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Stolen Valor Vultures Murder Veterans Not Just Reputations: Part 4 – Stolen Valor Vultures Defame & Maybe Murder For FBI & US Military That Obstruct Justice

By Frank Dux

On May 1, 2006 a formal investigation was launched with the Veteran’s Administration Inspector General Office over claims Stolen Valor bloggers had accessed and made use of records to accuse veterans of committing Stolen Valor and making fraudulent disability claims.

Two days later, the investigation is terminated with the Department of Veterans Affairs having “announced they had lost a computer containing personal information on 26.5 million veterans including Social Security numbers.”

The appearance of obstruction of justice is occurring results in speculation and fear federal employees violate civil rights of veterans, as part of a propaganda effort to eliminate VA funding for PTSD and Agent Orange; the announced political goal of President George W. Bush, and his political hatchet man that torpedoed Presidential Candidate Kerry bid for the presidency by fabricating the allegation of stolen valor, B.G. Burkett, author of Stolen Valor. And whom, it is being allege the Feds assisted in compiling evidence for him – identify political targets they desired in his book.

This is consistent with FBI Director Mark Felp conviction in his directing FBI agents to violate civil rights of people under orders of then Attorney General Mitchell and President, Richard Nixon.

The USDOJ leadership was aware FBI Agent John Connolly’s obstruction of justice when he shielded the Irish-American organized crime boss of the Winter Hill Gang in Boston, Massachusetts, James Joseph “Whitey” Bulger Jr. Looking the other way when it best serve the political goals of the Presidential administration and FBI.

Stolen Valor Vultures, like John Lilyea, allege they enjoy a similar arrangement as some kind of seal of approval, that what they are doing is akin to performing Black Bag jobs for them — planting incriminating evidence in the form of misinformation in the furtherance of Pentagon’s focusing on social media and online perception of its image, recruitment put in jeopardy with PTSD and Agent Orange disorders on the public’s mind.

Fanciful storytelling or is there more to it?

The practice of “black bag jobs” historically began with the FBI from 1942 until declared unconstitutional by United States Supreme Court on 19 June 1972, in the Plamondo case, United States vs. United States District Court 407 U.S. 297.

Nonetheless, the FBI still carries out numerous “black bag” operations where the covert target of the investigation is not informed that the search took place. If the investigation involves a criminal matter a judicial warrant is required and in national security cases the operation must be approved by the FISA Court.

Intelligence and law enforcement agencies have a long history of circumventing this law and policy through the use of “assets,” human resources that are “turned” and work on the behalf of “handlers”.  The employing of “off the books” non-attributable former military, contractor or intelligence personal is more commonly referred to as “cut outs.”

Assets and cut outs are in theory are both non-attributable.

But in practical matters both categories serve as proxy agents furthering the hidden agenda of the intelligence, military, law enforcement, and even a political party, like in the recent revelations surrounding the Democratic National Committee.

Whereas, Christopher Steele, a former head of the Russia Desk for British intelligence (MI6) is the hired “cut out” who manufactured The Trump–Russia dossier in The Deep State frame and derailment of President Trump by members of the Department of Justice and Intelligence Community, that perpetrated a fraud in FISA Courts and attempted to derail the election process from the highest level of office.

Thus, one cannot trust the Intelligence community – even when they say they are lying – they are probably lying.

There are those who speculate evidence of the USDOJ running interference, obstructing, makes itself known to how it looks the other way to the terrorist threats attributed to Stolen Valor Vultures, like Don Shipley and his wife.

Both post a video of them wielding a sniper rifle as they engage in ambushing alleged people who commit Stolen Valor. This is circulated to induce fear in anyone who may act to defend themselves from their allegations or dare to confront them in any manner they confront others – ambush the Shipley’s with video cameras.

Licensed Private Investigator, Sam McCloud, made it publicly known that his wife received a domestic terrorist threat to deter him from continuing to investigate the Schantag POWnetwork group associated with Shipley and his wife.

Likewise, US Navy Veteran David Bernath was made a recipient of terrorist threats with him filing a lawsuit in response to the defamation of him.

The discovery process yielded the alias bloggers cyber bullying him were Directors of the National American Legion, named Directors of the POW Network, and Swift Boat politicos/hatchet men — so relates, Dallas Whittgenfeld, in a series of online postings and in personal messages, asking me to investigate and write about my findings.

