In court litigation of libel, Plaintiff’s line-by-line Legal Analysis and Breakdown of Swift Boat LIES proponent B.G. Burkett non-vetted self-published book Stolen Valor, establish in six pages (pgs. 411- 417), the author made over 400 unsubstantiated false and/or misleading allegations against Frank Dux, alone!

Political Assassination Linked To Secret Medal of Honor And Cover Up of Other High Crimes

by Frank W. Dux

When J. Edgar Hoover served as director of the FBI, Dr. Martin Luther King’s family lawyer, William Pepper, filed a civil suit on behalf of the King family.  He alleged the FBI orchestrated the assassination of the civil rights activist after having failed to blackmail and coerce him.  That it wasn’t the bullet that James Earl Ray fired that killed Dr. Martin Luther King but a pillow. King suffocated to death on his operating table after being shot.

The trial court decision found Dr. Martin Luther King the victim of a multi-agency conspiracy

When liberal opposition to President Nixon’s revised political platform of continuing the Vietnam War threatened the re-election of him and John Lennon and Yoko Ono often showed up at anti-war rallies to sing “Give Peace a Chance”; John Lennon (considered a very influential person on the planet) becomes the target of a multi-agency effort to deport, discredit and financially disable Lennon, which he allege is orchestrated by the FBI leadership.

In light of what happened to Dr. King and his being kept under 24 hour surveillance by the FBI, John Lennon announced he expected to be assassinated by them but made to look like something else. Many believe his killer was programmed to kill Lennon and to take the blame for it, coming from Beirut, where he disappeared from friends view.

The Secret Man, HarperCollins, 1996, author Frank Dux, had dare to expose the existence of secret “non log” Black Ops, investigating the staging of WMD LIES of CIA intended to be used to manipulate the Invasion of Iraq that happens, five years later. B.G. Burkett, Stolen Valor, LA Times, Robert Brown & His Magazine Soldier of Fortune, appear to be “cut outs” in FBI/CIA effort to censor Dux. Using spin and fabricated evidence the aforementioned three attribute false military claims to Frank Dux such as he is part of phony PTSD Vietnam speaker circuit, propping up this picture of Frank Dux in his Movie Film Wardrobe to make the falsehood appear real. That resulted in litigation of libel and slander that exposed media deceit used against Dux in court proceedings.

Having attained an intimidating reputation for orchestrating criminal acts of abuse of process, defamation, bribery, blackmail and assassination, that included murder of President, John F. Kennedy, J. Edgar Hoover, is said to have set an example of cunning ruthlessness he groomed into his predecessors and they into theirs.

Three top FBI officials confirm this true when they confirm Deputy Director Attorney General Rod Rosenstein made efforts to mount a “palace coup;” where without any sufficient evidence and in direct violation of DOJ regulations, the FBI leadership began an investigation of President Trump in May of 2017 with the intent to depose the President — so reports the New York Times

Numerous Congressional Hearings investigating the US Department of Justice right on the heels of the unprecedented Presidential firing of FBI Director Comey over his questionable acts produce resignations, more firings and impending criminal prosecution of the leadership, while Corporate Media News Commentators attribute the cause to unfair biased partisan politics limited to the individuals involved.

In stark contrast, the White House attributes this misconduct to a bipartisan microcosm of political corruption by a who’s who of elites that meet in secret to determine the destiny of statesman and entire nations, the Deep State.

Stating further, it is the Deep State leadership that says it makes war on terror but sponsors terrorism, arming ISIS. It says it honors peace and diplomacy but works towards the militarization of foreign policy, made visible by how it overthrows democratically elected governments.  Says it stimulates economic growth but works towards the financial deindustrialization of the American economy while nurturing and growing the rise of a now visible plutocratic social structure responsible for a fractured inequality in America’s society not seen in a hundred years.

Most people have the luxury to be able to dismiss it all as conspiracy hoopla, while the Deep State’s existence is an uncomfortable and incontrovertible truth for myself. Made discernable by how I had crossed paths with it.

