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How to Use Art to Set the Tone of Your Home

November 11, 2021

Is there anything more exciting than decorating — or redecorating — your home? Doing so always feels a bit like you’re giving your life a refresh, too, as you get to make it completely your own. 

Even if other things in your life remain the same, upgrading your home’s décor can color your everyday life with exciting new energy. But there’s more to interior design than the furniture you pick out. 

In particular, the right photography art is what will pull your space together, while also helping to exude the energy you want to infuse into your life. Moreover, the color palette you decide on will go a long way in determining that energy. 

Here are three themes to consider when picking out art — and other complementary elements — for your home.

Neutral and Calm

From shades of white, beige, grey, ivory, taupe, and black, neutral colors offer a wide variety of complementing colors to work with. Sticking to a neutral color palette throughout your home will infuse a sense of sophistication that pulls the whole place together. Neutrals are a particularly easy palette to work with because any soft, natural color can be thrown in and fit well. 

Natural textures, like those in photos of sweeping dunes or stretching coastlines, suit this color scheme well. Meantime, graphic illustrations, like maps and abstract art or an abstract area rug, can act as grounding pieces that give neutral themes structure. Lastly, accenting your color scheme with natural wood floors, sheepskin rugs, clear mirrors, and glass tables adds to the sophisticated coziness of a neutral color palette well.

Bright and Warm

For a friendlier look, art featuring a bright and colorful palette with warm blues, oranges, pinks, and greens (over their stark true versions) will work together to bring a fuller and more vibrant energy into your home. While these bright colors might be overwhelming on a couch or wall, art allows you to bring the energy of strong colors into your space without overwhelming it. 

Photos of vibrant landscapes and buildings with character will bring the best of the outside world in and invite you and your guests to appreciate all the culture and adventure the dynamic world around us has to offer. Colorful tapestries, European ceramics, and coffee table books on culture, art, and history are great additions to this whimsical style.

Deep and Soulful

There’s so much complexity and hidden meaning in the world. To create a soulful space where creativity can flourish, consider choosing an unusually darker color palette. Midnight blues, rich greens, and leathery browns are good staples to keep in mind when collecting for this theme. The soulful eyes of animals, the poeticness of a wilting bouquet, and the mysterious histories of old buildings are all excellent subjects for inspiring contemplation and introspection in their viewers. Deep colors and stark contrast in your art can add richness to a space that can be beautifully complemented with similarly contrasting textures, like bright brassy metals and deep soft velvets.

Set The Tone

The art in your home sets the tone for your life and should reflect the unique personality of you and your family. Whether you want your home to offer a tranquil hideaway from the busyness of the world or be a hub for creativity and inspiration, the art you choose to fill your walls will have a deciding effect on the overall tone of the space. So, find the theme(s) that best reflects you and give your home the finishing artful touches it needs to become your perfect sanctuary.

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