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Superman: The Men of Tomorrow

Geoff Johns (Author) and John Romita Jr. (Illustrator) DC Comics (Publisher) Review by Gabriel Allandro A pair of scientist parents. A doomed world. A...


Insufferable, Vol. 1

By Mark Waid (Author) and Peter Krause (Illustrators) IDW Publishing (Publisher) > Review by Gabriel Allandro Irredeemable was a horrifying take on the...


Harley Quinn and Power Girl

Two fan-favorite D.C. characters, Harley Quinn and Power Girl, team up in what has to be the most underrated adventures ever written. I mean, how can you go...


Deadshot: Bulletproof

It’s a thin line between villainy and heroism, andDeadshot: Bulletproof walks that razor’s edge with a blend of sharp art, an edgy plot and...

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