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How Land-Based Casinos Are Doing Their Part During COVID-19

Ever since American President Donald Trump declared COVID-19 a state of emergency, businesses all across the country have stepped up to the plate. Industries all throughout the nation have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. While some industries have been fortunate to remain open, the entertainment industry has not been so lucky. 

All brick-and-mortar businesses within the United States have reduced hours or shuttered their doors in doing their part to prevent the further spread of the virus. Focusing only on land-based Casinos, how are they stepping up to the plate? Find the answer to this question in the article below.

Temporary Closures

All states called for businesses within the gaming and entertainment industries to shut down. Unfortunately, this is not unexpected because most businesses know it was bound to happen at some point. Most owners of COVID-19-impacted businesses agreed now was better than later. If it was even possible to prevent the further spread of the disease, all businesses would have to comply with the temporary closure orders.

As land-based casinos quickly shutter their doors, owners questioned if it was the right thing to do. With no options, all casino owners complied and began preparing for future openings. 

Light Reopening

After several months, brick-and-mortar casinos across the nation began to reopen. Of course, this was not your traditional opening because the threat of COVID-19 still lingered. To comply with federal and state coronavirus regulations, casinos called for a light reopening, which would limit visitor numbers. This was nothing new, as most impacted-businesses were following the same reopening pattern.

Visitors would be limited to only a few hundred. Unfortunately, some states have maintained a temporary closure for their land-based casinos. These casinos are still closed and wonder if they will ever get to reopen. 

While land-based casinos were heavily impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, online platforms were doing better than ever before. With their biggest competitors (land-based casinos) out of the way, online casino platforms were flourishing. 

Consumers were tuned into their mobile devices playing Situs Judi online, blackjack, poker, slot machines, roulette, and Texas hold’em from the comfort of their homes. With millions of consumers all across the country isolated and bored out their minds, playing casino games online just seemed like the right thing to do.

Dress Code Alterations

Light reopening meant that visitors would be required to wear Personal Protective Equipment, also known as PPE. This type of equipment is commonly utilized in the health care, coal mining, environmental, and oil industries. It is specifically designed to protect workers from exposure to chemicals, diseases, and other hazardous substances.

All visitors would be required to wear masks. Unfortunately, PPE was limited, preventing access to the impacted areas. American President Donald Trump and other politicians called for an increase in PPE manufacturing. To help accommodate the public need for PPE, companies outside the health care industry stepped up to help.

Alcohol distilleries all across the country began producing hand sanitizer. Within a few weeks, land-based retail stores began to fill their shelves with hand sanitizers, rubber gloves, surgical masks, clear face shields, and disposable gowns. 

Consumers would not be permitted to enter land-based casinos without the proper disposable masks. Most visitors were perfectly okay with the updated dress code. In fact, some took the new dress code to a new level by wearing rubber gloves when visiting land-based casinos.

Hours Of Operation Reductions

With millions of workers unemployed due to the coronavirus pandemic, American-based businesses, including casinos, were forced to reduce their hours of operation. Instead of operating around the clock, casinos were only permitted to operate a minimal number of hours.

While this was unfortunate for all land-based casinos within the United States, owners were just glad to be in operation. With limited visitors and workers, casinos continue pushing forward. One thing is for sure, no owners to be forced to shut down their casinos any time soon.


While American-based casinos are doing their part to prevent the spread of COVID-19, consumers are asked to step it up a notch by wearing PPE. Even today, all brick-and-mortar businesses are operating with limited employees and on limited schedules. It is unclear whether or not state and federal officials will call for another nationwide shutdown. But, casinos are not looking forward to this day.


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