Made forever memorable for me by the happenstance of “Secret Military Medals” presented me to instill fear in me. Discredit me. Remind me of its puppet mastery reach and pull from behind the curtain of Washington officialdom. Sending me a cryptic but understandable message while remaining cloaked by the bureaucratic ink swill that conceals this is an octopus of absolute power with its tentacles spread out, made most visible in its squeezing the US political establishment and the corporate News media’s airways and its testicular ethics.

The Veterans Administration in the late 1970’s was a rubber stamp for the Deep State that abandoned Vietnam Veterans with PTSD and Agent Orange, being left to fend for them self in the private health care sector. That was financially bleeding them dry while enriching what political science refers to as, “Big Pharma.”

It was those veteran’s too ill to afford care for themselves over these service related ailments that inspired a Vietnam veteran, Dennis Bainum, and myself, to go against the interests of the Big Pharma and lobby Hollywood moguls to touch upon issues of PTSD and Agent Orange; swaying studio management and distributors to green light films from serious dramas (i.e. the Deer Hunter) to action escapism (i.e. First Blood that kicked off the Rambo franchise).

Whereupon, Armed Forces Public Affairs Offices that’s business it is to influence news agencies and magazine shows did so, like PM magazine, seeded lies we were decorated Vietnam War veterans for the purpose of disproving it — textbook Psychological Warfare.

Flyers and pamphlets appeared in my name filled with false claims about me. So much so, I, was eventually forced to put up posters in my schools calling attention to the circulation of unauthorized brochures, as advised by my legal counsel.

In the same vein I’d been mailed a package filled with newspaper articles reporting I was being decorated for clandestine service. I shared this oddity with a friend, Charles Stein, when I bumped into him on campus in the LAVC, library.

Charlie and I clip these articles out of the various newspapers. Years later, Charles receives an intimidating phone call being told to deny this ever happened. Lt. Stein, USAF, files a report with US Air force memorializing this attempt to sojourn him.

The articles never make it onto microfiche record keeping that was being tracked by Law Offices of Frederick Kling Esq and Law Office of Jack Garber Esq, etc.

In time, I was summoned to the Federal building in Westwood, California, being told I was to be presented these military awards as is described in these newspapers mailed me. This stirred within me a mixture of curiosity and grave concern enough to have sought the advice of others that include Bainum and my legal counsel, Michael B. Frankel, Esq.

All were in agreement for me to not go alone to the Federal Building.  Thus, I was accompanied by Master Sergeant, Jim Hensley, USAF. US Army Captain Downey, who’d overheard my side of the phone conversation when I got the news, unfortunately, canceled on me at the last second before I could secure a second witness to replace him.

I returned with Jim Hensley and transferred to my attorney, Mike Frankel, numerous official military award boxes with military medals inside them. He already had in his possession the newspaper clippings for safekeeping.

A Vietnam War veteran of the Special Operations Command, JCRC missions, Mike Frankel is far less tolerant of military posers than the Stolen Valor Vigilantes I have ever encountered or written about. Just an inkling of impropriety would cause him to blow his stack.

After making several unofficial calls to his personal contacts and their discouraging response for him not to look into this, further, Frankel, expressed he viewed this was part of an orchestrated set, Especially, given his observation that each individual medal was accompanied by the standard embossed citation made out in my name bared my military serial number that wasn’t readily accessible anywhere we were familiar with.

In essence, “I took the bait but not the hook,” as Frankel put it to me.

Amongst the medals presented is a Medal of Honor that made the whole experience way over the top — as every military enthusiast and veteran knows this is an absurdity when it is awarded by Congress and presented by the President, at the White House. The recipients name goes into an annually published book that when I last looked, still did not have my name in it.

More absurd and worrisome than that is how my presenter is wearing the unmistakable Federal ID Hang Tag around his neck along with a holstered pistol and gold badge of an FBI agent on his belt.

Gregarious, this FBI Agent reassures me that, like myself, he is part of the intelligence community. That these medals were awarded and entrusted to me in secret and won’t be publicly acknowledged until the orders for them are “declassified.”

