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Another Campaign Finance Oddity

On August 30, a PAC called Democratic Action gave $7,000 to Dick Dobson’s campaign for Erie County Sheriff. What’s strange about that? In January, the PAC reported it has $2,278.57 on hand; in July it reported no new activity. So where did it come up with nearly $5,000? Eventually Democratic Action will have to say, but not until after the primary. Until then, voters remain in the dark.

Incidentally, Dobson received another big cash infusion on August 29: $10,000 from James J. Eagan of Orchard Park, a big Democratic Party fundraiser. Those two late-in-the-game donations represent more than a third of the money Dobson has raised thus far, and are the only reason you’ve been seeing his television ads attacking Dobson’s Democratic primary opponent, Bert Dunn, whose texts earlier this year identifying himself as a Conservative at heart, dismissing President Barack Obama, and embracing Ronald Reagan as his favorite president give Dobson plenty to work with.

A source close to the Democratic Party faction led by Cheektowaga Town Chairman Frank Max, who supports Dobson over Dunn, told us that Dobson was made big promises about the kind of financial help and manpower that would be directed to his campaign. In fact, a couple late last-minute donations may be all he can hope for; the Max faction is focussing elsewhere now. “The cavalry isn’t coming for Dick,” our source said regretfully.

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