Dallas Wittgenfeld, as aforementioned in previous articles my investigative series, is a decorated, two-time purple heart parachutist, Vietnam War LRRP.

And yet, the Wittgenfeld is targeted by Stolen Valor Vultures, making him out to be a fraud to extort money from him, as apparently done to Bernath, according to him.

The following is very disturbing if indeed these people are proxy agents of the government, Whittgenfeld stating:

“Daniel Bernath, was threatened by Donald W. Shipley before he and his wife Carol Diane Shipley traveled a thousand miles and turned up on Bernath’s front lawn in Ft. Myers, Florida with their YouTube video cams and the local NBC television affiliate. Shipley and two other Internet valor vigilantes were boasting openly they’d take him down and ‘turn Bernath into a lawn dart.’ After the Shipleys stalked the Bernath neighborhood for three days, the elderly Vietnam War Veteran started taking the threats serious and went to his open hangar at Page Airport where he see his airplane damaged and hired a certified Federal Aviation Administration inspector/mechanic who found, indeed, the sport aircraft was seriously vandalized damaged and no longer airworthy. The engine power plant was also inspected and discovered fuel contamination, thereafter, local law enforcement and airport security were called in and police incident reports filed. At this point Bernath filed lawsuits against the sabotage alleged conspirators in the Lee County courthouse. Meanwhile, everyone seen several Shipley produced Youtube videos where Shipley admitted he, quote: (was going do something that his followers might not like; but must shut Bernath down) end quote. The videos were very apparent that bloviating Shipley wanted everyone to know he would make good on his threats while finding a way of keeping himself out of jail. US Navy SEALs are well known for their tenacity and motto, (two is one; one is none).” After the A & P mechanic repaired the engine and control surfaces the Shipleys trumped-up charges and had Bernath thrown in jail in Virginia and the aircraft was again apparently sabotaged, fuel contaminated, in the hangar on Page airport. When Bernath returned to Florida from incarceration in Virginia he went flying Monday morning and 15 minutes later he and his sabotaged airplane were smashed into a thousand pieces.”

One may now with good reason accept the past boasts made by Stolen Valor Vultures as being absolutely, true — that Federal Agents work in tandem with them, put them above the law, possibly, including pulling off a murder.

About the author

Frank Dux

Frank William Dux (born 1956) is a martial artist and fight choreographer. Dux established his own school of ninjutsu in 1975, called "Dux Ryu Ninjutsu". An article about his exploits, which appeared in Black Belt in 1980, was the eventual inspiration for the 1988 film Bloodsport starring Jean-Claude Van Damme.


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  • After reading (not sure how I made it all the way through) this article, I don’t think your fictional work is going to sell. I have read about you and your medal of honor. It is a shame that someone who entered service after the war was over, claims to have received a medal of honor. Where is the picture of you being awarded that medal? You obviously are a fraud. What was your number? You should have at least known that. This is why you have released this article, to try to make up some cover story as to why you aren’t recognized for all of your awards. When you turned 17 was when the last of the US forces and attache’s left Vietnam during the fall of Saigon. I am not a “vigilante” and actually, neither is Don Shipley. And, I have nothing to do with Don Shipley. I wish that there was an actual prosecution involved in weeding out the phonies like you. I do have mixed feelings about people being exposed publicly, but I think there should be prison time for anyone that says they served and didn’t. I know you can be prosecuted for claiming to be an MOH recipient. There is actually an FBI agent I know of that currently seeks out people making these claims and gets prison time for them. When I found out about you, 2 people came to mind: A.J. Dicken and James Hydrick. And you, like Hydrick, have the same secret master story and he is just blowing the pages, probably like you. It’s sad you just can’t be who you are instead of the phony you made up.

    You accuse the Shipley crowd of murder, yet where is your proof. He never threatened Bernath either. All you have to do is look at the videos. Karma got Bernath, and it catches up to everyone. Don’t you know that with your “Eastern Wisdom”? The amount of bologna you make up would make Oscar Meyer jealous. You know the old saying, birds of a feather flock together.