I inform him there must be some mistake as my intelligence background was of a lowly Marine Reservist attached to an artillery unit, when in actuality my pursuits were private sector, non-attributable, specifically, kept outside the purview of the US Military or its Governmental Intelligence apparatus. Otherwise, my activities would fall under and be construed as criminal — violating the Boland and Logan Amendments.

I was fully aware that while service medals earned in secret operations are awarded in secret, they are nonetheless shown and then vaulted under the control of the issuing Agency. It remains there in trust until the orders (that explain why it was awarded) have their designated security classification downgraded.

I had been inclined to leave these medals and citations with the FBI Agent, but did not dare. When no options exist to subordinate (i.e. via blackmail, bribery, discrediting, etc.) and it comes to pass a person of interest to the Deep State is viewed a clear and present danger, the odds of growing older, drop dramatically.

For the strategic purpose of establishing a chain of custody necessary for mounting an effective legal defense in case the aforementioned or something else was in play, the “Military Awards and their supporting Citations,” the printed newspaper articles and clippings, these were sequestered away from me, kept in the possession of four separate legal offices (e.g. Michael B. Frankel Esq.; Frederick Kling Esq.; Michael Lucero Esq.; Jack Garber Esq.)

Each of my attorneys discuss a legal theory of my being entrapped, falsely charged with being in possession of stolen government property or more likely be faced with my being prosecuted for the loss or destruction of government property should their return be demanded and I cannot comply and whereas, ones natural inclination is to just get rid of them.

Shit-canning the items was obviously not an option for me as I could not dispute these items being in my possession with them being given to me by an Agent of the FBI, pointed out my attorneys, Fredrick Kling and Jack Garber.

All my lawyers compared what happen to me to how corrupt law enforcement agents mail contraband and no sooner than the recipient takes possession they are arrested, confronted with the threat of false imprisonment and possible automatic forfeiture of their property that is used to coerce them.

This is how organized crime worked with FBI Agent, John Connolly, to extort citizens and turn or jail the competition to the Irish Mob, in Boston, that rewarded Connolly for it. Memorialized by his felony conviction.

Not to be overlooked the intelligence community is historically ruthless as it befriends and betrays to manipulate acts of treason, sojourn or coerce false testimony, carry out crimes that includes planting evidence and surveillance devices, when if necessary, manipulate murder.

In shielding me from wrongful prosecution my various legal counsels (with the exception of Law Office of Michael Lucero) help me generate FOIA requests and letters of inquiry requesting confirmation or to make an arrangement for the return of this questionable “government property;” since authentic US military medals along with their embossed citations that accompany them are government issued and controlled items, with serial numbers.

With all of the correspondence going unanswered, my attorney’s group hypothesis was sound. Concluding these newspapers and medals were being kept in play to be used against me in the future if the appropriate time and need ever present itself.   All we could do is wait it out.

That day came with the Iran Contra Affair and Congressional Investigation is winding down. My testimony could have overturned Oliver North’s conviction which would implicate Deep State players who took extreme measures to make sure North remain their fall guy. Unfortunate for me my name came up with the indictment of this NSC staff Officer.

This being told to me by the Congressional Committee’s, expert witness, Iran Contra operation paymaster, Lt. Cmdr. Alexander Martin, USN. Who identified me under penalty of perjury as a “covert operative whose existence is being denied by his own government.”

Also, under penalty of perjury, Admiral, Horton Smith, USN corroborates Lt. Cmdr. Martin’s statement of facts as well as reaffirms this in the JBM Films, Shoreline Entertainment Group documentary, Put Up Your Dux.

When it comes to government refutation my book The Secret Man, HarperCollins, 1996, earned me a history making distinction — my being one of three people that compelled the CIA to issue a denial of my affiliation to the Agency in its entire history; the two others being G. Gordon Liddy (Watergate) and Eugene Hasenfus (Iran Contra-gate).

