Lauren Salzman during happier days when it seemed that Mr. Raniere’s teachings would spread all over the world and she would be his queen. She was cast aside as his leading lady yet she got branded in his name. Her world is unraveling as she finds it difficult to find new slaves for her beloved master and the branding scars may be creating some health difficulties for the woman, now past 40, who had hoped to bear the golden child of Master Raniere. What inscrutable lesson did Master Raniere plan for her to learn from this?
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Russell – $25,000 bail – Lauren $5 million bail–

Kathy Russell – who has been identified as the former [not current] bookkeeper was the first to appear, though it was initially unclear if she would be able to provide the $25,000 to secure her release; federal prosecutors had asked for $50,000.

Russell was uncertain if she could get the $2,500 necessary to post bail – another elegant proof of the value of Executive Success Programs.

According to the Albany Times Union, “Lauren Salzman will be released after her grandparents — traveling from New Jersey on Tuesday — pay $50,000 cash against a $5 million bond.”

We are awaiting information on Nancy and Clare as to their bonds.

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