Teresa Reile founder of PR by TR, LLC holding Award from the International Union of Bilateral Chamber of Commerce

Public Relations Firm Earns Prestigious and Coveted International Award of Distinction

Buffalo, NY – Local Public Relations Firm, PR by TR, LLC has been awarded the coveted and highly prestigious distinction of the Trust Mark seal which exemplifies international trust and service that goes above and beyond the norm.  The Seal is only awarded to organizations who have been recommended by the International Union of Bilateral Chambers of Commerce and Industry (IUBCCI) and whose services or products represent high-quality standards. For a company to be awarded this distinction is an honor of the highest degree as individual companies are not usually members – however, whole Chambers of Commerce are .

PR by TR, LLC a U.S. firm with international clients has been recognized by the IUBCCI because of exemplary service and attention to detail which has helped their clients become leaders in their fields.

“To be awarded the Trust Mark seal is really quite a distinction because it is not a small thing,” says Teresa Reile founder of PR by TR, LLC, “The IUBCCI is the highest honor that a company can get because ‘companies’ are not the members of this organization – Chambers of Commerce of whole COUNTRIES are the members – so to be recognized at this level is something that I have only imagined was possible.  I attribute this award to my incredible team.  They are simply the best people to work with and without them this never would have happened.”

Members of the IUBCCI include the Israeli Federation of Bi-National Chambers of Commerce and Industry, the Union of Bilateral Chambers of Commerce from Romania, The Jordanian Businessmen Association among others.  The members of the IUBCCI are the Bilateral Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Joint Business Councils or other National Organizations of the Bilateral Chambers of Commerce and Industry through their representatives.

IUBCCI is the world’s largest business organization of the bi-national (bilateral) chambers of commerce and industry and all of their Unions, Federations or Joint Business councils.

Therefore, for a business to be awarded this seal of the Trust Mark is indeed and achievement of the highest level.  PR by TR, LLC was nominated for this award by the United States representative of IUBCCI, Manuel Oancia.  Manuel is the United States President of the IUBCCI.  “When I started working with PR by TR, LLC I noticed something rare in the way they work and handle their clients.  They have an international flare,  a world view and a European way of working,” says Oancia,  “and by that I mean that they are effective, they think big, they are efficient and they know how to work with clients on an international level.  When they say they will get the job done, they do.  They say what they mean and they do what they say.  These are the types of companies that get this award.  In fact, PR by TR, LLC is the first US company in Western New York to achieve this status.”

To learn how your Chamber of Commerce or your company may qualify, visit: www.IUBCCI.com

About PR by TR, LLC – PR by TR, LLC is a boutique agency dedicated to the commitment of making all of their clients well known and well thought of by paying attention to every detail of their business to help them expand.  They are specialists in the art of making your brand stand out among the rest. To learn more about PR by TR, LLC visit: www.PRbyTR.com