“While it is an observable truth that authors make false claims about working for the CIA and write books about it, this goes entirely ignored because fiction is never in need of denial” pointed out to me radio personality, Art Bell.

On May 1, 1988, the Los Angeles Times publish an over the top inflammatory FAKE NEWS story about me so contrived and hateful ethical journalists recognize its fraudulence right off and call this in their profession a “hatchet job.”

To give you some idea of how devious and complicit the reporter is in the frame up of me, the LA Times reporter, John Johnson, made the BOLD FACED LIE I represented myself to him to be a decorated war hero and to prove it I gave him my newspaper articles.

To the contrary, when he approached topic of the newspapers and medals and I confronted him how could he know what I had and what was in those articles since they remain sequestered with my attorneys, the reporter just bolted nearly knocking down my office manager and witness to this Kirk Texteria. But not before the reporter snatched up my pocket tape recorder without Kirk and myself noticing in time to catch up to him, fleeing that fast.

To saddle me with the appearance of committing stolen valor and thereby discredit me the LA Times writes “After seeing a picture of Dux in uniform with his medals, Marine Lt. Col. David Tomsky in Los Angeles said several ribbons were worn out of sequence. Based on that and other discrepancies, Tomsky said he seriously doubted the medals and ribbons were Dux’s.”

In the editorial offices of the LA Times my attorney and I point out the photo being attributed to me for Tomsky to comment upon was someone else wearing medals. Whereupon, the editor, confided he had no choice but to run the article and suggested Colonel Oliver North was behind it. This is mentioned in my book, The Secret Man (pg 66).

Floating around on the Internet there exist a photo of me in a Marine dress uniform with mix match combat ribbons and other discrepancies. This is me in my film wardrobe created by professional costumers, Susan Retner and Mark Schloshberg.

Phony Military Hunter blogs created by self-proclaimed proxy agents of the Pentagon and FBI, like John Lilyea, spin this image to incite and deliberately mislead people to disprove an allegation never made by me.  The question remains why?

The LA Times newspaper motive to defame became discernable to me, when it spearheaded the cover-up of the CIA’s role in the manufacture and distribution of Contra drugs in the inner city neighborhoods of major metropolitan municipality in the USA. The sale of which financed the Contra War machine that in turn financially benefit the Deep State profiting off of arm sales and, more importantly, the Black Banking Economy, it dominates.

In the San Jose Mercury News Gary Webb revealed the connection between 1980’s LA Drug Kingpin Ricky “Freeway” Ross, his cocaine source, Danilo Blandon and the CIA as part of the Iran Contra Affair.

Refusing to be deterred even though it already was at the expense of losing his reputation, job and family, Gary Webb predictably caught “the suicide flu.”

“Webb was killed not over his book Dark Alliance but to send clear a message” proclaims Iran Contra affair drugs for arms pilot, Chip Tatum, who some allege is responsible for Gary Webb “to catch his flu.”

It is Tatum that replaced General, Richard Secord, as head of OSG 3 sub-group that play an integral role in Iran Contra Affair.

On a radio talk show and memorialized in videotape footage with the release of my tell all book The Secret Man, HarperCollins, 1996, Chip Tatum, like Lt. Cmdr. Alexander Martin, USN, identified me as a covert operative embroiled in Iran Contra affair.

My copy of the videotape footage of Tatum, however, is forcibly removed from my home by FBI agents there without a warrant with my taking a phone call on my cell where ABC Primetime News producer, Michael Bicks, declares that forces outside of the ABC News Network has stopped production of the episode dedicated to featuring my book The Secret Man, in 1996.

Working in tandem with the LA Times reporter in undermining if not sojourning my testimony to Congress, in May 1988, was FBI Agent, Jack Trimarco.

Subsequent to the LA Times hatchet job, Agent Trimarco called me in his trying to execute a “perjury trap” — an investigation based on no evidence of a crime to even suggest an investigation but creates a crime based on asking questions to create a crime to justify their investigation.  I referred him to my legal counsel Michael Lucero, Esq.

