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The Pandemic Disproves The Existence of God

by James A. Haught

Vice President Mike Pence, a renowned born-again fundamentalist, takes the podium as leader of America’s task force on the Corona crisis.  Reporters should ask him:

Why did God send the pandemic to kill perhaps millions of people?

If Pence answers that nature alone produced the virus, follow-up questions should be:

Why didn’t God prevent the tragedy?  Is he powerless to stop it?  Or does he simply not care if multitudes die in misery?

The bizarre pandemic gripping the world raises the age-old philosophical dilemma called “the problem of evil” – which asks why a supposedly all-loving god does nothing to stop horrors such as diseases, tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes and the like.  If there’s an all-merciful father-creator, why did he make breast cancer, childhood leukemia, cerebral palsy, natural disasters and predator animals that rip peaceful grazers apart?

Ever since Ancient Greece, priests and theologians have been flummoxed, unable to answer this enigma.  In fact, a whole field of argument called theodicy arose in a futile attempt to solve it.

I think theodicy should be called “the idiocy” because there’s only one possible explanation, which is obvious to intelligent, scientific-minded people: The all-loving god proclaimed by churches cannot exist.  Logic doesn’t exclude a cruel god, but it precludes a merciful one.

Dispute is swirling over the topic, with believers hedging and evading.  Catholic columnist Ross Douthat of The New York Times wrote:

“A pandemic sharpens the permanent questions of theodicy, the debates over whether it’s reasonable to believe in a good and loving God in a world so rife with misery.”

Absurdly, Douthat contends:  “Meaningless suffering is the goal of the devil, and bringing meaning out of suffering is the saving work of God.” He avoids the glaring question:  Is God too weak to halt the devil’s work?  Douthat’s answer is laughable.

Similarly, in Time magazine, Anglican theologian N.T. Wright dodged the question and said that, instead of seeking explanations, people should “recover the biblical tradition of lament.”  Which could be interpreted:  Don’t ask why God is killing multitudes – just lament about it.

Jim Daly, president of the born-again Focus on the Family, wrote a sappy Fox News commentary offering no answer, but saying:

“God is working through the government’s response to this crisis, providing President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence and the Coronavirus Task Force wisdom and guidance as they plot and plan their attack on this lethal pathogen.”

How typical for mindless right-wing religion, hinting that Trump and Pence are on God’s team to protect humanity.

The truth stares everyone in the face:  The pandemic proves that no compassionate god can exist.  End of discussion. The idiocy of theodicy can do nothing to refute this clear logical conclusion.

James Haught, syndicated by PeaceVoice, is editor emeritus of West Virginia’s largest newspaper, The Charleston Gazette-Mail. 

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  • The pandemic neither proves nor disproves the existence of God. The Bible speaks of plagues and other atrocities; Christ said there would always be wars and tales of wars.
    God did not send the pandemic. Is it no obvious that it came from man – a biolab where man tampers with nature and reaps
    the whirlwind?
    People who did not do God’s will with their lives brought this on.
    When it happened I prayed for a solution. Then doctors reminded us about chloroquine. But since Trump approved of it,
    the left, and those with a financial motive for blocking it, blocked it.

    There is a God. There is a human race, which fell and is making a mess and blaming God.
    “The fool gets himself in trouble and blames the Lord.”

    There is a God who gave us a path that would not have brought this about; a God who gave us the cure.
    A God that is ignored and then blamed.

    I might leave you with an interesting blog that was put up some years ago but is very pertinent.

  • –The all-loving god proclaimed by churches cannot exist. Logic doesn’t exclude a cruel god, but it precludes a merciful one.

    There is no “all-loving” God. God is the most loving and the most merciful, but he’s also the most just being in existence. You can’t have mercy without justice, and executing justice is sometimes painful, especially for wrongdoers.

    Atheists always talk about the problem of evil as if it’s an issue if there *is* a God. No. It’s a huge problem if there is no God, because that means there is only one life and no chance for retribution *ever*. So if someone does something unjust and murders somebody and get’s a way with it, too bad. If someone is born without arms and legs, a disease, or is blind, then too bad. What is the atheist answer for these types of people?


    This world is temporary and is meant to be a moral trial. That’s why there is a Heaven and Hell. It’s this way to separate the good from the bad based on free will, as man was created in God’s image, and God is absolutely free.

    If you want a God that shoots lightning bolts at your ass every time you do something wrong, then you might as well have been born without it.

    The overreaction to the pandemic is planned, regardless of whether the virus is real or not. A concoction by the global elite and a giant social engineering experiment to further enhance their control over those they consider as dregs of humanity and their slaves.

    The moral conscience that seeks justice is proof that there is a God, because good people eventually deserve to be rewarded while adhering to an objective moral law in spite of difficulties, while evil assholes like them deserve to be punished.

  • God allows evil but people sometimes do evil too people are not always nice or good remember

  • The pandemic definitely brings an epic level of confirmation that this Earth looks anything but designed.

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