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NXIVM Slave Cult: Leaked screenshots provide evidence India Oxenberg is Co-Conspirator #2

By Frank Parlato

Everyone knows that co-conspirator #1 [CC-1) in the Feb. 14, 2018 criminal complaint against Keith Raniere is Allison Mack. Both were charged on April 20 with federal felony counts of sex trafficking, conspiracy to commit sex trafficking and conspiracy to commit forced labor.

Mack was released to home detention on $5 million bond, on April 24, after spending four days in jail. Raniere has been held in federal custody since his arrest on March 26, being deemed too dangerous to release on bail plus a serious flight risk.

In the same February 14th complaint against Raniere, in addition to naming CC-1 – who proved to be Mack, there was another unnamed co-conspirator. She was identified only as Co-Conspirator #2 [CC-2}.

Who is she?

India Oxenberg from a recent photo appearing in Oxygen.com  

The answer is India Oxenberg, daughter of actress Catherine Oxenberg, who has been trying desperately to get her daughter out of the cult.

India denies she is in a sex cult, as numerous articles have reported including this one in Oxygen by crime reporter J.B. Nicolas.

India is facing possible arrest

The lead Assistant US Attorney for this case, Moira Penza, told the judge on May 4 at a status conference that she expected more arrests would be coming within the next 30-45 days.  Will India be one of them?

The key identifying language in the criminal complaint that reveals India is CC-2 is the mention of CC-2 working with Raniere in a company called The Delegates.

The Criminal Complaint reads:

“Co-Conspirator 2 (“CC-2″) had been involved in Nxivm for several years before being introduced to DOS. In or about 2016, RANIERE co-founded ‘The Delegates’ with CC-2, which is a business that provides a network of people who can perform tasks for people in the Nxivm community in exchange for a fee. Based on information obtained over the course of the investigation, CC-2 is CC-1 ‘s [Allison Mack’s] direct slave.”

Everyone in NXIVM knows, India ran Delegates. The idea was first promulgated by cult member James Del Negro. Raniere took credit for devising it and ordered India to operate it.

The “Delegates” were in fact gofers. The company was basically a gofer service where NXIVM slaves, illegal immigrants, and teen girls would run errands, clean homes, chauffeur, cook, and provide other services for NXIVM members who came to Albany to learn the secret teachings of Raniere, whose followers call Vanguard.

There were many trust fund babies lured to the cult by Raniere and his minions, and Raniere may have seen this as a way to extract money from them and possibly to cull from among the more attractive, young and slender female gofers various sexual services for himself.

I don’t claim India was involved in sex trafficking through Delegates, but, according to numerous sources, India worked for a time with a group of teen girls from Chihuahua Mexico, who were part of Delegates.

Jens Gould – who is editor of Raniere’s Knife Media – should remember these Mexican teens for he took them out on an excursion to see various sights in Albany as part of their so-called “educational experience” here.

Maybe nothing illegal happened with the teens, but it was clear to me and others that Raniere intended to teach these girls the “secrets” of his sex practices, and it is known that they left amid rumors of them being unhappy and cruelly used, if not sexually abused.

Which brings us back to India. She ran Delegates.

Here are screenshots leaked to me that show India organized and ran Delegates. I have more that include the names of some of the victims [Jane Does]



Allison Mack at the time of Raniere’s arrest in Mexico on March 25, 2018. Mack and other Raniere slaves chose to chase after the Mexican federal police in a car but were unable to rescue their leader.

Here is a narrative the prosecution used in the criminal complaint that ties India into the conspiracy to commit sex trafficking:

VII. Sex Trafficking of Jane Doe 2

“Jane Doe 2 is an actress and model who began taking Nxivm classes in or about 2016, during which time she became friendly with CC-2 [India]. When Jane Doe 2 was in Clifton Park for a Nxivm class in or about November 2016, CC-2 invited Jane Doe 2 on a walk. As they walked, CC-2 told Jane Doe 2 that she was part of a secret society that had transformed CC-2 ‘s life and enabled CC-2 to uphold CC-2 ‘s commitments.

“CC-2 told Jane Doe 2 that in order to learn more, Jane Doe 2 had to provide collateral, which Jane Doe 2 did in the form of a video in which Jane Doe 2 divulged a damaging secret. After providing this video, CC-2 told Jane Doe 2 about DOS and Jane Doe 2 agreed to become CC-2’s slave.

“Eventually CC-2 told Jane Doe 2 that CC-1 [Allison Mack] was CC-2’s master and thus Jane Doe 2’s grandmaster. When Jane Doe 2 was introduced to DOS, she was living in Los Angeles, California. After Jane Doe 2 joined DOS, CC-1 suggested that Jane Doe 2 temporarily move to Clifton Park, New York and spend more time with CC-1 and CC-2. Jane Doe 2 began spending more time in Clifton Park, but regularly traveled back to Los Angeles for jobs. When Jane Doe 2 would travel between Los Angeles and Clifton Park, she would regularly fly into John F. Kennedy International Airport in Queens, New York before taking the train or bus to Albany.

“Two of Jane Doe 2’s first acts of self-denial were to refrain from sex and masturbation. At one point when Jane Doe 2 was in Clifton Park, RANIERE sent Jane Doe 2 a message in the middle of the night asking her to go on a walk with him. During the walk, RANIERE told Jane Doe 2 sexual jokes. Over the course of several walks, Jane Doe 2 expressed to RANIERE that she wanted to open a T-shirt business. RANIERE expressed interest and told her he would partner with her.

“Jane Doe 2 left for Los Angeles for a job and while she was there RANIERE sent her a text message saying, “If you want to start this business with me then come back, the sooner the better.

“Jane Doe 2 returned to Clifton Park. She was soon given new assignments, including being kept on a regimented diet of 800-1000 calories per day. After several months, Jane Doe 2 received a text message from CC-1 stating that CC-1 wanted to speak to Jane Doe 2 about a “special assignment.”

“CC-1 and CC-2 then contacted Jane Doe 2 and told her the assignment was to “seduce Keith” and have him take a picture of Jane Doe 2 to prove she had done it. CC-1 told Jane Doe 2 that this assignment was a privilege that few women had the honor of experiencing, but that CC-1 and CC-2 both had.

“At the end of the call CC-1 told Jane Doe 2, “I give you permission to enjoy it,” which Jane Doe 2 interpreted to mean, “I give you permission to enjoy sex with RANIERE.”

“Not suspecting that RANIERE was involved with DOS until this call, Jane Doe 2 asked CC-1 on the call if RANIERE knew about DOS. CC-1 said that he did not.

“After the call, in an effort to avoid having sex with RANIERE, Jane Doe 2 made arrangements to leave DOS. Jane Doe 2 retrieved a car that she had loaned to CC-1 and her cat and possessions from Clifton Park. Before defecting, Jane Doe 2 also captured images of collateral belonging to other DOS members, including CC-2, from an online Drop box account, believing that she could protect the release of her own collateral by having other DOS members’ collateral as leverage. Jane Doe 2 officially left DOS in or about May 2016.”


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