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The Humanities Revolution

For years politicians have argued back and forth about giving money to the humanities. Most of the time, money is given to the sciences. Why is it that the humanities are always put on the back burner? Art, English literature, philosophy are all part of this social stereotype.

In order to really answer this question we must first ask ourselves, what is the difference between the sciences and the humanities? Science seeks new discoveries in our world to help us in the creation of our future. As these new discoveries are found and added to our world, the humanities acts as a critique on these subjects. Art is created, literature is written, and the history of this scientific discovery is noted for the historians to study and analyze.

These two separate but equal forms of institutions create a world that is not only self-aware of what is currently going on in society, but also analytically looks at the past and the future. This is extremely important because without this system, the world would be a dull and unappealing place to live. There would be no drive to invent new designs, there would be no great authors such as James Joyce, and most importantly, morality would be out the window. There would not be a communicative way of expression or influence. Everything would be a black-and-white canvas.

The sciences and the humanities need to work side by side in order to stay alive. The slashing of education by politicians isn’t just killing the humanities, but is rather killing everything under the spectrum. These two institutions make us critically aware of the world around us and brings us together. The humanities needs to take action about the cutting of education, but more importantly the hiring of part-time professors. Our educators go through years of schooling to do society a favor. Let’s do them a favor back, and hire them to do what they went to school for.

> David Buczek, Buffalo

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