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Peace, Love & Understanding

It becomes increasingly difficult for us to remain optimistic in our modern world of rampant violence, racial disparity, political animosity, and international tensions. One may wonder what we, as individuals, can do to alter this spiraling path of negativity?

We must realize that one universal desire, transcending all of our many differences of opinion, is our common wish for peace on earth. Certainly there are small pockets of zealots and madmen whose sole purpose is to reek havoc on their fellow men. yet the vast majority of people everywhere, in all nations, of all religions and beliefs, only want calm to prevail and to keep their families safe.

So what it is that can we do? Each person bears a personal responsibilty to begin a cycle of kindness as we move through our respective lives. Although we may not be able to make quick changes to the entire world, we can affect our immediate circle of existence by simply being more considerate of other people that we interact with daily. Smile at a stranger, let a car merge into traffic ahead of you, make eye contact. These many ways to simply be nicer to others will not go unnoticed, and may even start a rippling wave toward this evasive peace on earth that is never out of fashion.

> Joseph Ciarlo, E. Aurora

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