  • Again it amazes me how some try to lie constantly to cover there first lie. The Book was vetted by many in high Military positions . I also was just told a story that Franky was dis-invited to a a meeting in Vegas call the China post . ( high Level Military men ) when they checked into Duxsy .plus a lot more of his military records to come ( not seen before )

  • Please, how much money were you borth extorted for? Help us understand how this scheme works so it doesn’t happen to us. Sounds more like a lot of butt hurt over being caught embellishing your service. This article is smoke and mirrors and non-sensical rambling masked as an effort to inform the public. Tell us specifics of how much money you paid out in extorsion money or shut up and go away. Were you able to get set up on an installment plan or did you have to pay one lump sum? I don’t think the money worked because your embellishment information is still up.

    • Yes, we need the facts. We need proof. Not more evasions. Frank Dux thinks he can evade a libel suit by quoting Dallas Wittgenfeld. But the “malice” part of a lawsuit includes a willingness to ignore bias by those they use as sources. Both Frank Dux and Dallas Wittgenfeld were outed as fakes by the Shippeys, so they are both questionable sources as per the standards legit media sites would use. Frank is probably going to lose everything he owns when he is sued. And Dallas is going to kick him to the curb instead of standing up for him.

    • Don Roley you are a fraud, a martial arts fraud who is attacking and slandering many martial arts teachers over the internet. Your group the BSMA facebook ( bullshit martial arts group ) is a trolling army with the goal of attacking martial arts teachers.

      I am.a higher bujinkan member and i can say that we with a lot.of shihan and dai shihan are uniting and collecting evidence about you: Donald Don Roley, Dieter Eichler, Melvin Williams and a few others. We are setting up a official letter in Japanese for the bujinkan organisation with my Japanese wife. The evidence and all your videos go with it un dvd discs and usb memory drives to Japan. Every Shihan will receive it sepparately as well so they can judge your shit.

      We with a lot of members of the Bujinkan Budokai want you and your suckpuppets out of the Bujinkan. Masaaki Hatsumi does not want any Shihan disrespecting other martial artists over the internet. Yet Donald Roley lack that rule of soke big time. Hatsumi stated no memorial seminars for Oguri his passing. Yet Don Roley does lack the rules again and is teaching a memorial seminar. Also the harassing and slandering of Dan Harmon by your BSMA group was crazy as hell. Dan Harmon eventually committed suicide what was a strange act after your and Dieter Dean Eichler his slandering of mr Harmon.

      You may have lived for.15 years in Japan, my wife for more then 30 years and even she is not recognizing you childisch behaviour as anything connected to Japanes honor and value. You are a fraud and a bigg shame to the bujinkan ninjutsu organisation, you are anything but a ninja.

      As far as other people claim Koga Yamabushi ryu Ninjutsu, or Koka that is for them. The Togakure Ryu is also very doubtfull and probably made up by Takamatsu as well. You Don Roley and you BSMA group with Dieter Eichler, Melvin Williams and others do not need to be a martial arts police, because you all are frauds who claim a lot and can not prove stuff either. Prove to the world.the Togakure Ryu is real? Not it is also a Bullshit Martial Art just like Don Roley.

      • Another bogus account. The statement about Hatsumi ordering no memorial seminars is telling. People like Jack Hoban also attended.
        Obviously, someone with a fake account. You guys are getting desperate.

        • Hey brother Donny, he made a good point. Is that the best you can do? Say it’s a fake account because he called you on your shit? Wow. I think the best thing for you to do is shut down BSMA, or change your tune. It’s up to you. Just friendly advice from your buddy Dorian the Magi. Otherwise the embarrassment will continue until you leave innocent folks alone. Now rapist and child molesters are fair game, we are in agreement with u on that front. But if you continue your childish bullying online (which indirectly caused Dan Harmon his life) we will destroy BSMA and you with it. If the Japanese take ur side then so be it. The more the merrier, lol. (Btw, hows that cancer situation goin, just curious?)

          • Don Roley is trying to validate a seminar with the fact Jack Hoban was there, Ofcourse this can only be the action of a coward, the martial arts virus and ninja fraud Don Roley.

            Many ( in your eyes ) socalled fake martial arts like Dux Ryu or whatever have produced more good and great warriors and athletes then people who hide behind 15th dan rank, certificates and lineage. Validity lies in the skills and your skills are lacking.