Angrily, Trimarco swore I was going to be indicted unless I spoke with him alone, said Lucero who kindly told him “Go ahead indict him.”

Eight years later with the CIA/FBI oppression of my book The Secret Man, HarperCollins, 1996, I anticipated in advance FBI Agent Trimarco reappearance. Informed, he covertly teamed up with the author of Stolen Valor, B.G. Burkett.

B.G. Burkett’s stated goal of his book Stolen Valor is to destroy what he claims is the “myth” perpetuated by Vietnam veteran “liars and wannabes” with the assistance of the media, the Department of Veterans Affairs, veterans’ advocates, and the mental health care industry.

In particular, Burkett targets Vietnam veterans who suffer or have suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, homelessness, suicide, service-connected substance abuse problems, or health problems related to Agent Orange.  Several whom don’t have the military paperwork due to poor military record keeping and those who do, like the inspiration for the Tom Cruise film Born On The Fourth of July, Ron Kovic, are all made the target of personal attacks by Burkett.

While Burkett and, obviously, I, don’t see eye-to-eye when it comes to VA policy surrounding PTSD and Agent Orange, this does not adequately explain how it is I end up in his book when I am not claiming to be a Vietnam Veteran, where my book, interviews, and literature establish this. Where I warn others are doing this in my name. But Burkett deliberately ignores the truth of this.

For example, Burkett writes these falsehoods in his book Stolen Valor, about me: “Dux claimed he fought his way back to Thailand,” returning with “bayonet wounds in the stomach and shrapnel in the back” (pg. 411, par. 7, line 4) footnote 661.

For his source Burkett writes: “Flyer for Shidoshi Dux Martial Art Studios.”

My business licenses, studios and all literature were under the name Dux Ninjitsu and Frank Dux Samurai Connection… for starters.

This flyer is a fiction as is a fictional Frank Dux Resume Burkett uses in attributing to me false statements to be disproved by him while he also references my book, when my book states clearly (pg. 66 par.4) –“ The article (LA TIMES) was based totally on falsehoods and allegations attributed to unknown and unverified sources”

Why not contact me before making such serious allegations?

A line-by-line Legal Analysis and Breakdown of B.G. Burkett’s book Stolen Valor establish that in the brief span of six pages and between his condescending personal insults (pgs. 411- 417), the author made over 400 unsubstantiated false and misleading defamatory allegations just against me, alone!

Burkett’s book is self-published and is not vetted for accuracy and truthfulness by a disinterested third party in contrast to my own that is vetted by Law Firm Slade & Metcalf, before being allowed to go to print.

In trying to add legitimacy to the false allegations leveled by Burkett to oppress my book he alleges if my publisher and legal advisors did sufficient fact checking they would have discovered the LA Times challenging my claims when The Secret Man, Harper Collins, 1996  (pgs 64 -67) expose the fraudulence of the LA Times that Burkett ratifies as true and repeats throughout his book.

To this end, Fox News commentator, Sean Hannity, in exposing the Swift Boat LIES leveled against Presidential Candidate, John Kerry, exposed B.G. Burkett as being a deceptive political hatchet man of the Bush political apparatus that is infamous member of the Deep State establishment.

The former Special Agent In Charge and Head of the Los Angeles FBI Office, in 1977, Ted Gunderson, confirms likewise, when he ran a private investigation firm in Santa Monica affiliated with one of my legal counsels.

Investigation into what appeared to be Burkett and Trimarco conspiring to mislead others by Gunderson unveiled, aside from Trimarco’s backdoor dealings with B.G. Burkett, Trimarco is face-to-face connected to several of my personal enemies and business competitors.

More telling and suspicious is the fact Jack Trimarco is not a day-to-day working Field Agent. But instead, his job assignment is the role of an FBI Polygraph Technician. This discovery suggest to Gunderson that Trimarco was seemingly working under the color of authority and “cherry picked” by possibly Deep State leadership because of this association with known enemies of mine.

“Personal motive makes for plausible deniability,” remarked Gunderson, in formulating his conclusion to his investigation.

