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Peace Buffalo Mural to End Gun Violence

When: May 17th 11am
Were: 505 Main St.(Side)
Buffalo, NY 14204

In response to all the recent shootings, gun violence and mass
shooting. The Mural is placed in a highly visible area so everyone sees and
understands the importance of ending Gun violence.
The Mural is intended to bring awareness during this tragic time as a
constant reminder so the victims and families are not forgotten. By being
so visible the mural will encourage people to develop solutions to Gun
Violence such as changing Gun Laws.
The Artists has lost most of his friends from childhood to gun
violence, forty-five (45) total victims, the murals are meant to be a place of
healing for himself and the families of the victims remembrance of lost
loved ones.
‘Peace Buffalo’ is part of a national mural tour to all 50 states.
The Mural depicts a Large hand with a peace symbol and a Black
Stop Sign that says “ Stop Violence”.

Buffalo Stop Gun Violence Mural
May 16, 2022

How: International artist Kyle Holbrook hand-painted the mural in a
street art style similar to ‘Banksy’. The mural is meant to be simple so the
message is easily attained directly in the heart of downtown Buffalo.
Who: Moving Lives of Kids ( sponsored the Mural.
The Mural was painted by International Artist Kyle Holbrook.

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