            But okay, call me bogus, call me fake call me.whatever. After our letter to Japan we will see who will be the bogus and fake here. Enough is Enough even for the martial arts fraud: Don Roley

            Donald Don Roley, Dieter Eichler, Melvin Williams are thrown out of the Bujinkan because of the Bullshit Martial Arts internet trolling party. AGAINST THE CODES OF HONOR given by Masaaki Hatsumi. Your BSMA crap will backfire on you in a way you will never expect.

            You are a dangerous man Don Roley, i call you on your shit and you call me bogus hahahahaha.

          • “Carlos Miller” doesn’t exist. He is a sock puppet of David Richardson AKA “Dorian”. I won’t tell how I know, but I do. It is It is another example of just how obsessed he is with me.
            Needless to say, I am not worried about my status in the Bujinkan.

  • Wait a minute, this article does not list an author. Frank Dux has written several in this “series” but did not put his name to this one.

    Seems like he is distancing himself from his own comments. The article is not even listed under Frank Dux’s name on ArtVoice foe all articles he has written.

    So, there is no attribution at all. Just throw out some conspiracy theory and paint them as facts. Thanks ArtVoice for wasting my time.

  • Keep digging that hole for yourself, Dallas. Screen captures have been made so I think your judge may be interested in your online harassment activities – including the Iceland site. Now it is done through proxy with Frank Dux. Frank must be desperate and has no allies to run into Dallas’ open arms.

    So, let’s get at the substance of this “article” – How, exactly, was Dallas extorted for money? Why did he even pay it in the first place? Why – to protect his reputation so he could get sky-diving gigs as Super Chicken? I sincerely want to know specifically why Dallas Wittgenfeld was extorted for money?

    • “Super Chicken..? Who the hell is Super Chicken?” Ha, ha, ha, ha….


      So do you two stolen valor vigilantes think your stolen valor vigilante cohorts (who I have not mentioned) want to go on the front pages and television stations with their dirty underwear you are screen captioning.for all to see in Indianapolis, Indiana and Cambridge, Maryland.? I don’t think so. They are very hush-hush about all their ranglings harassing and dishonoring the legitimate Vietnam War Veterans of the special forces trained elite U.S. Army Airborne Ranger LRRPs. You all know that, right..?

      • Thunder Chicken – I stand corrected. So, Dallas, please tell me how you were extorted for money and how much money were you extorted for? You and Frank both put out there that you know the entire game yet you were not smart enough to avoid being the alleged victims of extortion? This is in the article. A claim is made that you were extorted for money. How much money and how were you extorted? What did they hold over your head that you paid this supposed money? Inquiring minds would like to know.

        • You sound (write) so concerned. Good. What’s your real name and we will talk about it…. no sock puppets without names and uniforms are allowed here. Are you R.E.M.F. Marine Scott Allen Hughes? He knows exactly what the truth is. I have the screen captures too. 🙂 See where this is going.?

          • Why do you require people’s real name to answer questions about claims made in the article? That’s absolutely ridiculous. You made the claim that you were extorted for money – you and Frank Dux both. Then, ironically, you claim to know how the alleged entire stolen valor shakedown scheme works. So, you figured it out *after* you were allegedly extorted for money? Again, ridiculous. How much money were you allegedly extorted for? Why in the world would you even pay money? It makes no sense at all but yet you throw it out there and back it up with nothing.


        • Ah Dallas, no facts? What about the article I linked to proving that there was no sabotage? And do you really think a video making fun of someone like me, who makes a lot of fun of himself, is really a legitimate argument? So sad. The fact remains, Frank Dux is now wide open for a libel lawsuit if the Shipleys chose to pursue it.

  • Why, you only need to do a little research to see there is actually nothing outside of the word of frequent alcohol abuser Dallas Wittengeld you quoted to indicate there was any indication that the crash was anything other than pilot error. Take a look at this article.
    But Frank, you have opened yourself up to a major lawsuit if those you mentioned by names want to pursue the matter. They might take a big chunk of your retirement fund from you now. It is an open and shut case. Best talk to your lawyer and pray no one tells the Shipleys.

