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Congressman Chris Jacobs Wants to Take Away Your Healthcare

by William Fine

On July 30 of this year Lauren Underwood, (D-IL), introduced an amendment that would prevent the Department of Justice from using tax payer money appropriated for other purposes to pay to litigate against the Affordable Care Act. Congressman Chris Jacobs voted against this amendment. Mr. Jacobs wants to throw 23 million Americans off their health care during a pandemic. Mr. Jacobs wants millions more to lose their insurance for pre-existing conditions of which contracting Covid-19 infection is now one of them. Mr. Jacobs is just plain cruel.

Over 4.9 million citizens have contracted the infection and over 160,000 have died. One of our fellow citizens dies every 80 seconds. Refrigerator trucks are lining up outside of morgues to hold the overflow of our dead citizens. Our families and friends are hallowing the cemeteries across the land. The New York Times reported 7/14/20, “The coronavirus pandemic stripped an estimated 5.4 million American worker of their health insurance between February and May.” It is estimated that over 130 million more citizens with pre-existing conditions would lose there health care if Mr. Jacobs gets his way. Mr. Jacobs is just plain cruel.

It’s time for a change. We need a new direction a new way. We need a rebirth of compassion and a clarity of purpose to benefit society. We need to roll away the stone of fear of helping our neighbors; roll away the stone of anger and wrathful health care. Roll away the stone of divisive and politicized health care. We need a new Congressman. Thank you

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