As Head of the Los Angeles FBI Office, Ted Gunderson, learned right off the bat that if you want to confirm if an FBI Agent is “turned” or “moonlighting” you audit their real assets, bank accounts and lifestyle.

In Jack Trimarco’s case Trimarco virtually goes from just getting by paycheck to paycheck to living the life of a multi-millionaire, moving into a Mansion, just outside of the Los Angeles area, reports Gunderson.

But what really swayed Gunderson to express his steadfast opinion Jack Trimarco was a black bag agent of the political elite (aka Deep State) all came down to a matter of mathematical odds for him.  Where it was over a 100 billion to one that his family miraculously wins the lottery under the dominion of the political elite that my testimony is a threat to and where, simultaneously, Trimarco is working to sojourn that testimony.

My former role in Norwegian intelligence tradecraft jargon is called a “negative agent,” a “provocateur” left to his own devices operating outside of the paper report grinding channels of bureaucratic accountability and regimented procedure that attributable card carrying government agents and the military are indoctrinated to live and operate under.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

In stark contrast to their existence mine had everything hinging on not being able to prove anything. The only way to navigate that is to have one foot in and one foot out, no ties, officially.  My only lifeline connection being limited to a “non log” NTK (need to know) contact with Lt. Cmdr. Alexander Martin, Rear Admiral Horton Smith, USN, etc.

Thus, my Military Service and Medical Records are, likewise, as one should anticipate, sanitized.

More proof of a deception but NOT for the reasons Stolen Valor Vigilantes assume nor have the magnitude to comprehend; my military records proven not credible in the litigation of libel and slander of me, Frank Dux vs. Soldier Of Fortune Inc.,?Alexander McColl, Larry Bailey & Robert K. Brown, Superior Court Of California, County Of Los Angeles,?Case No. Bc198883.

In addition, JBM Films Shoreline Entertainment Group documentary, Put Up Your Dux, interview with US Army Custodian of Records points out on camera the tell tale indicators this is a “front file” in keeping with clandestine and non-attributable personnel, which lines up with why I was presented a Secret Medal of Honor but not in the form of any military award.

Casting aside Trimarco’s and Burkett’s debatable roles in the manipulation and management of the perception of me, Ted Gunderson, reinforced what I already knew to be true; that it is standard and custom for the intelligence services (and Deep Sate that pulls their strings) to insulate them and their operations by way of putting in place preemptive counter measures before the Ops are even begun.

The evidence of the altering of my military service record books and military medical files, the medals, bogus newspapers, and my being given cryptic message in the form of a Medal of Honor via FBI Agent (who probably does not work for the FBI but had all the IDs to suggest he did) is an unmistakable counter measure made visible to me.

The effort to deceive without resorting to fatal means in my shadow world of warfare is a welcome slap on the back and conciliatory sign of respect and appreciation. Incomprehensible to conventional intelligence, military, institutional think tankers and useful idiots who talk of bravery, self-sacrifice and in the same breath bask in the celebrity of warfare.  Knowing really nothing of giving all in anonymity for a principle to die by that includes one’s reputation being sacrificed, otherwise, they would fathom the sublime symbolism behind the handing over of a Secret Medal of Honor and NOT have to have its meaning spelled out for them.

The symbolism is a message …what was being expected of me was to go above and beyond the call of duty should I choose the “no log” life of a “negative agent.”

Indeed, I was not singled out. This was no random freak situation or grand conspiracy but in hindsight just business as usual, part of the deceptive nature of the business I was embroiled in and serve loyal and proud.

Not the business of Government …but the Deep State.

As a footnote:


In 2008, Ted Gunderson, tested positive for arsenic and cyanide, the infamous signature of non-attributable Deep State assassins.  This cocktail of death is favored as it is untraceable cause of cancer of the bladder that killed Gunderson, in 2011. Killed him with plausible deniability, say those familiar with his struggle

About the author

Frank Dux

Frank William Dux (born 1956) is a martial artist and fight choreographer. Dux established his own school of ninjutsu in 1975, called "Dux Ryu Ninjutsu". An article about his exploits, which appeared in Black Belt in 1980, was the eventual inspiration for the 1988 film Bloodsport starring Jean-Claude Van Damme.


