating his families dark alliance with the CIA and who couldn’t fathom why the DEA was targeting him). Fonseca Carrillo was involved with drug trafficking since the early 1970s, primarily in Ecuador, but later with the CIA’s assistance and allegedly under their direction moved his operations to Mexico. Fonseca is the uncle of former Juarez Cartel leader, Amado Carrillo Fuentes..

When Miami was a hub for drug trafficking the black economy there visibly resurrected and glamorized a dying, broke city.  Likewise, New York City that was bankrupt flourishes as Wall Street’s stock market became a bull market with black economy funds being laundered, deposited and transformed into investment funds.

The CIA serves at the discretion of the President.  It is however feared to be a proxy agency of the power elite, as well, given the high level leadership in the intelligence community are members of power elite secret societies, like Yale’s Skull and Bones fraternity.

The Penthouse article entitled: Crimes of Mena by Sally Denton and Roger Morris  having cleared the legal department for all possible questions of inaccurate statements, was scheduled for publication by the Washington Post. Inexplicably, its Managing Editor, Bob Kaiser, like President George Bush, is a member of the infamous Yale “Skull & Bones” Fraternity. He killed the article without explanation just as it went to press.

According to the sidebar which appeared with the Penthouse Magazine version of this story, Bob Kaiser refused to even meet with Sally Denton and Roger Morris, who comment: “This was, after all, the thoroughly documented story of an enormous crime — of billions of dollars in gunrunning and drug smuggling done with the apparent collusion and cover-up of the U.S. government. It raised ominous questions not only about Bill Clinton, but about presidents Ronald Reagan and George Bush as well — not simply a single set of scoundrels, but a far larger culture of official lawlessness. And behind the sorry episode at The Washington Post was something nearly as sinister — the tragic inability or refusal of a major media institution to confront that malignant dark side of American life and governance, even when presented with unprecedented evidence”

The Los Angeles Times is a well known in the intelligence community for spinning or fabricating stories for damage control or to discredit political targets of the CIA.  The paper lives up to that reputation when it goes about its discrediting the Pulitzer prize winning investigative journalist Gary Webb. Webb gained public notoriety breaking the Contra drug story. There had even been mention in the press of the Contra’s link with the drug trade in the U.S. – and by default, CIA involvement. 

Gary Webb did what nobody else had —that was to follow the supply chain – right to the poverty stricken streets of Los Angeles. He showed what happened to the cocaine after it had been smuggled in by the Contras, focusing in on the human impact, and then revealing what became of the money made from its sales.  The money trail leads back to the power elite.

Webb summed up the heart of his Dark Alliance series thus: It is one of the most bizarre alliances in modern history. The union of a U.S. backed army attempting to overthrow a revolutionary socialist government and the uzi-toting gangstas” of Compton and South-Central Los Angeles.”

Perhaps most damningly, Webb wrote that crack cocaine was virtually unobtainable in the city’s black neighborhoods before members of the CIA’s army” began supplying it at rock-bottom prices in the Nineteen Eighties.

 The Los Angeles Times went out of its way to malign and undermine Webbs credibility, and in May 1988, as Congressional Hearings investigating the Iran Contra Drugs for Arms dealings is ongoing the newspaper repeats that pattern of behavior to discredit me. Not to be unexpected given the Newspaper employs CIA paid for journalists,.When questioned about this in the Church Committee Congressional Hearings, DCI George Bush refused to identify them. 

 The reporter, who is curiously not an entertainment but a defense industry/science reporter, John Johnson, asserts there exists a trophy receipt in his possession that proves I purchased my own World Championship trophy from a trophy shop near my home, that the organization that awarded it cannot be found and leads only back to my doorstep. He asserts further my ninja instructor is a delusional fabrication taken from the James Bond movie You Only Live Twice; and that there exist a photo of me in uniform wearing medals while proclaiming myself to be a decorated Vietnam War veteran. Also,the paper asserts I cannot name anyone I fought in Kumite matches, etc. The unbiased independent third party expert witnesses are in actuality, my martial art business competitors or have a personal axe to grind with me.  He engages in selective fact finding, misquotes witnesses, makes them out to be lying for me.

