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Cover Story

Eight Days in Guantanamo

by Julia Hall

A Buffalonian observes the trial of Salim Hamdan and the degradation of American justice

Getting a Grip

Beavis and Butthead's Father Runs for President

by Michael I. Niman

I finally watched Idiocracy, the sci-fi humor movie about evolution working in reverse, degrading the human species through excessive breeding of idiots. The movie takes place 500 years into the future when the most popular TV show is called “Ow My Balls!” It was cheap entertainment – a good mindless summer flick, albeit a bit classist. Nothing earth shattering here.

Campaign '08

The Sour Politics of Decline

by Bruce Fisher

I bet nobody watching the Olympics on TV was aching to see a grumpy political attack ad from John McCain, the one that attacks Barack Obama as a tax-raising job-killer. But you knew it’d come. Neither campaign was about to ignore the summer’s highest Household Utilization of Television levels.

Offbeat News

News of the Wierd

by Chuck Shepherd

The government of France announced that, starting next year, it will regulate the booming business of country-western line dancing, by, among other measures, requiring licenses of teachers, after 200 hours’ instruction.

Play Ball!

Memories of Offermann Stadium

by Andrew Kulyk & Peter Farrell

It was the quintessential neighborhood ballpark. Offermann Stadium, originally named Bisons Stadium. For over a generation this was the home of the Buffalo Bisons. Much of the team’s lore and history and great moments were etched and framed in this venue’s confines.


Musical Director Eric Alsford

by Anthony Chase

Purely by coincidence, Florida-based Eric Alsford is the musical director of record for two shows currently up in Western New York: the Artpark production of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, and the Buffalo United Artists / Downstairs Cabaret presentation of Bathhouse: the Musical.

Film Reviews

Brick Lane

by George Sax

Tropic Thunder

by M. Faust

Vicky Christina Barcelona

by M. Faust

American Teen

by George Sax

Henry Poole Is Here

by M. Faust


Movie Times

Film Now Playing

On The Boards

See You There!

AV Pick: Billy Bob Thornton & The Boxmasters

Full Moon Fetish: A Night of freaks, food & fugue

Great Big Sea & Robert Cray Band

DJ Aoki/Kid Millionaire

Calendar Spotlight

Paul Christopher Kozlowski with Casperous Vine (Aug. 15 & 16)

John Cowan Band (Aug. 17)

Lucinda Black Bear with Faintest Idea (Aug. 19)

Looking Ahead . . .


Free Will Astrology

by Rob Brezsny

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): Tony Blair, former Prime Minister of the UK, chose an unlikely context to propose marriage to his future wife: She was kneeling in front of the toilet wielding a scrub brush. I expect a comparable event in your near future, Pisces: An appealing invitation or big opening will come your way while you’re in a humble position. The only advice I have is to put down your scrub brush before responding.


Ask Anyone

I have a couple of friends who are expecting a baby. They’re very earthy, green-minded people. Everybody likes them but here’s the thing: They’ve decided that, boy or girl, the baby will be named “Coca-Cola.” When they’re not around, it’s a hot topic of conversation.