ADVOCACY ALERT- Wildroot Building

At last week’s Preservation Board meeting, the Local Landmark application for the historic Wildroot Building (1740 Bailey Avenue) was accepted for review and will be opened for public comment at their next meeting on Thursday November 16, 2017.

Built in 1929, the Wildroot Building was originally the home of the Grennan Bakery factory and at the time of its opening in 1930 it was touted as the “world’s largest exclusive cake kitchen.” In 1946 the building was purchased by the Wildroot Company, makers of the wildly popular Wildroot Cream Oil hair tonic. Through an expansive marketing campaign, Wildroot became a household name nationwide, complete with a Nat King Cole jingle and actor Ronald Reagan modeling in print ads.

The Wildroot Building embodies Buffalo’s entrepreneurial and industrial history and is the most prominent commercial structure in the Lovejoy neighborhood. A significant and irreplaceable building it holds not only local but national historical significance giving a unique glimpse of Buffalo’s progress and development. We urge you to support this Local Landmark application which not only celebrates its illustrative history but protects it for future generations.

Click here to let Councilmember Fontana know that you care about the Wildroot Building and to ask him to support the Local Landmark application too.