    • Soooo, do you take this fake news story to be exactly true, or believe somebody like me that knows exactly what really happened as I am a commercial, multi-engine, instrument rated pilot of airplanes and hot-air-balloons.?

    • Don Don, I dont hate you because you are homesexual, actually I dont hate u at all. I do how ever feel sorry for you because misrepresent everything you propose to stand for, in martial arts and the LGBT community. You need help, honestly and I feel sorry for you. I have nothing but blessings for you. Ousssssss

      • There you go, thinking that it will upset me to call me a homosexual. That shows your homophobia and character better than anything I could say.

        • There you go misunderstanding me again. Brother got nothing but love for you. What u do in your spare time is your business.
          Btw have you enjoyed my videos? Got some good ones coming out soon for Dean. Let him know please.
          Peace and Blessings
          (Magician of Mayhem)

  • As someone has said, the Examiner with its stories about bigfoot’s love child has more credibility than this.
    If you want to use Dallas Wittgenfeld as almost your sole source, you really need to mention that not only was he completely trounced in court by the Shipleys, but he ended up going to jail yet again over his antics during it. And when sentencing, the judge made sure to send Dallas Wittgenfeld to treatment for his problems with alcohol.
    Yeah Frank, you are just showing the world outside of a very narrow group of friends that you have no integrity or honor, putting pieces like this out to try to explain away why you were exposed as a military fraud. And that group of friends are getting smaller as one by one, the ones with honor wake up.

    • Donnie, Donnie, Donnie. What’s with all your drunkard name calling propaganda, when actually you are well know and publicize yourself as a drunken fool. Black kettle…kettle black… Look at yourself in the mirror hereon.

    • Don Roley has gone out his way to demean and discredit many folks online within the martial arts community. It’s a shame on a grand scale that someone like him who “claims” himself, (and I use that word lightly), to be a high ranking martial artist himself, but lacking honor, morals and integrity. Roleys seems to think that sheer physical abilities alone are enough to garner respect, and even that is in question. He will be the first to brag about his Japanese speaking prowess, but from my understanding speaking Japanese does not equate him the right. He forgets your mind and heart has to be representative as well, just like his shortcomings in the martial arts. If anything, he falls under the category of “Japanophile”, definitely not historian like he ignorantly claims.
      Another thing that disturbs me about this Don Roley character is his supposed targets of trolling on the internet. It has been rumored, even within his online organization, The BSMA, (Bullshit Martial Arts), that he is a “closet racist”. His behaviour speaks volumes of this fact as well and as you can see his main focus for years has been someone of Jewish descent. Not to mention the deformation of character of a Grandmaster in the martial arts (who is dead), Ron Duncan, who just so happens to be African American. But this is his known character, his jealousy and belief system causes him to behave in a very dishonorable light. Roley dishonors everyone who has ever worn a black belt, especially within the Bujinkan. His instructor, (Oguri Sensei RIP) would not approve of such immature, dishonorable, disrespectful behavior coming from one of his students.
      This disrespect for Oguri Sensei runs deeper than this though. Infact upon his instructors untimely death, Roley held a seminar, allegedly to benefit financially off of his Sensei’s death, when Oguri Sensei before his death, made it clear no such thing should occur. Really Don? How low can you go?? Apparently Roley was desperate for income at the time due to his wife being terminally ill with cancer. So he disrespects Oguri Sensei’s last wishes and partakes in this seminar anyway, in the name of his poor dieing wife. Shameful.
      Furthermore, his lack of honor has no limits in regards to even military veterans who actually served in times of combat. Roley being in the military himself but never participating in combat, perhaps this is why he dares to defame Honorable vets like Mr Dallas Wittgenfeld. All done out of jealousy and ignorance. Myself being a former US Marine, have nothing but the utmost respect for the veterans who have served before me, especially in the arena of combat. And yet Roley continues to harass and disrespect someone of Mr. Wittgenfeld caliber.
      I also specialize in deception and misdirection, being a professional magician of some 30+ years, but Don Roley has me beat in the department of deception. His motives are hidden by “illusions” of grandeur. The distraction is his ridiculous claims toward his trolled victims online. All to hide the antics of a “man-child” who has never grown up and has NO ideal of what the meaning of honor is. His words are to be taken lightly and with a “grain of salt” if you will. In conclusion, it is a clear case of someone projecting their shortcomings and inadequacies on someone else, because deep down inside he hates himself.

