JZ Knight - she channels Ramtha - who is a 35,000 year old spirit. Ramtha gives advice, through her, to her [paying] followers.
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Guest View: Ramtha Cult Is Bullshit; Its Followers Potentially Dangerous

By Fred

The Ramtha cult and NXIVM both use patents to justify spurious claims that they have special tech.

Ramtha has some “blue light” thing going, check the patent, it’s copied and pasted straight from a hodgepodge of journals. It’s all bullshit. They claim miracle cures. They’ve been claiming this for years. It’s all bullshit. There are never any medical records to prove this.

J. Z. Knight recently announced that her private health care practitioner had her DNA tested while channeling Ramtha, and she turns into a Native American/Viking “male”.

Maybe Ramtha should get together with Pocahontas. This is complete bullshit and shows that the Ramtha cult is imploding. She wants only absolute diehard nuts now who will swallow anything she says.

The Ramtha cult is lethally dangerous and it has attached itself to the Q phenomenon like a leech.

One more warning about the Ramtha cult.

Please read this page from an article in the South Thurston Journal in Washington:

It’s the story of two Ramtha followers in South Africa who murdered a cop in cold blood and went on the run, committing suicide when they were cornered.

Ramtha followers live in underground bunkers in Yelm. One follower personally helped build 40 such bunkers. Some are interconnected. Several sources say they all stockpile weapons.

Now read this quote from the article:

— Thurston County Assessor Steven Drew Tells Staff to Take On Local RSE Sovereignists

Thurston County Assessor Steven Drew stated in 2013 that he would send his employees to enter and inspect the underground bunkers of JZ Knight’s RSE sovereignist followers in the Yelm area.

The same bunkers where Knight’s followers stash their gold and weapons, preparing for Knight’s terrifying, bizarre prophecies.

The same prophecies that drove Knight’s followers to shoot two police officers in South Africa, and to try to kill four other people.

Assessor Drew was quoted in the Nisqually Valley News that, in recent years, he had noticed a large influx of detailed “No Trespassing” signs that speak directly to government employees.

We can only guess that Drew didn’t believe the signs. Even after the international publicity following the 2011 shootings of police officers Boleme and duToit—and the connection to JZ Knight and RSE [Ramtha School of Enlightenment] Sc. —

The next page of this article quotes JZ Knight saying, two months after these shootings, “We’re going out in a blaze of glory in this life.”

What could draw an investigation from the authorities that might lead to a shootout and siege? Look at the stories of condoned rape and sexual assault at the RSE compound:

— According to ex-Knight followers, rape was not that unusual at RSE—particularly after wine ceremonies.

Until five years ago, this kind of managerial responsibility had been assigned to JZ Knight’s succession of live-in lovers.

It may seem unusual for a business to have an internal policy for handling violent crimes on the premise, that doesn’t include calling the police and letting them handle it. —

The article details how, when one rape of a 16-year-old unaccompanied girl became common knowledge, Ramtha’s “rape manager” eventually put up the alleged rapist’s name on a board, making him no longer welcome at RSE events. That was it.

There was another internal “rape trial” presided over by JZ Knight herself, acting as Ramtha. When the case went to a real court, JZ Knight said she had no recall of this internal trial, as she was in trance at the time. Very convenient.

And a big associate of hers, Miceal Ledwith, is a self-confessed abuser of boys and young men, going back to his days in the Catholic church, before he was defrocked:

This abuse is all condoned by the Ramtha creed:

—As JZ Knight’s Ramtha—The White Book states, “Thus the one who needs to molest and the one who needs to be molested—because he needs to understand it—are brought together for the experience.”—

Anons: This is a really sick C_A cult and it is being closely tied to Q just as it self-destructs. Over a hundred underground bunkers stocked with weapons and food, planning to go out in a blaze of glory?

[if you are in this cult] “You need to find some really effective way of distancing yourself from these toxic nuts.”

Go research [Ramtha] for yourselves and bring the evidence here…

Ramtha followers and their fancy Q T-shirts are only proving that they just don’t get it. If you have any worthwhile research, you post it, no one cares who you are. The real anons just want your sauce.


Footnote: “Sauce” is the QAnon term for “source”. The good Anons work very hard to source everything they say. Oh, and a certain three-letter-acronym agency is always referred to as the “C_A” for some reason. Those underscore agencies are always watching, you have to be very careful.

Greetings to frankreport.com and thanks to Frank Parlato for his incredible work and moderation.

This mad lot makes the Q board seem quite tame.

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  • Thank you for your exposure and getting the truth out there. I am a survivor of Ramthas cult. I was a child when I went there……….. Need I say more?! I am now an adult getting what I need, but the memories will never go away, they just don’t define or control me. Thanks to God/Light/Universal love, I am getting the help, support, counseling and EMDR that I need. I’m still healing from those wounds and exposure. Gotta pay to play if you went there! Sick and demonic. So thank you for your help and work!

  • All I can say to the audience here is that Mr.Handy the Clown is much more attuned to what you are just now uncovering.

    Keep looking further into connections between the Islands and the Sovereignty movement.

    If they cannot clone themselves they will murder people. Their vanity knows no bounds and like lions, they will rape or murder the young and the game-keepers to hide their incestuous decides to breed with a ‘group mother’ so that their children have no parents and can be molested and splintered at anytime they need to escape and ‘rebirth themselves’ in other countries.

    They are essentially a human virus.

  • Great op-Ed, Frank! Hard to believe one mere woman with movie star looks is behind decades of Ramtha madness without ever being stopped or noted in the free press. Isn’t it?

    • Heidi,
      If one believes the news reports, Ramtha bought the Thurston County Democratic Party with huge campaign contributions.

      And like NXIVM Ramtha seems to be popular with several people in the Hollywood set.

      People like Linda Evans, Shirley Maclaine and Salma Hayek.

      Thurston County Washington is just South of Tacoma and it features the State Capitol of Olynpia.

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