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  • you lost the case against soldier of fortune . and what ass would belive your shit . you knock the CIA and yet you tell folks that your still a agent . get real mental case your a nut.

      • A friend of mine has over 8 people in the Martial Arts and 2 in the Military That frank asked to lie for them over the last 20 years and that the ones we know of .

  • I would love to read the citation for your Medal of Honor, Frank. Please post it here. Thanks.

  • And Frank continues to go off the deep end.
    Summed up, this pretends to be a news article, but Frank Dux turns it into something all about him once again. His narcissism is visible for all to see.
    In this, he attempts to convince people that despite his lack of any evidence, the people that exposed his lies, the fact he has never won a case in court against them, that his book had to be pulled by his publisher after they found they hadn’t fact checked it and it was full of BS, etc, that he really was what he claims.
    And now he is back to claiming that he got the Medal of Honor. That might come back to bite you in the rear end Frank.
    I still get a laugh out of how he tries to say that all the stuff he built his reputation on was part of a plot against him when they were shown to be not true. Just as one example, when Black Belt Magazine ran an article by you claiming you used your knife fighting skills in Southeast Asia, it was decades until you tried to say you never claimed to have served in Vietnam. Really, people put out flyers for your dojo without your knowledge and only used the them 20 years later to try to discredit you?
    This is great comedy. Unintentional comedy, but funny none the less.

  • This isnt thee only time they’ve tried discrediting Frank…smh…From making Action figures to ppl wanting to fight him and the Government…smh… (A) Id 1st serve papers to those fruity Action figure companies who are taking my money without my consent. (B ) Ppl wanting to fight Frank NOW — IS A FUCKIN JOKE. These ppl where NOWHERE To be found back in his prime or da 80s –They wouldn’t had Dared brought their shit to him then– Cause they were NOWHERE to be found..Only now after hes trying to settle down–2 Brain tumors later…smh…These are the same REMNANT PIECES OF SMEARED SHIT That kick ya when ur down– Or take ur money as ur havin a heartache… ? (C) The Government ????? The biggest liar of them all…. JUST REMEMBER WHAT OUR EX-CIA DIRECTOR ONCE SAID—– “WE WILL KNOW OUR PLAN IS WORKING—ONCE THEE AMERICAN PEOPLE SEE— THAT EVERYTHING (WE) ARE SAYING—- IS FALSE “.? Do urself a favor–Dont trust or believe the Government… #AfterallTheMovieIndustryLandedOnTheMoonFirstBelieveThat….

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  • WuDanFu, thank you for pointing out the obvious; as Confucius say: “Empty bottle makes the loudest noise”

    • ‘WuDanFu’ is ‘Frank Dux,’ in case anybody missed it.

      Frank, are you now talking to yourself? You’re lousy at sock puppetry.

      • Not even close, but Frank is a personal friend, if you were capable of accurate research you could disprove your own statement, but, I make it a practice never to argue with fools…

      • How about you back your statement up with some evidence? Anyone can post opinion or conjecture, the fact is that my identity can neither be proven nor disproven,,, although I do have many pictures of Frank and I together at different times in different places it proves nothing, just as your statement proves nothing, Frank has no need for pretence

  • Does anybody believe this non-sensical rambling?

    It is equivalent to state the obvious fact to someone that they are overweight only to get a half-baked physics theory stating that the gravity field on earth is changing over time and everything is getting heavier.

    Frank, salvage what little self-respect you may have left and just go away. Do yourself a favor and stop embarrasing yourself and your immediate family.

    • So the content went right over your head, eh? To many details and references for you to follow…

      “A wise man speaks because he has something to say, a fool speaks because he has to say something”

    • And your evidence? With corroborating references? I take it you are a close friend or business associate,,, or you “just know” things, right?

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