 The Los Angeles Times is so committed to running what is called in the business of journalism “a hatchet job” that the reporter actually announced his malice to the father of American Karate, Ed Parker, his partner Mickey Blowitz and myself.  All of us listening in on the speaker phone conversation that took place in my office as this hatchet man interviewed Grandmaster Parker. Parker is an iconic figure in the martial art world who puts on the largest international martial art event, in its time —The Long Beach Internationals. His events attracting a virtual who’s who in Martial Arts, like Victor Moore, Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, etc. 

 The reporter, John Johnson, temper showed itself with Grandmaster Parker stating members in his own extended family fought with me.  Parker cites my fight with USKA World Champion Victor Moore who corroborates this online and in documentaries. Ed Parker states he also knew my ninja instructor Senzo Tanaka is real, as Tanaka is a pioneering legend, whose existence the reporter could easily corroborate through Tanaka’s highly esteemed students,  Lawrence Day, Michael Felkoff, John Keehan aka Count Dante, etc.  Parker points out how leaders of the Society of Black Dragons organization are featured as such in various issues of martial art magazines. BTW — The alleged “nonexistent” organization recently celebrated its 50th anniversary that is available for viewing online.

 Grandmaster Ed Parker is thereafter insulted and threatened he best distance himself and withdraw any support of me. The reporter’s announced malice ultimately results in a meeting taking place between an Editor of the Los Angeles Times, my attorney and myself  PRIOR TO PUBLICATION. Where my eyes were opened to the existence of the underbelly of journalism and the power elite that holds a knife to it.  The editor does not want to see a certified copy of Senzo Tanaka’s death certificate, a public record on file at the Hall of Records. The best evidence they have which they confront me with is not a receipt but a xerox copy  anyone could make on a home copy/fax machine.   On its face fraudulent when it is not even for the same type of trophy and misspells my name DUKES; is dated 1982, later altered to 1979, many years after my trophy was on public display, a photo taken of it in 1976 by Black Belt magazine, published in their Nov 1980 issue. Uncharacteristically, the magazine states its staff investigated and verified the Kumite story is true.  The reporter armed with a picture of me in military uniform wearing ribbons (and not medals) which he and others use to represent this is proof of how I am misrepresenting myself to the public as a decorated Vietnam War Veteran is a photo of me costumed in my 8mm student film film, and the reel footage at the meeting proves it.

Image result for grandmaster ed parker
(Grand Master Ed Parker)

With everything untangling the editor refused to present me with my alleged FOIA Military Service Records for me to dispute, which is also a fabrication used by them to disparage me. He does not view the Kumite footage we brought, as well. My attorney’s theory is that if he had seen it this would make for a solid argument in proving they acted with actual malice.

The editor, nervously, took me aside and begrudgingly confided he is powerless to stop the discrediting of me as this was being carried out on the orders of powerful people with enough leverage to bend the newspaper owners to its will.  His job security was inferred to be at risk. He promises to bury this, limited in circulation to only the San Fernando Valley, and whispers who did this to me are the people connected to “North” — inferring Lt. Colonel Oliver North and the power elite network  Lt. Commander Martin, USN named: “the Bush cabal”. 

I was more inclined to believe this was a paid for hatchet job — paid by my unethical business competitors running a consumer scam where, they along with Black Belt magazines editor, Jim Coleman, are deliberately making misrepresentations of material facts to financially benefit them.

My competitors built their business on the falsehood that they alone are the only real teachers of the ways of the ninja; and that ninjutsu is a four centuries old secret martial art, which is all false. They call all others outside their Takamatsu-den Fakes and Frauds, words weaved into the LA Times headline.

 However, the way an intelligence agency like the CIA goes about discrediting someone with outright lies is they do it expertly, the tone will point suspicion away from them and onto the most overt of enemies,  business competitors, a vindictive ex-wife, for example.

Iran Contra Congressional expert witness, Iran-Contra insider, US Navy Lt. Commander,Alexander Martin (ret), stated in court proceedings under penalty of perjury, “During my intelligence career, I have met with and been introduced to many covert operatives, whose existence has often been officially denied by the government agencies that these parties have been associated with. One of these covert operatives was one Frank Dux.”

Lt. Commander Martin’s declaration was entered into evidence as Exhibit #25 in my suit of libel and slander against Soldier of Fortune magazine.  In addition, high ranking officials of military and law enforcement in the U.S., Russia and other nations corroborate Lt.  Commander, Martin’s testimony surrounding my activities as a covert operative.  

