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Stormy Daniels NOT branded by NXIVM sex slave cult!

By Frank Parlato

Pictures of Stormy Daniels have circulated message boards and social media lately, with emphasis on her hip area, which show a raised “K” shape scar amid a flower tattoo.

Daniels claims she is not a branded NXIVM slave, that the mark is a scar and it came from surgery.

As a writer on the topic of NXIVM, I would venture that Stormy was NOT branded.  I think I can offer evidence to support my opinion.

I broke the original branding story in June 2017. It led to the arrest of cult leader Keith Raniere and Allison Mack in 2018.

In my work with [and against] NXIVM, which began as their publicist, and morphed into becoming a whistle blower, I wrote more than 1700 stories abut the cult and spoke with more than 100 women inside the cult, and those who defected and that included branded slaves.

I believe I have learned the identities of every branded slave. I persuaded some to become witnesses for the DOJ against their former master, Keith Raniere. He has been federally charged with sex trafficking and forced labor.

I don’t think Stormy was branded. Here are some additional reasons:

  1. The branding was performed by Dr. Danielle Roberts at the Albany home of Allison Mack. Branded slaves were all members of NXIVM before they were branded. Stormy was not a NXIVM member.
  2. If Stormy had been a member of NXIVM, someone would have spoken of it.  As a porn star, she would have attracted attention.
  3. Members of NXIVM know other members. The names of NXIVM members are not secret. None of the branded slaves were kept hidden.  What was hidden was their sex slave status and their being branded.
  4. All of the branded women participated in regular activities of NXIVM; they attended NXIVM courses. Stormy did not join NXIVM. She did not take any NXIVM courses [called ‘intensives”] And if she did NOT join, she did NOT get branded.
  5. If she had been branded, she would have been required to follow the 500-800 calorie diet. And allowed only three-4 hours of sleep per night. Stormy looks well rested and not skinny enough to be a branded slave.
  6. NXIVM slaves were required to provide graphic nude photos for leader Raniere, Allison Mack and Seagram’s heiress, Clare Bronfman to use for blackmail. If a branded slave did not obey, Raniere, Mack or Bronfman, would threaten to publish the nude photos to embarrass the woman.  This would not have worked with Stormy. She has 100s of nude pics already published. She could not be embarrassed by Raniere-Bronfman releasing nudes of her.
  7. Stormy was not Raniere’s type. He prefers waif thin, flat chested or nearly flat chested, boyish type women. He has an aversion to voluptuous or large-breasted women.
  8. Then there’s Stormy’s scar. If the pics are not photoshopped – which I suspect they are – the location where Stormy has her so-called brand is wrong. It is near her right hip. The women of NXIVM were branded on their pubic region, nearer their vaginas where it would cause the most pain. Pain was an important part of Raniere’s teachings.
  9. Stormy shaves her pubic hair. Raniere forbid “slaves to shave.” He loved “thick bushes” and said it increased pheromones.

I do appreciate the conspiracy theory. It’s lovely: Stormy is a NXIVM sex slave. Raniere and NXIVM are connected to Hillary and Bill, hence Stormy, as a sex slave, was ordered to ruin Donald Trump.

As a matter of fact, Raniere – who led NXIVM with an iron fist – hated Hillary Clinton. He called her “a cunt” many times. He gave her money, true, but that was only to get her to help him get enemies indicted.

Raniere preferred Trump for president. I know of no instance where Trump ever met Raniere.

Overall, Raniere preferred Republicans, but Democrats were willing to help him. Raniere hired Sen. Kirstin Gillibrand’s father [her stepmother was a member of the cult.] He ordered Clare Bronfman to support Gillibrand financially.  Clare and Sara Bronfman and Nancy Salzman attended the Clinton Global Initiative.  NXIVM supported Albany County DA David Soares, now disgraced AG Eric Schneiderman and Lt Gov. Kathy Hochul.

Democrats were willing to take Bronfman money. Raniere was willing to use them to protect his cult and go after enemies.

But the Stormy- NXIVM- Trump conspiracy is not likely to be true.

As or Stormy Daniels, it’s cute – but no cigar.

Image result
In this pic of Stormy in 2015 [when the branding started] she was definitely too busty for cult leader Keith Raniere.

According to some, the scar looks like the branding administered to NXIVM members to become part of Raniere’s harem of sex slaves.  I believe this picture was photo-shopped using my picture of a NXIVM brand on Stormy’s hip area.

Wrong location for the brand.


Stormy replied to those who say she is a NXIVM slave:

“1. I’m a model NOT a client.

2. You are a f*cking psycho.

There are literally thousands of pics/video of me nude to disprove your terrible photoshopped conspiracy theory,” she tweeted on Tuesday, adding that it’s a “tattoo covering a surgery scar.”


It has been also pointed out that Daniels joked about joining a cult in 2010.

“I think I’m about to be initiated into a gang….or maybe it’s a cult. Lol.”

NXIVM branding did not start until 2015.


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  • How is your criminal case going?

    For someone who wasn’t involved you seem to know a lot about who is and isn’t members, who did what and what it took to become a member.

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