      • David, you really are an idiot.
        Trying to say I am a racist? Oh dear, like that isn’t all the rage now days with people with nothing else to fall back on. BTW- I’m jewish. Oops. Ron Duncan was a fraud, end of story.
        As for the seminar honoring Oguri, no one who taught at that made any money off of it. It was a gathering of people that knew him that came together to remember him. People like Jack Hoban were teaching there too, along with Oguri’s wife and daughter. But don’t let facts get in your way.
        Now, I am a bit disturbed by your videos and the fact that maybe you entertain children. The tons and tons of time you have spent putting them together ever since I tossed you from a Facebook group show a clear obsession and I honestly don’t think you should be near kids. You never know what someone like you could do.
        Oh, and if you think Dallas should be off limits, read this.

        • Wow sounds like I hurt someone’s feelings lol. Sorry bro, the truth does hurt. BUT, it will also set you free. Let’s deal with truth shall we? You Donnie are a embarrassment to the Bujinkan and that’s a fact. The Shihan and Dai- Shihan laugh behind your back. Second, you are nothing more than a glorified japonphile who has the nerve to use the moniker of “historian”. Speaking of children, Your own children dont respect you in secret, they fear you, but that’s different. I wonder what you have done Donnie? Hmmmm
          Lastly, you and your organization are the only ones to disrespect Grand Master Ronad Duncan. Hes dead you coward, let the man rest in peace. Furthermore, you have the nerve to criticize the Honorable Steven K Hayes, let it go Roley, you will never, ever have the relationship status of Hatsumi Sensei that he has. Spreading lies about his status in the Bujinkan reveals you desperate jealous and childish demeanor. You are a grown man, act like it.

          • What a load of fiction! You might have wanted to stop with the lie that the senior guys in the Bujinkan don’t like me. When you talk about my kids, it is obvious that you are reaching. Neither is true of course.
            Duncan was a fraud, and I told that to him in person, over the phone. Hayes has no relationship with Hatsumi anymore. For over a decade, he hasn’t dared show up to training in Japan or meet with the man he milks for reputation.
            I think my mentioning kids has rattled you, showing that my fears were correct. You seem to hate homosexuals, thinking that calling me one will upset me. That is a very dangerous warning sign and deepens my belief you should never be allowed around children.

  • ROFLMAO Who writes this garbage. Hell even the Enquirer would reject this nonsensical crap as pure unadulterated Grade A USDA approved garbage. Either someone is committing a TWI, Typing While Intoxicated, or your brain is so pickled from drinking the home made Kool Aid you forgot how to write. Try stringing a coherent and intelligible sentence together prior to undertaking any attempt to actually write a blog. buh bye now

      • Dallas how’s that SFA membership working out for you? Oh wait I forgot your lifetime SFA membership was revoked due to your antics and lies. Funny how your best buddy Bernath was most likely drunk when he failed to maintain a “nose up” attitude on his aircraft. Weren’t you cited for flying an aircraft while being intoxicated Dallas? Birds of a feather apparently. Yeah Frank you and Dallas definitely deserve each other. Both of you are worthless oxygen thieves with no credibility.

  • This is coming up on the one year anniversary of the sabotaged aircraft murder of Daniel A. Bernath into a swamp of Bonita Springs, Florida. America’s stolen valor vulture vigilantes have went silent now while considering that the F.A,A, the N.T.S.B. and the F.B.I. have not yet closed the airplane crash investigation of the elderly U.S. Naval Vietnam War Veteran. In normal aircraft crash investigations are usually over within a year, but not in the cases of a probable sabotage murder and while considered an act of terrorism by military Veterans and current duty military personnel.

    The husband and wife Directors of the Mary Pauline Schantag (non-profit) PoW Network’s Fake Warrior Project are directly implicated by their own actions and life threats in public videos that the perpetrators sell online and along with the (non-profit) top leadership in America’s largest Veteran organization based in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana also. These people try to be secret squirrels but to no avail. “STOP SHEEP F____ING THE VIETNAM WAR VETERANS” after all these decades. Shame on you punks.

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