 Proclaiming  PTSD and Agent Orange are hoaxes and veterans should not receive costly medical treatment or pension benefits for them, B.G. Burkett,  in his self-published and un-vetted work, entitled: Stolen Valor: War Stories And Other Lies, defames me. 

 This book lumps myself in with phony Vietnam Vets.  He levels over 600 unsubstantiated allegations against me, where his malice makes itself known by way of his inflammatory and defamatory language. This is documented in the Court Prepared Analysis & Breakdown of Stolen Valor in my court proceedings of libel and slander against Robert K. Brown, Alexander McColl, Larry Bailey and Soldier of Fortune magazine, that lent credibility to Burkett’s allegations to discredit me. 

 B.G. Burkett, like the defendants in my litigation are adjoined to the Swift Boat lies leveled against then Presidential candidate, John Kerry. Falsehoods used to sway swing votes in favor of a Bush Presidency.  B.G. Burkett is a reputed political hatchet man/spin doctor in the Bush political machine that ran a smear campaign against George W. Bush primary opponent, Senator John McCain. 

 Stolen Valor, like Soldier of Fortune’s slander and libel of me, was intended to undermine the findings in my book  The Secret Man, HarperCollins, 1996; where I expose the Iran Contra connection to the white house and, more significantly, forewarned how the industrial war complex was staging events to manipulate the Congress and our allies to go to war with Saddam Hussein, based on the lie in his possession are WMD’s (weapons of mass destruction).

 The CIA desperate to discredit me to protect the operation, being deceptive issued an uncharacteristic public denial of my being a CIA agent,  inferring I was holding myself out to be one, when if you read my book The Secret Man I am adamant I could not possibly function in my investigative role, as one.   This is a unique occurrence considering in the entire history of the CIA they had only ever made two public denials before me. — G.Gordon Liddy a key player in the Watergate Hotel break in of the DNC headquarters; and Eugene H. Hasenfus who flew weapons shipments on behalf of the U.S. government to the Contra rebels in Nicaragua, the Reagan administration having denied any connection to him, as well.   Left to rot in a Nicaraguan jail.

Image result for frank dux the secret man
(The Secret Man, Frank Dux)

 The CIA presents the Inside Edition magazine news show running a story on my book an official statement that is 13 pages long accompanied by the photo of me in my student film costume. They ran the story.

 However, ABC Primetime News Interview I did with regard to the book is alleged suppressed by forces outside of the ABC News Network, so alleged Michael Bicks, the shows producer. Also producing that same photo of myself in my student film costume but this time sent to him by the FBI.


 Various court proceedings over the years verify my bona fides as a covert operative while the unfolding of history proves my warnings were correct —   the WMD scam goes into full swing as the George W. Bush Administration and Halliburton take the nation to war, five years after the publication of my book. 

 Alex Jones, Info Wars, presents compelling testimony and evidence that suggests 9/11, like the Gulf of Tonkin incident, is a false flag operation. Executed to justify the invasion and occupation of Iraq.  With Secretary of State, General Colin Powell resigning over the CIA lies told to him.  

 The “Bush cabal” which Halliburton is alleged to be part of receives, unprecedented, no bid contract status. The war yields defense contractors hundreds of trillions of dollars that is steered into the bank accounts of the power elite, the Bush family and its cabal amongst them. This conflict of interest relationship is a sticking point with Donald Trump in his bid for the Presidency, referred to in his facing down Jeb Bush this way, in the Republican Party primaries.

 The night before “Operation Just Cause,” the invasion of Panama is underway, President Noriega publicly announced that he had in his possession evidence that would topple the Bush Administration.   If he is guilty he  proclaims than so is President Bush guilty of the same crime of drug trafficking  — the invention and nurturing of the drug cartels to serve the international monetary funds, like the World Bank and World Monetary Fund (WMF), etc. Those that benefited with Noriega gone because black economy funds were being diverted from their financial institutions and being deposited into the Panamanian banks under Noriega’s control at an alarming rate.  Noriega violated an unspoken understanding with his banks undercutting the conspired fee structure associated with laundering ill gotten gains.  Lowering the price for these services, globally.

