Guess the Headline!

See if you can spot the media bias evident
While its universally agreed that Fox News, Breitbart, and Infowars are bias against Hillary Clinton, and the Democrats, it is almost equally universally acknowledged that CNN, Washington Post, are paragons of neutrality and purveyors of objective journalism. See if you can detect any bias in these unbiased media paragons.

"Russia Russia Russia: Donald Trump's early morning tweets reveal his ongoing obsession"

"Trump’s latest Russia outburst steers clear of Mueller — again”

"Trump gets 2 scoops of ice cream, everyone else gets 1 -- and other top lines from his Time interview”

"Trump’s Tax Cuts in Hand, Companies Spend More on Themselves Than on Wages”

"Amazon doubles down on smart homes by buying video doorbell maker Ring”

"Trump moves to ban 'bump stocks' 4 months after Las Vegas shooting”