Kyle Rittenhouse pictured with an assault rifle. Pic: Adam Rogan/The Journal Times via AP
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Jawdropping Video Shows Police Telling Armed Vigilante Kyle Rittenhouse Who Murdered Two Protesters “We appreciate you being here” Just Before The Shooting

From the Washington Post: Two people were killed and one was seriously wounded by gunfire Aug. 25 at a protest in Kenosha, Wis., over the police shooting of Jacob Blake Jr. Videos reveal the movements of the suspected shooter, Kyle Rittenhouse, including his interactions with law enforcement. The video shows police offer Rittenhouse water shortly before the shooting and they thank him for being there.

In the video Rittenhouse is also seen on his phone after the murders telling a friend he just killed somebody and then fleeing the scene.  A crowd follows him and the video shows Rittenhouse open fire on the crowd with after he’s knocked to the ground and then calmly walks toward police vehicles with his hands raised in surrender. However, no officers get out of the vehicles to apprehend Rittenhouse and instead continue advancing toward protesters. Rittenhouse then fled the state and was considered a fugitive. He was arrested later Wednesday back in his hometown and charged with first-degree murder.


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  • Kyle DID NOT open fire on the crowd as this article says. The shots fired were directly intended for the immediate attackers. Kyle was being attacked with weapons, he used a rifle as self defense. Anyone who says he’s a “murderer” doesn’t understand what actually happened. And that since Kyle was running away from the attackers, it DOES NOT make him the aggressor. Defending yourself is not murder.

    • You are absolutely correct, there is video of the Rioters pushing a Flaming Dumpster into a Gas Station to Blow it up. Kyle put out the Dumpster with an extinguisher. He was a Hero and the mob turned on him. 3 ex Felon Scum assaulted him and we’re going to kill him. Two are Dead and 3rd will (hopefully) never lift that arm again

      Kyle was able to defend himself from a violent rabble

  • Rittenhouse is a MURDERER! In self defense you would not have felt the need to flee from law enforcement whom clearly supported (Rittenhouse)your presence! I’m so sick of all the rationale people create to justify taking someone life!

    • He was fleeing from a violent mob of moronic Biden Voters.

      Watch them drop the charges. The kids a Hero

    • He did not flee he walked right up to police! If there were more hero’s like Zkyle these idiots would not be still burning looting and assaulting people!

  • The idiot that wrote this story keep saying murders, that is a flat out lie. It was self defense in anybody’s mind that has a brain. The other thing, what happened to being presumed innocent until trial? The hypocrisy of the left is mind boggling.

  • This is what Trump creates. A 17 year old with a gun that Police “appreciate” and is allowed to kill protestors, unarmed protestors in the street. Then Trump defends the kid and say that he was protecting himself. A Dam Kid. And the President is accusing the Democrats of destroying your communities. And his spinless supporters continue to praise and worship him. I question your support for a democracy.

  • This is as plain as day they shoot black people in the back running away or walking, sitting or sleeping at home in bed ,but you get a white man with an assult rifle walking towards you after shooting it hands up and they don’t even stop him .Them dumb ass #45 supporter’s need to stop thinking it is about where it is a Democratic or Republicans State it is supposed to be an United one ? which should be for all people.All He is about is violence .:(

    • You are seriously misinformed or willingly misstating what happened

      Kyle was helping to protect businesses from a violent mob because the Democrat Politicians have hogtied the Police

      He was attacked by at least 3 convicted Felons who tried to kill him and he successfully defended himself

      The Charges against him are false and will be dropped

  • Why do you say he “murdered” two protesters? That has not been proven..this article is biased to the should be ashamed!

  • Whoever wrote this is a f****** moron clearly that man defended his self when the people that our tax money pays to do so I failed him Batman is the hero and should be treated as such the men who attacked him where the same cowards that are burning that City to the ground and many others in my great country and anybody who condemns a man for protecting himself is nothing but a coward who deserves a coward’s death

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