 In the 1990’s, the CBS News magazine show 60 Minutes (as have others) exposed how the GNP of Mexico is the drug money being deposited in their banks. The public attention of this results in its stoppage through US intervention. This visibly results in tanking the value of Mexican currency, which the US must step in to back to negate civil uprisings that threatened to destabilize the government. But all this occurs after the Power Elite players on Wall Street know whats coming and they short the Mexican bank stocks, benefiting them.

(Kuhn Sa)

The drug kingpin Kuhn Sa had remained the ruler of the Shan state from 1974 to 1994 and according to the DEA he dominated the drug trade of the region called the Golden Triangle (Burma renamed Myanmar, Thailand and Laos)Purporting that under Kuhn Sa tenure the distribution of heroin of 5% rises to 90% pure on the streets of New York City.  He too, allegedly received military aid as part of another secret CIA program that indirectly funded his Shan Army, attributable to their mutual beneficial arrangement – drug trafficking for arms profiteering.

Unexpectedly, in a video taped interview of Kuhn Sa that Special Forces Colonel Bo Gritz conducted with regards to locating missing Vietnam War U.S. POWs, the drug kingpin names several officials in the Reagan Administration. He alleges they are guilty of drug trafficking in Southeast Asia.  Among those named is Richard Armitage who served as Deputy Secretary of State during George W. Bush’s first term as President.

In addition, the progressive political party known as the Christic Group, pursuing a lawsuit against the U.S. government over charges of drug trafficking in both Southeast Asia and Central America, claims President George Bush (Sr.) is complicit; just as represented by President Noriega.

Further, Kuhn Sa in his interview announced he had made an offer that he would destroy all of Southeast Asian opium poppy fields under his control contingent upon his Shan people receiving foreign aid. This say some intelligence analysts was a coded veiled threat of his stopping the flow of drugs and money. Kuhn Sa was astute to realize how his poppy sales profits when deposited props up US currency and banking interests.

This veiled threat prompted the jungle adjacent to his military compound to be bombed for weeks making possible the construction of a modern highway. Thus, ending the typical two to three week travel time by donkey it took to transport the drugs to market.  Increasing the sales distribution volume and with it increase the size of his army and his military arms purchases, dramatically.  This response suggested it is in the financial interest of the west to have assisted Kuhn Sa in becoming a more productive entity.  He knew it was opium and the desire to control it as a commodity that spirited the invasion, occupation and attempted colonization of Asia, beginning at the turn of the 20th Century.

Shortly after President George W Bush administration’s military invasion and occupation of Afghanistan,  emerges “heroine chic” fashion advertising campaigns that promotes the return of Afghani opium competing with cocaine.  Afghani heroine sales rise as the cocaine supply line is suddenly disrupted by DEA and CIA covert activities, that results in removal of both the Columbian and later, the Mexican Cartel’s leadership, the Cartels splintering into more manageable groups with each becoming dependent on arms trafficking to maintain their respective territory.

The power vacuum in Mexico escalates in great violence which results in US military grade weapons flowing to one side secretly under the Obama administration.  Knowledge of this is quashed by corporate media in the USA.  An estimated 100,000 dead per year is attributed to the US weaponized ‘drug war’ being waged there.  Thats double the total fatalities of the entire 10 year long Vietnam War —approx. 50,000 dead.

What does this all mean to America?

We must accept the fact that we cannot eradicate the black economy without possibly cratering our economy, our allies or for that matter, our enemies, forcing them to go to war with us. If we can figure out how to do this than might we make America great again and fulfill the dream of all of us enjoying the benefits one may expect from a prosperous and peaceful utopian society — what the Power Elite claims is their end goal in justifying their actions.

The main stream media is seemingly being replaced by social media and that is how President Trump states he was able to overcome the negativity to become president — staying connected through his Twitter account. The public is pushing back and seeks new alternate means to stay informed, like social media and docudramas like America Made that stands to ignite a powder-keg of opinion, debuting in theaters near you.

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Frank Dux

Frank William Dux (born 1956) is a martial artist and fight choreographer. Dux established his own school of ninjutsu in 1975, called "Dux Ryu Ninjutsu". An article about his exploits, which appeared in Black Belt in 1980, was the eventual inspiration for the 1988 film Bloodsport starring Jean-Claude Van Damme.