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Buffalo Arts Studio is pleased to announce the return of Plates and Pasta in 2019, taking place on Saturday, March 30, 2019, 7-10pm. Tickets can be purchased through

This year’s event will be a stations-based party with sweet and savory tasting stations, wine, beer, soft drinks, live music, interactive demonstrations, open studios, and a silent auction. Like past events, Plates & Pasta 2019 will feature unique work by more than 100 artists that is hand-painted or transferred onto glazed ceramic plates and pasta bowls. Every ticket holder chooses their own plate to take home! For more information, visit

Buffalo Arts Studio hopes to have 400 hand-decorated plates completed by early March. This epic task would be impossible without the support of our wonderful, creative community. Buffalo Arts Studio called, and as always, our friends came! We invited individuals from a broad community of artists, teachers, students, and supporters to make plates using three different processes.

Some artists, like out-of-town supporters Stacey Robinson, Colleen Buzzard, and Michael Beitz, emailed digital images that were made into decals and transferred onto upcycled Buffalo China dishes. This process is also well-suited for local artists who use a graphic or linear style in their artwork, including Edreys Wajed, Kathleen Sherin, and Tricia Butski. We also hosted a number plate-making parties where individuals came to the studio to work on plates together. Multi- media artists Jozef Bajus, Jack Edson, and Phyllis Thompson made plates using a variety of pre-printed decal sheets. These artists cut and applied the decals to white plates to create dynamic, colorful patterns.

At the parties, we also had many artists choose to draw or paint with underglaze directly onto vitrified dishes donated by 716 China. Some artists, like Melanie Fisher, Dennis Bertram, and Mark Lavatelli, created bold, colorful patterns with the underglaze. Fotini Galanes, Muhammad Zaman, and Jennifer Ryan all deftly translated their unique mark-making to the glazed-plate format. Tanya Chutko, Bruce Adams, Joan Linder, Polly Little, and Evan Hawkins worked in their own representational style, skillfully rendering animals, airplanes, organs, and even spaceships onto plates, pasta bowls, and cups. Also attending the plate-making parties were many friends of Buffalo Arts Studio. Former Jump Start students Ruth Silverschatz and Demetrius Hall worked beside long-time supporter and artist Pam Cox. Current design intern Benjamin Joseph worked alongside emerging artist Obsidian Bellis, who will be exhibiting at Buffalo Arts Studio in April. Jeremy Pratt made a special weekend trip to the studio to work on plates after learning about Plates and Pasta through Aspire of WNY, Inc. iXpress. Plates and Pasta 2019 sponsor White Bicycle designers Holly Norris and Brittney Sikora also participated. The latest list of participating artists is below.

Established in 1991, Buffalo Arts Studio is committed to creating cultural connections in our community through exhibitions, public art, and educational programs. We also provide exposure and affordable studio space for local visual artists. Buffalo Arts Studio is a catalyst for self-empowerment and for the cultivation of new ideas and actions to enhance our region. We achieve this through dynamic courses and workshops, engaging exhibitions, thoughtful public art, effectual mentorships for youth, strong artist support, meaningful partnerships, and safe working studio spaces for more than 30 resident artists.

Through our work at Buffalo Arts Studio, we see the transformative power of the arts, both in individuals and in communities. Twenty-seven years ago, Buffalo Arts Studio became the first tenant in the Tri-Main Center. Together, Buffalo Arts Studio and Tri-Main helped enrich this previously underserved area by developing an exciting cultural environment that benefited the neighborhood and surrounding areas. More than 100 businesses and service organizations are now housed in the building, and millions of dollars have been invested back into the neighborhood.

Participating Artists for Plates and Pasta 2019:

Bruce Adams, Joanna Angie, Monica Angle, Jozef Bajus, Michael Beitz, Obsidian Bellis, Dennis Bertram, Laura Borneman, Julia Bottoms, David Buck, Barbara Buckman, Tricia Butski, Colleen Buzzard, Scotty Bye, Claudia Carballada, Liz Cardarelli, Diane Cardarelli, Markenzy Cesar, Millie Chen, Tanya Chutko, Pam Cox, Jenna Curran, Michael Degnan, Caitlin Deibel, Christina DeRossa, Augustina Droze, Cindy Ehde, Dylan England, Melinda Erickson, Melanie Fisher, Robert Flemming, Patrick Foran, Fotini Galanes, Pam Glick, Laura Gore, Brianna Gore, Demetrius Hall, Barbara Hart, Evan Hawkins, Sanara Heath, Brenton Heath, Allan Hebeler, Kathleen Howell, Jayne Hughes, Cheryl Jackson, Benjamin Joseph, Kyla Kegler, Travis Keller, Dot Keller, Allison Kurek, Mark Lavatelli, Elizabeth Leader, Robin Lenhard, Joan Linder, Polly Little, Sandy Looker, Robert Lynch, George Mai, Andrew McGarva, Ruby Merritt, Cathy Shuman Miller, Ann Moody, Brian Nacor, Holly Norris, Cassandra Ott, Roberto Pacheco, Tim Patch (Amble Design), Anne Paulk, Andrea Pawarski, Betty Pitts-Foster, Jeremy Pratt, Stacey Robinson, Michael Russi, Nicole Russo, Jennifer Ryan, Zainab Saleh, Caesandra Seawell, Rachel Shelton, Kathleen Sherin, Mizin Shin, Brittany Sikora, Ruth Silverschatz, Delores (Ann) Stievater, Olivia Takacs, Phyllis Thompson, Linda Toomey, Dana Tyrrell, Lucien Vanouse, Rafael Vanouse, Michaela Verrico, Katie Virag, Edreys Wajed, White Bicycle, Catherine Willett, Nalani Williams, Sarah Zakeri, Muhammad Z Zaman.

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